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3 years ago

สุดทางคือ ฟ้าไกล 🌤 กั้นไว้ด้วยเมฆบัง จะอ้อนวอนสายรุ้ง ช่วยเป็นสะพาน เดินไปหาเธอ .. โปรดนำทางหัวใจ ให้ฉันได้ไปเจอะเธอ ให้ฉันข้ามไปพบ คนที่เฝ้ารอ

5 years ago

My fiancé took me out after work to stargaze and watch some shooting stars from the meteor shower going on this weekend. Quiet night laying on a wide field together, just letting my mind run with thoughts and relax. That random circle is the bright moon tonight. Artificial lenses of my phone camera can't catch the beauty of what our eyes can see... clear skies with visible stars & shooting stars. I kept missing the shooting stars though. . Michael already saw 3 while I haven't seen any... *sigh* #romanticways #enjoyingGod'screations #Godisreal

6 years ago

How to personalize an ordinary coffee table: I used a roll of flower print drawer liner from the dollar store and stuck it on top. What a difference a roll makes (hehe) and how romantic is it to come home to this ❤☺💐 #kayestips #romanticways