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11 days ago

I told him I’d follow him anywhere and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 13 years. How long have you been following yours? I made the mistake of telling mine that I’d follow him anywhere with a beach. Bahahaha the joke has been on me ever since. at Camp Pendleton-San Onofre Beach

23 days ago

25 days ago

Without this park there would be no Wheeland Brothers. It taught us who we are and it wrote our songs. What else wouldn't exist without these parks? How many ways has TR3STLE3 been spelled on custom license plates? How many burritos are named after San Onofre?––There's even one all the way in New York! (Swell Taco) In a parallel universe where Southern California never had state beaches––no Trestles, no San Onofre, your twin is wedged in toll-road-fed traffic between a sea of new homes and a sea of closed beach. You daydream about that scene in Bruce Brown's "Barefoot Adventurer" where they surf Lower Trestles in slow motion. You think, "Wow, can you imagine what it must've been like??...just to stand on that impossibly pristine beach. To hear the sound of laughter of classic surf culture around a driftwood bonfire? How blessed are we that previous generations answered that question for us. They gave us this park and this rich culture, a rainbow unicorn in a world of beige stucco. The glow of that bonfire emanates into our relationship with ourself, prides our city streets, colors our culture, themes our businesses, and changes our lives in ways that we will never know until the fire goes out and the fence goes up. #sanonofre #trestles #sanonofrebeach #trestlesbeach #californiastateparks #savetrestles #savesanonofre #nature #california #thehideaway at San Onofre State Beach & Campground

26 days ago

Our view until Sunday. Just have one small grocery run to make and I’m turning my phone off. After the events of the last week I’m pretty sure my soul is ready for some rest and relaxation. We are so lucky to have gotten the VIP spot for our stay, the best view in the house is what the front desk called our spot. Lord knows I need this. I may send Pete and the kids home and just stay here 😂. #beach #vip #bestview #sanonofrebeach #springbreak #rest #relaxation at San Onofre, California

1 month ago

Terror Mar Locos.Missing you Paul, gone but... let’s go to Pizza Port and drinks some beer. #sanonofrebeach #Terramar

1 month ago

@TYLERRAEMILLS REPOST — ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Every once in awhile, I get to test a really rad car out for Johanna’s job. This time, the @toyotausa C-HR was the perfect family car for cruising the California coast. This one definitely turned some heads and drove great! at San Onofre, California

1 month ago

A fine St. Patrick’s Day in Southern California. Blooming wildflowers and butterflies, good surf and beautiful weather. Stitch Jerkins finally woke up early and made the most of it. Only bummer was hearing the news of Dick Dale’s passing. #sanonofrebeach #moresurfing at San Onofre, California

1 month ago

“The entire coast between Los Angeles and San Diego is lousy with beach towns, but about halfway down there is one that stands out among the rest.” FAKE PLASTIC GIRL comes out in nine days—pre-order link in bio! ❤️🌊

1 month ago

Rincón del mar un lugar hermoso. Bonitas playas. Comida de mar a precios asequibles... recomendado hospedaje donde #mamallena excelente habitaciones y servicio! La noche tiene valor de 25k con abanico y 40k con aire! Pero si llegas a ir, escribeme y te paso contacto para que la noche en aire te quede en 30k y con abanico en 20k. #mamallenahostel #rincondelmar #sucre #sanonofrebeach #travelphotography #traveling #beach #hospedaje #colombia #vacaciones #bajoellentedels9 at Rincon del Mar. El sitio Ideal para las Vacaciones

2 months ago

I am purchasing the yearly pass to this little gem right outside of the North side of Camp Pendleton the moment we return. It’s a hidden getaway and I fell in love with it the moment my neighbor showed it to me. California has so much to offer; sometimes I really do think she’s paradise on earth. People that live out here visit the Maldives or Seychelles and honestly - none of those places appeal to me as much as the beaches, cliffs and rocks of Southern California. I really hope in the 2-3 years that we’ll be stationed there again, that I’ll finally be able to see Northern California as well! Who’s up for an adventure? at San Onofre Bluffs - Trail 1