Salmonfaverolles Photos & Videos

1 day ago

Me: I’m not doing another hatch until my duck eggs arrive in June... Also Me: *finds a bargain on a duo of Brinsea incy’s* Also Me: Ok, so now we have 2 awesome incubators, obviously we need to test them out... that’s just being logical... — It’s a problem 😂🐣 —— #homesteading #journeytoselfsufficiency #selfsufficiency #homestead #smallholder #smallholding #chickens #chickenkeeping #hatching #duckkeeping #life #family #daughters #crazychickenlady #salmonfaverolles #brahma #bufforpington #rhodeislandreds #silkies #comingsoon

3 days ago

Oh fluffy Novea 😍 you are so cute! ( @nicnchicks )

5 days ago

“You have some worm guts on your face...lemme get that for ya.” ( @nicnchicks )

7 days ago

My wet faces after my hoomans cleaned off all of the stuck foods, that now smells like lavenders because of the @messymildred chicken shampoo she used. I don’t cares that she has to keep cleaning me! If I wants to play in my foods, and literally get it caked on my beards I wills! ~Griffin #messymildred #cleanchicken #salmonfaverolles #mypetchicken #sillychicken #wetface #wetchicken #chickensmakeuschuckle #petchicken #mustlovechickens #crazythingschickenpeopledo #crazychickenlady

7 days ago

*spirit fingers* 🐔 🖐 ( @nicnchicks )

7 days ago

Six salmon favoerolle chickens going in the brooder. These will be beautiful birds when full grown. #salmonfaverolles

8 days ago

Not the best pic but the first hatch of 2019, Some pure bred Salmon Faverolles along with some Heinz 57s as an experiment. #salmonfaverolles #chickens

11 days ago

Maybelline says: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade... When life gives you snow, EAT IT BECAUSE IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE SPRING! ( @nicnchicks )

18 days ago

Today was exceptional! Took the morning slow, spent time with the animals, hung out with Hadley and enjoyed a lazy day. We soaked up the sun and the simple perks of farm life. This adorable puff of fuzz is my favorite type of chicken, a salmon faverolle! She is now a part of the family and will enjoy her days at our ranch helping with pest control. A lovely Sunday ends cuddling this little peep peep!

18 days ago

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the lovely comments left about Dave yesterday. I read all of them through teary eyes and it’s so heartwarming to know that so many of you loved seeing him too ❤️ He lived a long and happy life here on the farm and I hope these new chicks will do the same. We’re still trying to decide on Spring themed or old fashioned names for them. #babychicks #salmonfaverolles #chickens #chickensofinstagram #backyardchickens #backyardchickensofinstagram #onthefarm #backyardpoultry #forgetmenot

26 days ago

Breed spotlight! This little one is a Salmon Faverolles. Faverolles are on the livestock conservancy as a threatened breed and we received 5 of them in our spring chick order! These fun little guys have feathered feet and legs and they also have five toes! This one is at the 'teenage' stage in her life where her feathers are just coming in. Can't wait until these guys grow up because they also have 'beards'! #microfarm #chickensofinstagram #salmonfaverolles #raisingchickensin #destinationbellaire

29 days ago

First little salmon faverolles peeper to hatch. Waiting on siblings, so a sheeps wool duster will be mum and a heating pad for warmth. I’m not a huge fan of heating lamps and we tried a heating pad when we transitioned the chicks to the barn last year. It worked out pretty well and so far this chick doesn’t seem cold at all. . . . . . . . #salmonfaverolles #salmonfaverolle #faverolleschick #faverolleschickens