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4 minutes ago

Filling up my cup here in San Diego and feeling so grateful in every possible way . Working smart, and weaving everything important into our lives. Take a chance , ask for what you want , and put your self in the best possible environment . Surround yourself with success , fall on your face and become a freakin rock star ⭐️ #sandiego #pesach #passover #

5 minutes ago

‏لقد جرّبت زحمة الأعمال وكثرة الإرهاق، فوجدت الفراغ أصعب منها بكثير. ‏علي الطنطاوي #pairs #milano #kuwait #sandiego #frankfurt #jeddah at Dubai, United Arab Emitates

6 minutes ago

Chopstix サンディエゴに来たらここでご飯🍽 今日もご馳走でした😋美味しかった! ・エビ焼そば ・クランチーロール ・イカカツ ・海老餃子 #chopstix #sandiego at Chopstix

9 minutes ago

I had the immeasurable honor and blessing of hosting and facilitating a Mother Blessing ceremony for this Earth Angel today on Earth Day. 😍✨🙏🏼🌎🤰🏼💖 . Women innately hold within them the Kundalini Mata Shakti ~ the Creative Power of the Mother. Conscious connection to the Divine through prayer and meditation affords us the blessing of awakening this energy. It is with this energy that we can then guide our children to live a life of connection and their highest purpose; and through this both souls can attain liberation on this Earth plane. Through the experience of connection to Oneness, we experience the deepest and truest Peace, Love, Bliss & Joy possible. 💖🙏🏼 . As a sisterhood, we have the blessing of holding space for one another to experience this and step into our roles as mothers, the most transformative experience for a woman on this planet. With the unimaginable force of the Universe moving through our bodies, having a tribe of women to hold us up and remind us of who and what we truly are is one of the greatest gifts we can have to step into the role of motherhood with Grace. 💞🌼 . Angela, my Angel, thank you for already walking through this world as Grace incarnate. The gift of you as a mother is one that will no doubt transform this planet. Julian is a magnetic and magnificent Light and I cannot wait to witness the gifts that he will bring. May you both feel the Divine Light & Love that you are moving through your cells in all moments, and may you feel us wrap our hearts around yours whenever you need an extra boost. I Love You throughout all time and space! . Puta Mata Ki Asis; Oh child, this is they mother's blessing.. May you never forget the Light of Divinity that you are. ✨🌠 . Wahe Guru! Thank you Great Spirit! 😍🤗🙏🏼 . #LifeInEden #DivineMother ~~~~~ ~~~~~ #khalsaway #consciousmother #consciousparenting #putamatakiasis #waheguru #kundalini #matashakti #shakti #creativeforce #yogibhajan #connection #doula #carlsbad #huntingtonbeach #orangecounty #sandiego #motherblessing #ceremony #prayer #chant #blessingway #earthday #happyearthday #gaia #mamagaia #consciouspregnancy at Huntington Beach, California

9 minutes ago

If you know me, you know I love (maybe obsessed) 🐼 the San Diego Pandas 🐼 I’m so sad they’re going back to China but thankful I’ve watched them have babies and grow over the last 26 years and my nieces will remember them. They will be missed 😭🐼✈️🙏🏼❤️ #sandiego #pandas #sandiegozoo #pandalover #bye #familytradition

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사진 정리 No. 2 : 캘리포니아 석양과 코로나도 섬 ♥ . 주의: 사진 색감이 비디오보다 더 정확합니다! . . Travel photos no. 2: California sunset and Coronado Island ♥ . Caution: the pictures' colors are more accurate than video's . #미국 #캘리포니아 #샌디에고 #코로나도 #석양 #일상 #여행 #여행스타그램 #폰카메라 #맑음 #분위기깡패 #풍경 #usa #california #sandiego #coronado #sunset #daily #travel #sunny at Coronado, San Diego, CA

10 minutes ago

Happy Earth Day, earthlings 🌱 Get outside, enjoy the miracles Mother Nature provides. Most importantly, leave no trace. Leave only foot prints, make only memories, take only trash with you 👣 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @obsurfgal taking one for the team last week 💦 at San Diego, California

12 minutes ago

I wish everyone cared about the planet every day as much as they do on #EarthDay 🌍 at Balboa Park