Serama Photos & Videos

3 hours ago

Sweet baby Serama hatched today. 🐣Who’s excited for this breed ?! They are worlds smallest Chicken breed. No bigger than a coke can full grown. #serama @backyardpoultrymag

5 hours ago

Heute mal einen gemütlichen Sonntag machen 😊.. und den Hühnern auf die Nerven gehn 🙈😂 #serama #support81 #syl81

5 hours ago

Red Bull verleiht Flügel 😂 #serama

1 day ago

I came home from work to see a huge redtail hawk hovering low over my yard checking out all of my little Serama and quail!! To my surprise, the black birds that I feed daily in my back yard were tearing him a new one!! They love my backyard and free food and had made a nest in our magnolia tree. I was amazed at the ninja dives they were performing on this hawk! They ran him off with a vengeance and were all staked out like soldiers in the tops of the trees guarding my yard! The way they stuck together to run the bully off was awesome! They even had a friendly crow come help! Have know idea where the crow came from, never see those near my yard but he helped! I guess it pays to feed the wild birdies 👍👍😁 #serama #seramas #chickenlife #chickensofinstagram #chooks #chickensaspets #backyardchickens #quail #backyardquail #gamebirds #gamebird #mountainquail #quailenthusiast

1 day ago

Lola and 2 of her chicks. Serama can be such fun to raise. Like Forest Gump said, they're like a box of chocolates....ya never know what ya gonna get 😁 The colors and sizes can be different, makes hatching fun. Both of these were hatched at the same time, 2 totally different colors and one twice the size of the other, yet both healthy as can be, both eating the same, no bullying. Both the hen and roo are on the larger size for a serama but yet can produce a possible micro or size A. Lola was supposed to hatch a batch of quail for me this time, but somehow, her eggs were older than I thought and when I went out to swap her eggs with quail eggs, she had hatched these 2 lil rascals! So Pops ended up having to be the hen for the quail this go around 🙄 #serama #seramas #chickenlife #chickensofinstagram #chooks #chickensaspets #backyardchickens #nutrena #chickens #chicken at Alexandria, Louisiana

1 day ago

One of them is getting all the insects mum is catching 🦟

1 day ago

Tick on alert his family watched over by my lory bird..🤔 Mungkin Nuriku ingin punya keluarga juga makanya lihat keluarga Tick melulu wkwk..😁

1 day ago

Wie sich Verenas Serama-Rasselbande weiterentwickelt hat, könnt ihr im heutigen Video sehen, das ich soeben auf meinem YouTube Kanal veröffentlicht habe. Natürlich ist @huehner_paradies auch mit dabei und wir erzählen euch etwas über die Entstehungsgeschichte des Happy Huhn-Kalenders 🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥 #chickenvideo #naturbrut #happyhuhn #chicks #küken #ayamserama #serama #seramas #seramachicks #japanesebantam #chabos #chabohühner #zwerghühner #zwerghahn #hahn #rooster #hühner #happyhühner #chickensofinstagram #backyardchickens #poultryofinstagram #backyardpoultry #gallinas #zahmetiere #huhn #hühnerstall #bauernhof #farmlife #poules

2 days ago

A year ago today I shared my honey crisp with Jooby and caught Roober sexting. I miss them like crazy. at Scottsdale, Arizona

2 days ago

We started this account me and my mom just for fun. Now, we have more than 2 600 followers and we have the chance to see you share with us your experiences, funny stories, questions and love! We love you so so much guys! To thank you for making us part of this amazing community, here's a video of our life with chickens! Enjoy 💛

2 days ago

The face you make when you are too pure for this world.🖤

2 days ago

They are growing fast!

2 days ago

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