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Drop '🌸' 5 times in a row if you relate— "It is okay to be happy. It is always okay to be happy. Just because you are happy does not mean you do not care if you leave someone or do them wrong. It does not mean you are heartless or cruel and therefore undeserving of happiness. It just means that you're doing things for yourself and that's okay. You are happy, that doesn't mean you ain't broken, or that doesn't mean you ain't hurt, it's just that, you're at peace, and you've learned focusing on the good. You ain't selfish if you do things for yourself, and it is okay if others do it for themselves too. Just because people look happy after they do you wrong or leave you does not mean they don't care. It does not mean they're heartless or cruel. But keep in mind, that simply caring is not enough to fuel a relationship, and if someone cannot make you feel cared about, that is a sign of an unhealthy one. And that is why sometimes moving on is okay. Being happy is okay. It's an endless cycle of okay." -quote by @pepper.poetry #hertales #scribblings Do tag/mention if repost💥 -check my blog for more, link in bio🌸 Follow @_.scribblings._ for more🥀

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"I'm not supposed to want you; I'm not supposed to care, and yet i spend my time dreaming of all that we could share. I'm not supposed to think about you or wonder where you've been, but no matter how i fight it, thoughts of you sneak in. I'm not supposed to ponder where you are each night, but you creep into my vision when the stars shine bright. I'm not supposed to imagine where you are and what you do. I know I shouldn't cater to a single thought of you. I'm not supposed to need you. I know these things. I do. And yet I can't help myself, because I fell in love with you" . . . . . #quotestoinspire #quote #quoteoftheday #quotesforlife #quote #quotesgram #quotesoftheday #quotesdaily #women #girls #likeforlikes #likeforfollow #likeforlikeback #tumblr #goals #lfl #scribblings #spamforfollow #spamforspam #followforspam #followforfollowback #explore #explorepage #polishgirl #recent4recent

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"khawvel tharah chuan ani mahna Nun thar neih hunah " i could held your hands but that's not for us and it's for our own good. we are better off in our world. Maybe in the next life we could,if we ever meet again. Corrections "but don't ever forget to look up to the west" #scribblings #love #poetry #freeverse #dairy #letters

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Drop '💔' 5 times in a row if you relate— "Every time I think 'I have now moved on', it reminds me of how happy we were together, and how empty it feels not having you by my side anymore. I don't want to remind myself of how it used to be, but every time I try to forget, the more hard our memories hit me. I remember, how I used to wait for that one call that never came. I waited for so long that I forgot my own ring tone. I remember, how I waited for the text you'd never send, and every time I checked my phone, not even a single message was from you. I remember how you made me cry for not being enough, and I also remember you promising me but you were never available. I remember how it turned from 'smiles' to 'tears'. I remember how it turned from 'forever' to 'never'. I know we had many happy moments which I don't want to remember. Me waking up, walking up to the kitchen and finding you ready with the two cups of coffee, I remember. You brought me food and chocolates whenever I was on my chumps, I remember. You picking me up from the study table and making me sleep on the bed when I feel asleep while studying, I remember. You weren't so great at singing but you still sung for me, I remember. I don't want to remember the happy moments, because I don't want to remember anything about us. I don't want to, but somehow that I am doing it right now, it makes me realise that I'm still in love with you." -a post by @pepper.poetry #hertales #scribblings Do tag/mention if repost💥 -check my blog for more, link in bio🌸 Follow @_.scribblings._ for more🥀

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I love coming across bits of writings I’ve put down on whatever paperlike medium I found at the time. Even better when it’s from six years ago, as the one here...on a history sheet from the @clontarfcastle hotel in Ireland. 🇮🇪

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In your life , you might have many ex lovers but you will never truly get over your first love ! Your first love is not always the person that you love for the very first time in your lifetime, but the one with whom you always feel the same bond and attachment even if you've moved on ! And , The person you'll always compare everyone to. You'll smile by retrieving all those memories you've shared together and you'll always wish for living those golden days again ! And whenever you'll get the chance to have your love again , trust me you'll pull out all the stops ! Babygirl , that's the power of true love ! "And for the very first time , you feel your head over heels in love !"🎾👥🔥 — Yashika 8 : 23 pm . . . . #allaboutbunny #allaboutstars #instagram #writerspoint #writer #writersofinstagram #poetry #wordsgame #words #the_solaces #scribblings #scribbledstories #firstlove #truelove #likeforlike

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We are in sync. We agree. I feel your soul As you touch me. There are days When I am swayin Between emotions. You pull me up. There are days when you need to be lifted. You push me away. I am there for you. You need to know. I believe every word You said During my darkest nights From sadness to fights. For now, When it comes to you you want me out of sight. -K. -K. -K. -K. What is the point of my heart when all of my love can't even vanquish your sadness. I am sayin' - I am a phone call away. -K. I am saying I am right beside you. -K. I am saying I will hold all your thrones in my hand. -K. I am saying I will bear your pain. -K. . . . #oblankfeelings #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #scribblings #romance #love #lips #touch #lover #feelings #strangers #wepoetswrite #womenwhowrites #loveslave #romanticlust #lovers #soul #leaving #sad #broken #globalagepoetry #poetrypod #bymepoetry #spokenword #penguinepoetrynyc #wepoetswrite #communityofpoetry #avoicefromfaraway #bymepoetryamerica #poetryisnotdead

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I don't understand this thing that why people used to ruin our lives by judging our decisions , by talking shit about us , by spreading rumors , blah blah ! Listen folks , your opinions , judgements , views and so cold dramas are not required here ! And if you are habitual to create such dramas , then go for an audition ! Oh darling , you were not born yesterday. So , use your brain ! I know much better than you that what I've done and what I'm doing ! So , stop acting " Like a back seat driver. Oh devil , I know what the * I'm doing ! "🤙🔥👥 — Yashika 6 : 44 pm . . . . #instaupdates #inkygirl #instadaily #inkmonster #instagram #writerspoint #writersofinstagram #words #wordsgame #starlovers #scribbledstories #scribblings #dallylondon #likeforlike #myownthoughts #orwelldiaries #newone

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It was past midnight. I was lying on my bed scrolling through Instagram feeds.I wasn't actually paying attention to those posts.I had lost my mind long ago.I put my phone aside for a minute or two and stared into the darkness.I wondered how I changed to someone I never thought I would be.I took my phone back.There were four or five messages from my friend .Even though I wasn't in a good mood to chat,I decided to reply.She won't spare me, if I don't.I was sure😄.I didnt have any contact with my friends for about a week.She talked about 'our people'.About some things that have happened in just a few days and then I started seriously paying attention for the things she said.She was filling me with the things. There was a lot things I have missed in just a week, I realized.I considered each of those news very important. When did I started taking care of their things?! It lead me to a Christmas celebration day of my 11 th grade. 'OMG,please don't make them stay much longer talking 'I reminded my classmate who was getting to be my best friend those days seeing this bunch of people whose simple things are now an important thing for me.I didn't like 'their gang'.No wonder,they hated me too.We were a mess since 9th. Unfortunately I had a long conversation with them on that Christmas day,though I didn't like it a bit. But it wasn't a bad conversation too. And now after three years,now I'm a college student.And the one among 'their gang' is now with me.As a best friend.I wonder how it happened.What magic made that 'their gang' as 'my people '?! How I happened to complaint about our classes always makes it difficult to have a time with that 'my people '?! Every time we decided to go somewhere together,only 2 or three of us will be free.I really hate it. I always tend to keep myself close to them than anyone else these days!what has happened actually?!I don't know😄. They weren’t those kinda monsters as I thought. May be every negative thing will have a positive side too if we change our point of view. 😃 . . . . . . #latenightchats #latenightthoughts #scribblings #realities #friendship #friendsforlife #life #totallifechanges #positivethinking #positivethoughts

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I didn't know what she was, where she came or who she yearned. But. I was sure of one thing. I was sure that she had a universe in herself. A strange beauty with stars in her vein. @fragments_ofhope 💚 This is for you! Just to let you know,that you are a ray of hope to many. Thank you for existing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #mysketchbook #scribblings #watercolor #artoninstagram #artistsoninstagram #artgram #letsart #letscapture #art #artoninstagram #artistsoninstagram #artgram #letsart #letscapture #illustration #illustrator #artistsoul #inspire #create #artistwatercolours #artit #artistsoul #artit #captureit #artgallery #greengallery #artlover #artlife💚

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This is for all the lame ass bitches out there , who literally don't have anything to do , rather than spreading rumors ! Sometimes I literally feel as if they are my caretakers.. Lmao I think you should be a storyteller , as you are experienced in telling cock & bull stories about me ! I think this will be the vocation for you. You hate me but you still try to copy me. Oh you little wretch ! Damn, it's not a slam dunk - not so easy. And I can bet that , " You can't even be my Dead Ringer ! "👥🤙🔥 — Yashika 11 : 57 pm . . . . #instaupdates #inkygirl #instadaily #instagram #inkmonster #writerspoint #words #writersofinstagram #starlovers #scribblings #scribbledstories #bossbabe #wordsgame #allaboutstars #allaboutwords #dallylondon

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What's your favourite writing account? Comment— “Your mouth feels like a rope swing and my stomach is in knots. Your tongue tastes like one-on-one tug-of-war. You let me win, allowing your body to fall into the lips of my howling chest: it is the only way to silence me. Your arms claw my back like tree branches and my fingernails dig into your thighs like i am trying to rip through your skin. You stare at my stomach like scenery, every hair follicle folding into me like grass, every stretch mark like cracks in the sidewalk. I watch you read me like poetry. You never take your eyes off of my skin stained with saliva. It takes me a while to realize you are avoiding looking me in the eyes. You say, “You’re a stranger,” breaking the silence. You say you don’t know what my palms have touched. You say you don’t know where my feet have walked. I tell you I am not a stranger. I tell you I am a no one. You look at my chin, eyes flickering like candles in the breeze. You say, “Don’t talk like that.” I cut the conversation short. I say that is not what we’re here for. I say I want to be a nobody. You’re real quiet for a second before you agree. “Must be nice,“ you say, climbing on top of me. You go slow, carefully lining my skin with bullets. We moan like gunshots and fuck like soldiers with ptsd, our pasts burning our heart chambers to embers, one by one, person by person. We know this ends in death. We know this ends in letting go. We know this ends in cutting down the rope swing because someday we will learn to be grown. I think of his smile while you dance like floss between my skin and my bones. sweat lining your tired body like teardrops, I think about the sweat that lines my back when I lay next to him on the pavement. I tell him our hearts would fall over each other too clumsily. That becoming one means one of us gets crushed. That becoming one means losing myself. I tell him I can give myself love, but I can’t give myself sex. I crawl out of your bed, get dressed and go home. I crawl into my bed and fall asleep with his ghost.” #hertales #scribblings Do tag/mention if repost💥 -check my blog for more, link in bio🌸 Follow @_.scribblings._ for more🥀

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THE OUTSIDER Always been the one… Who was kept aside, When always been the one… Who stood beside, Wonder why was shunned, In the face, so blunt. Wonder how he ended up… As the outsider, Oh wait, I know that one, Coz, he’s a born loner. This was just a sarcastic ode, And not a pathetic sonnet… Sorry if you got deceived reading this, For, I myself got deluded writing this. #retrospections #loner #theoutsider #life #sarcasm #sonnet #delusions #lol #ode #writings #scribblings

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Basic instructions

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“And in my darkest moment, fetal and weeping The moon tells me a secret, her confidant As full and bright as I am This light is not my own and A million light reflections pass over me The source is bright and endless She rescusitates the hopeless Without her we are lifeless satellites drifting” #tool #quotes #musicanddrawing #scribbles #scribblings #drawing #drawings #darkness #lightness #scarabocchi #sketch #sketchbook #scarabocchio #illustrations #disegnetti #instadraw #pencil_sketch #pencildraw #pencilsketches #pencilscribble #disegnoamano #instadaily #rome #giornateuggiose

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Day 18 - #afewhandpickedhappiness My sister has always lived in a world of her own. And I'm sure that in every version of her world, she has loved me. The first time I noticed her scribblings was while I was preparing for my CA. While studying you notice so many things in your room that you never knew existed. She must have scribbled them while she was in school. She must have been 11 or 12 perhaps. I noticed some scribblings in her wardrobe this time that I hadn't noticed before. There were stars and moon inside. On one side it said, "Devika's shelf for keeping clothes." On the other, "I love my mom, dad, Ammamma and my beutiful sister!!!". To her, I've always been beautiful. To her, I've always been the best. And I think, for her, I've been that part of home that always stood by her. I feel the same way about her as well. #siblings #sister #babysister #littlesister #littleprincess #mybaby #doodles #scribblings #scribblingsonwall #sisterthings #happinessquotes #31daychallenge #31daychallenges #randomlove #kochikkari

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Better be bitter. Better be better. . . Quotation from @being_raven_ . He is an amazing writer, maintains a feed even while posting writings, and you get unique poems related to each piece. Detailed book reviews, too. . . Follow him for more content like this. . . . . . #scribblings #girl #lips #pinkfeed #pinkaesthetic #ig #instagram #instagrammers #writerscollaboration #writersnetwork #creativity #aesthetic #girlaesthetic #newwriters #dmtogetfeatured #featuredwriter #igers #lovers #feels #simplewriteups #writeups #followme #indiangirl #fff #tflers #vscobeginner #vsco #writings #poets #deepquotes at Featured