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2 months ago

Its been a while since I’ve been eating healthy food - cutting out on carbs, dairy, gluten, sugar and understanding what works for my body and what doesn’t. Its difficult with the kind of health issues involved, plus the fact that I love food (pizza, anyone?). But I’ve learned to really tune into what my body needs and when. That doesn’t mean I’m perfect all the time. Its been two weeks of erratic schedules, weddings and eating out. After the final wedding of the month, the last thing I wanted was food. So I decided to increase my probiotics by having this homemade curd with a teaspoonful of the goodness of roasted cumin powder! A great digestive and gut food! #indianfoodbloggers #mumbaifoodblogger #indianfoodmovement #riotofflavoursrecipe #homemade #healthyeating

2 months ago

It is pretty pleasant for Mumbai and the temperature dip is most welcome after the humid stifling heat of October and November. I absolutely love winters because food feels so much more comforting (as if that was possible 🙄) on cold winter days. Today’s meal was haleem that I prepared using mutton mince and cooked whole wheat grains. Topped the concoction with green garlic, over which I poured smoking hot ghee, and then garnished the dish with julienned ginger, birista (fried onions), mint and coriander lending the dish so much flavour and texture. A dash of lime and it was polished off in minutes. Do you have a favourite winter dish? #winter #eatlocal #indianfood #indianfoodmovement #foodpic #snapseed #instafood #indianfoodbloggers #mumbaifoodblogger #riotofflavoursrecipe #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger at Mumbai, Maharashtra

3 months ago

Sorghum or Jowar is a gluten-free, ancient millet that has been around for centuries. It is local to India, especially the region where I come from (North Karnataka) and rather delicious. Jowar has a coarse texture and a nutty flavour and is quite flavourful and light on the stomach. I’ve been looking for Sweet Jowar pancake recipes online but nothing suited the ingredients I have - I either came across savoury pancakes, sweet ones with a lot of fruit or some mixed with other flours. So I decided to fall back on my favourite whole wheat pancake recipe. It’s been a while since I posted a recipe that I had just made on my blog, and it is quite exhilarating to do so again. Do go through the recipe on the blog - link in bio. #milletsofindia #millets #cookingwithmillets #jowar #sorghumflour #pancakes #breakfast #indianfoodbloggers #mumbaifoodblogger #riotofflavoursrecipe #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger #f52grams

4 months ago

As I put the onions into the smoking hot raw mustard oil, a whiff of the pungent mustard hit me in the face like a shot of wasabi. After adding some aromatics and tomato and reducing it all into a nice roasted mushy consistency, I added the Kulith. Long before ‘superfoods’ became a thing, kulith/Kulthi/Horsegram was my favourite pulse (next to matki or moth). It’s earthy flavour, perfect bite and recipe variations are just some of the things that make it so special - not to mention it’s amazing nutritious value. At home Amma makes a Kulith Bhaji (the method I mentioned above) along with a Kulitha Saar (basically using the nutritious water that the Kulith is cooked in) flavoured with a burnt garlic tempering! The combination is quite heady adding so much flavour to the meal. I had the Bhaji with steamed Kangna or Foxtail Millet yesterday. How do you cook with kulith? #indianfood #indianfoodbloggers #mumbaifoodblogger #riotofflavoursrecipe #indiansuperfood #indianpulses #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger #chitrapursaraswatcuisine

5 months ago

I remember precisely the last time I had made brownies - it was in my kitchen in Dubai. It was @anjnanambiar13 s birthday and her request was these brownies - a recipe I follow to the t (except for reducing the sugar content) from @nigellalawson s book ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’. I distinctly remember the feeling of whipping up the brownie batter with three of my closest friends watching and marveling at how simple this is. That was then - and more than a year later, here I am posting a pic of this sizzle brownie that my sister-in-law @fattipeti has superbly captured. We had family over for dinner last night and this was the dessert - a simple chocolate walnut brownie with a homemade chocolate sauce and vanilla icecream in a sizzling plate. The fact that seconds were asked for is testament to how delicious this was. Recipe for chocolate sauce: 1 cup fresh cream (I used @amul_india ) 1 cup dark chocolate pieces (I used 50% dark Bournville from @cadburydairymilkin ) 3/4 cup whole milk (or less depending on the consistency you require) Sugar as per your sweet quotient (if required at all) Directions Boil the cream in a pot till just bubbling - turn off the gas Add in the chocolate pieces and whisk well till its completely melted Now add the milk (preferably hot) while continuously mixing and heat a little to ensure it is all blended properly. Serve warm or hot as desired #chocolatesauce #sizzlingbrownie #dessert #brownie #indianfoodbloggers #mumbaifoodblogger #mumbaifoodie #riotofflavoursrecipe #sweettooth #dessertsofinstagram

5 months ago

Singhara or water chestnuts are in season - and while I’ve eaten them at restaurants, I’ve never eaten a fresh water chestnut ever! So this time I badgered my father-in-law into getting them if he saw them. And so he did kindly get a huge batch of these gorgeous fruits (or veggies?). I peeled them and used them in an Asian vegetable stir fry with a honey soy garlic sauce. Deeelish! How do you use water chestnuts? #waterchestnut #asianfood #vegetarian #indianfoodbloggers #mumbaifoodblogger #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger #riotofflavoursrecipe

6 months ago

يقدم هذا الطبق توازناً جميلاً بين المالح والحلو. هل ستجربينه؟ #Repost @riotofflavours It’s amazing how beautifully labneh pairs with both sweet and savoury food. I used @puckarabia labneh in this Caramelised Honey, Fig and Pistachio dessert where it offers a beautiful salty balance against the sweetness of the figs and honey. And of course the pistachios offer some textural relief too! Plus, it’s super easy to make within a few minutes! #naturalanddelicious #puckarabia #riotofflavoursrecipe Ingredients 3 ripe figs, halved 1 tsp butter 3 tbsp honey a pinch of cinnamon 2-3 tbsp @puckarabia labneh 1-2 tbsp chopped pistachio Method In a pan, put in the butter till melted Add the honey and let it caramelise well. Add a pinch of cinnamon Put in the figs cut-side down and let them cook till lightly golden. Once they are done, place them on a plate and plop the labneh in the middle Add the pistachios and drizzle the rest of the sauce over the entire dessert Serve warm

6 months ago

وجبة خفيفة ولا أسهل! جربيها اليوم #Repost @riotofflavours Snacks can be healthy too! I love to snack on vegetable sticks with a simple labneh dip - what a great natural snack. You get the goodness of vitamins from the veggies and the probiotics from the labneh! And sometimes flavour adds some fun to it! This recipe uses @PuckArabia Labneh with chilli and herbs along with za’atar roasted carrot sticks! A combo made in heaven! #naturalanddelicious #riotofflavoursrecipe

6 months ago

For those of you wanting a simple recipe for this chicken curry, here it is. 1/2 kg chicken 2 medium onions sliced Whole garam masala - 1/2 inch cinnamon, 2-3 cloves, 1 bay leaf, 1-2 whole cardamom pods 1 large tomato 1 tbsp garlic paste 1 small green chilli minced 1/2 inch ginger minced 1/4 tsp turmeric powder 1 tsp chilli powder 1/2 tsp coriander powder 1/2 tsp cumin powder Garam masala powder to taste 1/3 cup yoghurt 1 tbsp malai or cream (I used it fresh off the top of boiled milk) Salt to taste 1 tbsp Kasuri methi or dried fenugreek Method: In a shallow pan or kadhai fry the onion, ginger, chilli, garlic paste, and whole garam masala till the onions are mushy and brown. Add the dry masalas at this point and sauté till the raw smell disappears. Then add the tomatoes and cover and cook for 10 min on medium low heat till the tomatoes are mushy and almost one with the rest of the masala. At this point add the chicken (marinated in salt and turmeric). Let it roast for a bit with the masalas and turn as required to ensure that it is even sealed. Now add the yoghurt and cream mixed together. With salt to taste. Cover and cook to the required consistency. Top with kasuri methi and serve hot! Would be amazing with parathas. #instarecipe #chickencurry #indianfood #indianfoodbloggers #indianfoodrecipes #riotofflavoursrecipe #mumbaifoodblogger #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger

7 months ago

A long while ago I lived in Gamdevi. One of my friends used to stay on the other side of the grant road bridge towards Bombay Central. Sometimes when I visited, she would order palak paneer and butter naan from a nearby restaurant called Kalpana. Their Palak Paneer is the best I’ve ever had! It comes complete with a lehsuni tadka on the top! Its morish, creamy and delicious. I recently made Palak Paneer and tried to emulate the flavours and I was delighted that they were spot on! #indianfoodbloggers #riotofflavoursrecipe #mumbaifoodbloggers #culinarybloggers #culinaryblog #indianfood #palakpaneer #vegetarianfood

8 months ago

We’ve been having rather heavy meals at home of late - so this evening, I decided to make one of my favourite and super easy chicken dishes - grilled chicken with caramelised vegetables! #instarecipe #chickenandveggies #indianfoodbloggers #mumbaifoodbloggers #riotofflavoursrecipe #culinaryblogger #culinaryblog Recipe as below: 4 chicken leg and thigh Marinate in: 1 tsp chilli powder (or more if you like it spicy) 1 tsp coriander and cumin powder 1/2 tsp turmeric powder 1 tsp garam masala powder 1 handful chopped fresh coriander leaves 1 tbsp garlic paste I tsp honey Salt and pepper to taste 2 tbsp curry leaf infused oil with the crispy curry leaf Vegetables: 2 onions cut into rings 2 carrots cut into chunks 1 packet mushrooms cut into chunks Method: Marinate the chicken with all ingredients mentioned for a minimum of 30 min. Chop the vegetables and set aside. When you are ready to cook the chicken, preheat your oven at 200C. Place the chicken on a screaming hot griddle pan and let it char on either side before putting it into the oven for 45 minutes (depending on the size of the chicken - I do 30 min for drumsticks) In the remaining marinade mix in the veggies and grill in batches on the hot griddle pan - add some oil to help the process along. Add all the veggies to the grilling chicken in the last 10 minutes of the cooking time and leave the oven door open a little (block with a piece of aluminium foil between the oven and the door) to allow the steam to escape. Let the chicken rest for 15 minutes before devouring.

11 months ago

It’s amazing how beautifully labneh pairs with both sweet and savoury food. I used @puckarabia labneh in this Caramelised Honey, Fig and Pistachio dessert where it offers a beautiful salty balance against the sweetness of the figs and honey. And of course the pistachios offer some textural relief too! Plus, it’s super easy to make within a few minutes! #natural_and_delicious #puckarabia #riotofflavoursrecipe Ingredients 3 ripe figs, halved 1 tsp butter 3 tbsp honey a pinch of cinnamon 2-3 tbsp @puckarabia labneh 1-2 tbsp chopped pistachio Method In a pan, put in the butter till melted. Add the honey and let it caramelise well. Add a pinch of cinnamon. Put in the figs cut-side down and let them cook till lightly golden. Once they are done, place them on a plate and plop the labneh in the middle. Add the pistachios and drizzle the rest of the sauce over the entire dessert. Serve warm!

11 months ago

Snacks can be healthy too! I love to snack on vegetable sticks with a simple labneh dip - what a great natural snack. You get the goodness of vitamins from the veggies and the probiotics from the labneh! And sometimes flavour adds some fun to it! This recipe uses @PuckArabia Labneh with chilli and herbs along with za’atar roasted carrot sticks! A combo made in heaven! #natural_and_delicious #riotofflavoursrecipe

1 year ago

I think I’m in love with the @puckarabia Four Cheese Sauce. It’s super easy to use and makes some recipes even easier to make - especially when you don’t have fancy cheese at hand! Take for instance this corn and spinach frittata that I made recently. Dotted with some beef pepperoni, I whisked in some Puck Four Cheese Sauce to make one of the easiest breakfasts or quickest lunches ever! #TheSauceSecret #puckarabia #sponsoredpost #lovecreatingrecipes #recipecreation #riotofflavoursrecipe

1 year ago

#DalDivas - a day dedicated to dals! How is it possible that no one thought of this before? Dal is one of my greatest loves! No matter how many places I may love to visit and the various cuisines I love to experiment with, when I need a warm hug, I always come back to Dal Chawal. ‪Dals I love: Dali Thoy (Konkani), Dal Gosht (Bohri), Dal Fry (The Pakistani version made of Chana dal), Maa Ki Dal (black dal), Amti (maharashtrian/Konkani), Sambhaar (my mom’s version is the best!), my own double tadka dal. Celebrate #DalDivas ‬on January 25th and put up pics, recipes and posts of your own favourite dal recipes! #indianfooddays #indianfood #dal #lentils #indianfoodblogger #dubaifoodblogger #riotofflavoursrecipe #culinaryblogger #culinaryblog

1 year ago

I came to know about the Bohra style Patveliya Gosht much later in my married life. And, the very idea of putting two of my favourite ingredients together is just so fascinating! I made this in a simple gravy. Here in Dubai, getting colocasia leaves (the leaves used to make Patveliya or Patra) is quite difficult - and the tinned version from @mothers.recipe is much more easily available. As a result I went with that. I cut up the tinned Patveliya into chunks and fried them in a bit of oil in the pressure cooker - I then took them out and sautéed the masala for the Mutton, added the meat pieces, cooked it completely and then added the Patveliya back into the mixture cooked it down and bit and served it hot. The first step ensured that the besan mixture from the Patveliya added flavour into the gravy from the beginning. As a result it imparted a sweet, sour flavour to the robust curry. A lovely rendition of a curry - if I may say so. #bohrafood #bohracuisine #indianfood #indiancuisine #curry #riotofflavoursrecipe #muttoncurry #uaebloggers #culinaryblogger #culinaryblog #indianfoodblogger #f52heat

1 year ago

I love experimenting with fresh vegetables in different ways. So, I picked up these gorgeous baby carrots, roasted whole garlic till it was soft and sweet and so delicious, and put them together with a shortcrust crumble base. I mashed the roasted garlic with Puck Thick Cream to create one of the most amazing elements in the dish. The velvety texture and mild flavour of the cream was a perfect accompaniment to the garlic. In fact, that's what makes it ideal for both sweet and savory dishes. Check out what cream works best with your recipe by checking the link in my profile. #AmazeWithCreams #brandcollaboration #puckarabia #riotofflavoursrecipe #culinaryblogger #culinaryblog #uaebloggers #dubaifoodblogger

1 year ago

Sometime ago, #ChutneyDay (introduced by @rushinamg) was being celebrated in India - and while I couldn’t contribute as such, I did write a long ode to my Mum’s Lashne Chitni (Konkani for Garlic Chutney) and my childhood obsession with it. If you read it on Facebook or Twitter - you’ll know what I’m talking about! I finally made the chutney - made of dry coconut, chillies (I used the traditional Karnataka Byadgi), lots of garlic and dry mango powder! I let it sit for one night and the moment I opened the dabba, I was instantly transported back to my childhood when I’d sneak into the kitchen and eat spoonfuls of it! Then, I promptly ate it with bread and butter! Delicious! The recipe is up on the blog - go check it out - link in profile! #chutneyday #chutney #indianfood #riotofflavoursrecipe #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger #dubaifoodbloggers #uaebloggers #indianfoodbloggers #chitrapursaraswat #chitrapursaraswatcuisine #csb

1 year ago

I love a good apple or chicken pot pie! A few months after I came to Dubai, I was craving a good chicken pot pie and the one I finally got to eat was an apology to the dish. So I proceeded to make it quite a few times, always trying to better my previous effort. I made this yesterday and it was delicious! The crust was perfectly crumbly, the filling was just the right bit of chicken and mushroom umami, spices and the freshness of bright green parsley. Do you make any dish that you haven’t found a better (and more affordable) version of outside? Tell me all about it. (Ps. I make my own cakes for that reason too) #dubaifoodbloggers #riotofflavoursrecipe #chickenpie #partyfood #uaebloggers #culinaryblogger #culinaryblog #pie #food52

1 year ago

This post was reposted using #theinstasaveapp ・・・ " #Repost @riotofflavours ・・・ Need a fun and easy lunch box idea to make your kids for back to school? This bunny lunch box is perfect, especially for kids who love sweet and savoury flavors! Try it out or share your own packed lunch ideas on the hashtag #PackedWithLove, for a chance to win $10,000 towards your kid's school fees! Check out @mykitchenvibes for a new lunch box idea tomorrow. #riotofflavoursrecipe #puckarabia #puckcreamcheese #backtoschool #packedwithlove #uaebloggers"

1 year ago

Eggs - I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like eggs. And I hope I dont😱. I love eggs and can eat them everyday - I literally do! And one of my favourite recipes is the one my mother had taken from our neighbour back when we were kids. Don’t you love such recipes? Our neighbour was a Bengali lady who used to make some delicious food! I still remember her Macher Chops! So when Amma tasted her Egg Curry - she took the recipe and it then became a family favourite. I have documented the recipe in one of my old posts on the blog. Sharing the link in my profile since @instagram still doesn’t allow direct linking! If you try it or have tried it, let me know your feedback! #riotofflavoursrecipe #throwback #dubaifoodbloggers #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger #eggcurry #indianfood #eggrecipes

2 years ago

Yesterday was one of those days when I needed a clean meal - especially before what would be nothing less than a feast today to celebrate the Bohri New Year (30 items and counting!)! So I made a simple meal of grilled chicken with a peri peri and garlic spice rub on top of some silky cauliflower purée, with sautéed vegetables! A perfect meal! In contrast, lunch today is a masala Khichdi 🙈. #riotofflavoursrecipe #dubaifoodbloggers #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger #grilled #grilledchicken #dinnerideas #foodblogger #uaebloggers #indianfoodbloggers

2 years ago

Garnishes are so important! They can literally make a dish sing if done just right. I love using coriander leaves in most of my curries and dals, but once in a while I go left of centre and try something out. I use a lot of Kasuri Methi (dried fenugreek) in the tempering for my dal or just rubbed between my hands on top of a curry, or slivers of fresh ginger and chillies which go a long way. I don't remember where I first saw this but from the time I started making chole (chickpea curry), I've loved garnishing it with onion rings lightly pickled in lime juice as they just start going blush pink. The texture of the onions completely changes and they become so delicious as they soak in the curry juices. Super delicious! What's your favourite garnish? #dubaifoodbloggers #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger #riotofflavoursrecipe #uaebloggers #foodblogger #indianfood #indianfoodblogger #indianfoodbloggers #indiancuisine #sundaydinner

2 years ago

My relationship with Upma is certainly defined as love and hate! As a child I disliked Upma (a savoury semolina dish), but every time my parents would make it, I'd try to improve the flavour with a sprinkling of sugar and soon that became something I craved - the sweet and savoury combination! It took a while for me to perfect this dish and ensure that it has the right flavour and fluffiness and taste quotient! I think I've finally got it! Presenting my fluffiest Upma ever with the goodness of melon, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, topped with deliciously spicy roasted avarekalu (or hyacinth bean or Vaal in konkani) that @meghaanthony got back from Bangalore! #indianfood #snack #15minrecipe #uaebloggers #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger #riotofflavoursrecipe

2 years ago

If you visit any temple in South India - the offering given to all devotees is a sweet and often this dish called Sundal in bowls fashioned out of dried leaves. A simple preparation of chana or chickpeas flavoured with curry leaves and lots of fresh coconut. Often, the perfume of camphor and other incense in the temples permeates into the dish giving it a unique flavour. Today, I made this for lunch and it was delicious! The sweetness of the fresh coconut against the savoury flavour of tempered chickpeas makes for a heady combination! Head to my #instastories for the process and the recipe is as follows: 1 cup chickpeas (soaked overnight and cooked with salt and green chillies) 1 tbsp oil 1 tsp mustard seeds A pinch of asafoetida or hing 1/2 tsp cumin seeds 1/2 tsp urad dal 3-4 dried red chillies A handful of curry leaves Salt to taste 1/3 cup fresh grated coconut In a wok/Kadhai, put the oil and heat it. Then add the mustard seeds, cumin seeds and urad dal. Once it splutters, add the red chillies and curry leaves. Now put in the cooked chick peas and sauté well. Adjust the salt and once it all comes together, garnish generously with the fresh sweet coconut. Serve hot! #uaebloggers #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger #riotofflavoursrecipe #southindian #coconut

2 years ago

I am now pretty obsessed with these #instastoryrecipes - so as I pondered on what to make for lunch, I couldn't resist documenting it here! The plan changed from a salad to a cauliflower steak with a mushroom-pepper sauce and I ended up with a Cauliflower Steak with Sautéed Balsamic Mushrooms and a Cauliflower Purée. Oh and I added some of the White Truffle Oil I brought back from Bergamo, Italy and it is Heaven! Head over to my insta stories for the recipe and I'll soon put it up on the blog too! #instastoryrecipe #cauliflowerpuree #cauliflower #vegetarian #mushrooms #riotofflavoursrecipe #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger #uaebloggers

2 years ago

I don't like bananas as it is - and neither do I like sweet savoury food! But like everything there is an exception - and for me it is these savoury banana fritters that are just super easy to make and are a complete comfort dish for me (nostalgic for my childhood). This recipe is sweet and salty with a kick of spice and is delicious! The recipe is as follows: - 2 firm bananas (not over ripe) - 4 tbsp rice flour - 1.5 tsp chilli powder - salt to taste - oil to shall fry Process: Split the banana length wise and halve it. Coat it gently in the mixture of rice flour, chilli and salt and fry off in the oil! Be careful while turning them over - heat makes them go soft! Devour and thank me later! #uaebloggers #culinaryblogger #culinaryblog #banana #riotofflavoursrecipe #instarecipe #lodgecastiron

2 years ago

Chicken and cheese – a match made in heaven! Here’s a twist on this classic combination with fresh herbs and garlic! A roulade is tricky but quite simple to make once you get the hang of it. I stuffed these with baby spinach and Puck’s new Cheddar Cheese Spread - what a heady combination of flavors! Try this ideal party pleaser, which is as much a gourmet appetizer as it is finger food! Find the full recipe on the link in my bio. #شيداراكثر #EverydayChef #puckarabia #puckcheddarcheese #riotofflavoursrecipe #foodblogger #uaebloggers #chickenandcheese

2 years ago

The food of our childhood, our heritage is what defines us, nourishes us, and fills our heart with warmth. For any Indian - nothing is more heartwarming than the combination of Dal (lentils) and rice! Whether they are made separately or in a khichdi - this is the epitome of comfort food...Check out my #instastories on how to make a simple Dal Khichdi and watch the blog for the full recipe! Link in profile. Special thanks to @amritaoflife for the beautiful ceramic Kadhai! #uaebloggers #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger #instarecipe #instastoryrecipe #dalkhichdi #comfortfood #indianfood #homecooked #riotofflavoursrecipe

2 years ago

There is so much soul in local ingredients. These Date & Za'atar Roasted Carrots are a true reflection of this! The carrots were bought at the last day of @farmersmarketme and the date syrup and Za'atar were bought at a local Iranian roastery. This was topped with the brilliant Ashed Goat's Cheese from @deenaorganicfarmdairy . The sweet, syrupy and strong date and Za'atar Flavours gave the carrots so much oomph! And the funky cheese just rounded it all off so beautifully! This is just one of the Mediterranean-inspired dishes @amritaoflife and I conceptualised at our cookup today. Photo by @ishaaqp #riotofflavoursrecipe #uaebloggers #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger #appetizer #vegetarianfood #glutenfree

2 years ago

A good Misal is a perfect balance of spicy and tangy with a thin layer of oil on the surface! It is usually served with some Farsan (fried snacks), raw onions, coriander and a dash of lime! And all that gorgeous gravy is mopped up with Pav (a special kind of bread)! Originating in Maharashtra (Kolhapur, Pune and Nasik are famous for their Misal), the farsan is a Gujarati influence while the Pav is definitely a Western addition! I am proud to say that my first attempt was almost successful (it wasn't as spicy as it should've been). #misalpav #culinaryblogger #culinaryblog #uaebloggers #riotofflavoursrecipe #maharashtrianfood

2 years ago

As a child I was constantly intrigued by new recipes. The first time I saw the recipe for chhole masala on TV, I knew I had to make it. I must have been all of 12 years old. Shift to my hostel life and one Sunday I decided that I wanted to make a dish for the entire hostel - and chhole it was! This is probably the first recipe I learned to make and can literally make blindfolded! Funnily it is still not up on my blog! That shall be rectified soon! #chhole #chickpeas #northindiancuisine #indianfood #indiancuisine #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger #uaebloggers #riotofflavoursrecipe

2 years ago

There was a time when Sunday mornings in Mumbai were carefree, brunch was the best meal eaten and the world of South Mumbai was open for us to explore. That's when @freespirit_25 and I would visit Cafe Ideal at Girgaon Chowpatty for a scrumptious meal. And during our very first visit, we discovered Schezwan eggs! Boiled eggs tossed in vegetables and Schezwan sauce - a typical Indo-Chinese dish! This morning brought back all those memories when the idea of revamping some boiled eggs resulted in these delicious Schezwan eggs! Btw - have you checked out my revamped blog? Don't forget to visit! Link also in profile #eggs #dubaifoodblogger #homecooked #riotofflavoursrecipe #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger #uaebloggers #indochinese #schezwan

2 years ago

There's so much you can do with potatoes - convert them into a silken mash, crush and roast for a crispy buttery dish, make it into a curry or even add it to other vegetables for a delicious element. And then there are baby potatoes - small little nuggets that absorb amazing flavour! Picked these beauties from @farmersmarketme and converted them into spicy baby potatoes with a caramelised base of onions, garlic, chillies, curry leaves, and lots of spices and finished with a dash of fresh coriander (again from the farmers market)! Try it! #babypotatoes #potatoes #saute #indian #spices #uaebloggers #culinaryblogger #culinaryblog #riotofflavoursrecipe

2 years ago

*Recipe link on the profile* Last minute inspirations are the best. Just yesterday, I was sorting out the grocery in the fridge and realised that I have so many vegetables - looks like this will be a #meatfreeweek. Turns out I had some leftover brown rice and mushrooms that were on their way out. So I stuffed these gorgeous red peppers. Filled them with brown rice sautéed with butter, garlic, onions and chilli and brown mushrooms. Smoked paprika and spicy paprika were the only spices here. Finally, I mixed in some truffle Gouda! Baked for half an hour in a 200 degree oven and a full meal was ready! #vegetarian #mealforone #culinaryblog #culinaryblogger #uaebloggers #riotofflavoursrecipe #glutenfree