Shearyoursheep Photos & Videos

9 months ago

The first picture is a picture put out by PETA and the image is more incorrect than you could ever imagine. Sheep need to be sheared, because if they aren’t, they could die. If you swipe to see the second picture you will see a very fluffy sheep and it’s wool is a bit nasty looking. That’s dangerous for the sheep’s health. Unlike most animals, sheep can’t shed. So when their wool gets too thick they can no longer regulate their body temperature and can overheat and die. But that’s not all. When a sheep’s wool gets too thick it is easily covered with urine and feces which attracts flies and maggots, along with other insects that cause the sheep irritation. And once a sheep has too much wool it can make them immobile and it can be harder for them to get through smaller spaces, making them more susceptible to predator attacks. So if you swipe to see the photos 4 and 5 you can see a sheep being sheared. The sheep could care less and it great for their well-being. Except for the accidental occasional slip of the shears, it is completely painless for the sheep. The final picture is of a sheared sheep, and as you can see it looks nothing like PETAs fake “sheared sheep”. . Photo Credits to Owners . Want the links? DM me . #sheep #shearyoursheep #wearwool #petalies #anitpeta #supportyourfarmers #thetruthaboutfarming #thetruthaboutagriculture #farmingtruth

11 months ago

Sorry, ladies. I know they're going out of fashion, but you're gonna have to rock those sweaters a little longer cause your bone-head farmer fell off his ding-dang horse and fractured his spine. #sugarfield #trainyourride #jacobsheep #shearyoursheep