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#rip me but minor setbacks lead to major comebacks🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾it ‘twas a good one!!!!! Love these ladies at VICE Lounge + Mojito Bar

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My grandpa used to fall asleep so soundly we’d like stuffed animals and dolls on him. I’m clearly very proud of myself here. #oldpics #rip

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-------------------------------------- {Rick Stephan Genest – “Zombie Boy”} 07/08/1985 - ★ 01/08/2018 - † ------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //R.I.P., my dear. I still remember it when you answered my messages with such kindness, when you supported my singing and my videos as if an old friend. I keep you in my memory with such softness. I'm so sorry that a man like you, a winner who'd overcome so much, didn't feel this world was a place to belong. I wish I could have helped you, I really do... But you were so quiet, you wouldn't say anything... I wish you had known so much more of life and that it did of you. You were the sweetest, Zombie Boy. I'm so sorry you're gone, I truly am.// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ [ #rickgenest #ricothezombie #zombieboy #bornthisway #rip] ------------------------------------------------------------------ --------- <🖤> ---------

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danish_my_life__ This clip 😭 The best video for all that people who says danish Is Illuminati!! The kindness he his having is 😍💘 @danish_zehen @realdanishzehen #danishzehen #danish #fambruharmy #fambruh #sowahi #saralikhan #rip #happybirthday #coolestbadboi View all 35 comments barmy_biitch Dani teri fambruh kaafi h un bkl key liye💖 bas tu khush reh yr 💝 mahirafatemajafry What he is saying I can't understand,plz anybody explain inaya_parween_ Bhai bol ne do logo ka kam he h bolna suno he maat imrankhan_vlogs 😍❤️💕🙌 zannat2727 Please mat post kato video or pik amaryadav0012345 He is Love 😭❤ ummehabibaashu @mahirafatemajafry He's saying that some illiterate and shit people comment on him badly... This was a slap on their faces naughty._.nation Hamara danu kabhi llluminati ho hi nai sakta. Haters ka kam he ye. Danu se jalte he so ignore karo sabko.. Miss you bro 😢😢 sty_lish_rish_abh FAMBRUH anjalikujur58 Hahaha... its really vry amazing n one of my fvt vdozz it has... zehen love it to replied dat jahil , gawaar n bewakuff logo👍👌😘😘😘... Blessed u n lov u so much...Alwayzz in my breath... amir_sohel_143 🙌🙌 amir_sohel_143 👌👌 arpita._14 I jst luv this clip siddique_112_syed Cool bro panchal_712 ❤️❤️ little_danish__ Bhai miss you💖💖 rudra.fambruh 😂 hasib_shk_07 🔥🔥🔥 scheema.21 Its people... Not peoples....!! lucky_official_54 Sachme jahil h wo lucky_official_54 😖😭😷😵🤧 shail.shaikh.79025 👌👌 nittsunam That's why i like him too much...woh galti bhi kuch nahi karte they and chup bhi nhi rehete they..aur ek baat Allah bhi unko bahat pasand karte they n haii inni logo k waja sey Allah ko dard sehen nahi hua isliye aachey duniya mein bhulaye hum log ko rulakey coz of that stupid people's 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Danish always u will in my heart app ko nhi pata kitney log pagal horahahaii coz of ur hardworking n struggle hats off u and you did superb in this wolrd👏👏👏👏👏 fasil8604 Nice 😘😘😘😘

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108/2/27 我幫你跑了趟農林航空測量所 你說麻煩我了 雖然只是一個小忙 但我超樂意幫你 看你離夢想越來近真的很替你開心 記得那天你說 有你真好 - 3/4我跟你的最後一次接觸 是在Line上 你收到了寄過去的航空圖 翻拍給我看 那時,你離夢想又更近了... - 今天我要說 雖然我們認識的時間很短 但因為有你 讓我在面對挑戰時 好告訴自己要勇敢 不再害怕 我總大聲喊著「我可以~」 是一種信心喊話 你雖笑了 卻說我可愛 然後還是不斷的鼓勵我向前 謝謝你讓我真正看見綠島的美 - 那天我喝醉了 你居然上樓幫我拍背 而且拍了很久 我都是隔天聽人說的 你常常帶我們去山裡闖 謝謝你,有你真好 - 喜歡烹飪 喜歡攝影 喜歡潛水 喜歡探險 喜歡自由 這是Wade你知道的🤙🏻 接下來你就帶著你自由的靈魂 繼續向前邁進吧! 心中永遠的冒險家👣 #rip

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RIP Kendall. My Father & I will & do deeply & greatly miss you. You were the Best Rep anyone could ever ask for. You were a Bad ass, funny & Beautiful person inside & out. Please be watching over us. #willbemissed #RIP

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~ track 4: Sin Miedo Questa Anitta rappresenta la "impulsività" di parola, lei ignora la parola "conseguenza." Lei si gioca e lei fa ciò che dà nella tegola. Lei credi che la vita è solamente uno e non può perdere mai un'opportunità di sfruttarla al massimo. Per lei tutto ed eventuale esperienza aggiunge come credito nel suo libro di eventi, anche se non è stato quel bene. Lei accetta tutto e non si vergogna di nulla. Si fa carico di tutto quello fa e no se vanta di quello. Questa Anitta chiama attenzione per la forma di come se gioca nella vita. Il suo stile è il conforto affinché sia pronta per qualsiasi situazione ma non lasci di essere estremamente sexy. at Milan, Italy

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we took these pics at 3 in the morning, bc extra 🌈🦋 #RIP #21&fun

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Canim gitarim yummy ne guzel sesler cikiyomus en duygusal aksamimdayim RIP🙏🏻🙏🏻 😂😖😖😖😖 @music_man #musicman #rip

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We said good bye to you, no longer come to us, we will come to you. ❤️ #40days #RIP

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Xxx #rip

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Boy Bammy nice knowing you #RIP

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RIP BALAMORY 🙏❤️ • • the hands and balloon thing took me ages ok don’t judge also sorry for the bad quality just go to specsavers if u can’t read it ok bye 😂😂 • • SWIPE ➡️ for me taking the piss out of the character songs haha • • comment which character you get! • • qotd: who was your favourite? • • pls dm with more suggestions of shows to do! • • #oldcbeebies #oldcbeebiesfanswillknow #balamory #balamoryhouses #cbeebies #cbeebiesland #cbeebiesnostalgia #cbeebiesshows #bbc #tv #tvshow #britishtv #britishtvshow #missthis #growingupbritish #britishchildhood #kidstv #tvkids #cbeebiesoldschool #cbeebiesbalamory #uktv #tvuk #britishtelevision #britishtelevisionseries #british #britishmemes #britishmeme #britishmemesuk #rip

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3.22.19 im really gonna miss you arty.. 😭 #rip

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I have found myself at a loss for words, not because I have nothing to say, but because I didn't know where to start. I have been so afraid I will forget something important, a special memory, a special quality...I don't want to forget anything. For most of my life Grandpa was a relatively quiet man, a bit silly at times with a quirky sense of humor. My grandma ruled the roost. She told the stories, she directed where we were going, she was the boss with his undying support. My grandma always walked with such a fast pace that it was difficult for anyone to keep up. She once told me (as we waited for him to catch up) that he "wouldn't walk faster if his pants were on fire." He always seemed to just be enjoying the walk. She was always waiting for him. After being diagnosed with cancer many years ago I noticed a fire had finally been lit under my grandpa. He was talking back to my grandma! He was feisty and full of life. He suddenly had something to say about almost everything! For once my grandma had competition for telling a story! Sometimes she seemed like he gave her a handful, but I know she enjoyed their new found rapport. One of my favorite memories of him and my grandma's new relationship was during a car trip. My grandma was telling me all her story's and he was up front driving, making quiet added commentary that had even my grandma laughing and telling him to shush. I think he even made her blush a couple times. The grandfather I knew (not to be confused with the father my mom, aunts and uncles knew) was a bright-eyed, hard working, sometimes quiet, slow moving, tall giant of a man. I will always remember staying up late at night with grandpa watching MASH and eating ice cream and popsicles during the summer. Every morning he would peel oranges or tangeringes, and gladly share with sneaky little hands that swiped them, while he simply peeled more. He could gently quiet any baby and, more times than not, all children were drawn to his presence. It was not uncommon for several small children to follow him around or for a baby to be found in his arms. He and my grandma both shared those charms. (Finish in comments)

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Lee vekh saddi raani kive nachdi aa.🖤