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Yo don't ever think I've forgotten Them days black plottin' And schemin' Sittin' in the lunchroom Eatin' and dreamin' On about the things we do When we reach independence Nothing is brand new It's all still accordin' to plan Meet your man From decades ago can't nobody understand The hardships we've been through Sun to sun On the wake up knock knock Everybody gotta run for the ultimate goal Can't lose they soul In the process So and to you I say God bless Seeing your face lets me see my own So I zone, and think about the days we got stoned In the staircase of apartment buildings Little childrens Growing in a world so cold Just like pilgrims, we migrate daily Now a days we rarely get to see one another But when we connect we still brothers And now we in the corporate world And the game is different You get caught up in the twirl If your fam ain't affective So here's our perspective To help each other Cause man ain't it hectic Large Professor - In The Sun Ft. Q Tip #largeprofessor #inthesun #1stclass #qtip #xplicit #90shiphop #classichiphop #mc #emcee #lyricist #artist #poet #rapper #atribecalledquest #phifedawg #ripprife #ripphifedawg #undergroundhiphop #90s #hiphophead #hiphopmusic #oldschool

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JUST IN CASE YOU DON'T KNOW!! THE NATIVE TONGUES ERA... Who Are The Native Tongues.... A TRIBE CALLED QUEST #ripphifedawg JUNGLE BROTHERS DE LA SOUL LEADERS OF THE NEW SCHOOL BUSTA RHYMES BRAND NUBIAN BLACK SHEEP CHI ALI MOS DEF TALIB KWELI COMMON QUEEN LATIFAH MONI LOVE....And Many peripheral groups inspired by this collective. REGISTRATION NOW OPEN DO IT FOR THE CULTURE 🌼Spring Daisy Age 🌼 Pop Up  Experience:The Native Tongues  Edition SATURDAY May 4th Westfield NJ. Dope Products, Dope People , Amazing Food AND Dope Music From The Late 80s/ 90s Early 2k Native Tongues Era!  All 🖤⚫🖤 Everything Hand 🙌🏾🙌🏽🙌🏿 Selected Businesses Under One Roof. ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾CULTURE CURATORS CLICK THE LINK IN OUR BIO TO REGISTER ☝🏾☝🏾🎨🎨 OFFICIAL FLYER COMING SOON🎨🎨🎨 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 Let's Get It! 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 #njvendors #blackownedbusinesses #njblackbusiness #supportblackbusiness #buyblack #buyblackowned #njpopupshop #popupmarket #doitfortheculture #atribecalledquest  #nativetongues #junglebrothers #queenlatifah #delasoul #positivevibes #springshopping #popup #motherday

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Yo Az! The annual Beats, Rhymes & Phife party where we pay tribute to the one and only Phife Dawg, A Tribe Called Quest & The Native Tongue family will be going down next month in Phoenix! Full details will be dropping soon. #BeatsRhymesAndPhife4 #ripphifedawg

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ATCQ, 1994

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This week the Cypher will transition to a new playlist, closing out our collaboration @djskellyb for the anniversary of the launch of @rundmc ‘s KING OF ROCK album (released 2/5/85). We love collaborating with DJs. 🗿🔊Stop by @SocratesPark,🌲Queens, NYC🗽to experience this mix! RIP Jason (Jam Master Jay) Mizell 01/21/65 - 10/30/02 On view at @socratespark till March ‘19 Sculpture by @sherwintheartist 🔊Audio powered by @leonspeakers . . #RIPJamMasterJay #RIPPhifeDawg #RIPProdigy #RestInBeats #djskellyb x #acypherinqueens #RUNDMC #ATCQ #MOBBDEEP #adidasoriginals #jammasterjay #blackart #blackartist #nycart #publicsculpture #hiphop #hiphopculture #goldenerahiphop at Socrates Sculpture Park

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The Cypher x DJ Skelly B! “What’s it all abouuut?..” For the anniversary of the launch of @rundmc ‘s KING OF ROCK album (released 2/5/85), the Cypher has collaborated with @djskellyb out of Dublin, Ireland🔥🔥 This mix is full of cutting and scratching of RUN DMC hits including sample sources! We love collaborating with DJs. I made this special graphic drawing to commemorate this collaboration consisting of a mashup of vintage hip hop fliers and the cover art of King of rock. 🗿🔊Stop by @SocratesPark,🌲Queens, NYC🗽to experience this mix! RIP Jason (Jam Master Jay) Mizell 01/21/65 - 10/30/02 On view at @socratespark till March ‘19 Sculpture by @sherwintheartist 🔊Audio powered by @leonspeakers . . #RIPJamMasterJay #RIPPhifeDawg #RIPProdigy #RestInBeats #djskellyb x #acypherinqueens #RUNDMC #ATCQ #MOBBDEEP #adidasoriginals #jammasterjay #blackart #blackartist #nycart #publicsculpture #hiphop #hiphopculture #goldenerahiphop at Socrates Sculpture Park

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Good Friday

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Good Friday

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🛑 Sixer 2/7/19 🛑 1. Stressed Out by A Tribe Called Quest (feat. Faith Evans) 2. Smoke by vbnd (feat. Katie Tipper) 3. Me Time by oddCouple (feat. Kweku Collins, The O’My’s, & Jack Red) 4. Cigarettes and Coffee by Otis Redding 5. So Free by Bahamas 6. Hide by Rainbow Kitten Surprise Follow “The Cooler” playlist on Spotify & Apple for a collection of every Sixer posted. #ripphifedawg @qtiptheabstract @alishaheed @therealfaithevans @vbndmoney @katietupper @oddcouplemusic @kwekucollins @theomys @lifeofjackred @otisredding @bahamasmusic @rksbandofficial #sixer #musiccuration #playlistcuration #musicdiscovery #bopstop

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A Tribe Called Quest with 1nce Again! Since its J. Dilla's Birthday, it's only right i gotta post up for one of the great behind the boards. This was the first introduction to him when I found out he did this classic cut by the Tribe. He was in a Producing group called The Ummah which is Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed. This is one of my fave joints he did. Dilla Forever................ @atcq @officialjdilla #ATribeCalledQuest #QTip #PhifeDawg #AliShaheedMuhammed #TammyLucas #1nceAgain #TheUmmah #JDilla #JayDee #BeatsRhymesAndLife #ATCQ #RIPJDilla #RIPPhifeDawg #StAlbans #Queens #NewYork #NYC #90sHipHop #BoomBap #HipHop #GoldenEraHipHop #GoldenEra #UndergroundHipHop #HipHopJunkie #HipHopHead #90sHipHopHead #90sClassic #HipHopClassic #ClassicHipHop #LegendsNeverDie

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Hi kids, today I’m here to talk about Fiasogate: The Beef That Never Was. I really never would have addressed this because it’s such a minor thing, but the past few months I’ve had several people bring it up, so here I am with a quick little Lupe history. First, there was never a beef. Yet whenever I mention Q-Tip as a top 5 favorite rapper/artist, people go “Oh what about their beef/Fiascogate?” ... And yeah, what about it?? So here it is, the whole (short) dumb story that was blown out of proportions and people apparently still don’t understand....In 2007, Lupe messed up the lyrics to Electric Relaxation on VH1 Honors, and slipped up on Scenario as well. Lupe only did the event/songs, despite not knowing them well enough, because Q-Tip had insisted that he do so. Lupe took to the internet to say he never really grew up on Tribe, and had more of a gangster rap upbringing. He claimed he’d never even heard MM in its entirety. He said he originally turned down the tribute event when the label brought it to him, for the aforementioned reasons, but because it was Tip asking Lupe be a part of it, he gave in. So the whole thing was mostly put to rest when Q said he had love and respect for Lupe a short while after. Looking back on it in 2017, Q-Tip said: // “N*ggas was on him! I was like, that’s the young bruh, let me just reach out, it’s all good. We was talking and he was like, ‘I never meant no offense.’ I was like, ‘it’s all good!’ At one point, he was like, ‘I see you trying to teach me a lesson.’ We both had a little laugh about it. It was always cool with bro.” // So what you have to realize is this was never an issue with the PEOPLE like it is with Cudi and Lu. The issue was with the internet. With old heads and people further removed from the core situation, people like N.O.R.E. and bloggers. They thought Lupe was just some arrogant young dude who didn’t respect Tribe. Obviously that wasn’t the case. All of this is just to say there was no beef. Never was. Two of my favorites, just let it be. So, please don’t bring up “Fiascogate” anymore 🙄😂 I’m sure you can google and find more info somewhere, but this concludes the post that shouldn’t need to exist.