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4 hours ago

This week I’ve been so busy working on perfecting the plan for my business and direction I want my artwork to take. It can be quite the maddening process! That said, I think it should be. I want to be that professional that goes the extra mile and works harder and puts more thought into how she’s capturing your memories. I’ve also been working on the design for an inspiration shoot in Utah! I think it’s important to do what brings you joy and choosing gowns, florals, and creating original ideas for styled shoots seriously makes my heart sing. Here is an example of a shoot I put together in Salem, MA. I’m very proud of the subtle design theme I chose for this (diamond-shaped windowpanes of historic homes and meeting houses—you can see the diamond pattern theme extends to this @bhldn gown.) I think it’s also important to do styled shoots to show your taste and style. This is why I typically do my own shoot ideas when I can, rather than paying for a workshop styled shoot where you’re photographing someone else’s design, lighting, and oftentimes posing. I prefer to show what I myself am capable of without anyone else setting it up for me. This way, I am being honest about my abilities and have zero problem with adding these editorials to my portfolio, as I have done all the hard work. This is how I hope to attract my people. 😁 💜 Anyway, I hope that was interesting to read a bit about the “why” I put together my own styled shoots. It is definitely a ton of work and there are never any guarantees (much like on a real wedding day!) I am attending the Apollo workshop this March, though to perfect my ability to shoot film with artificial light (like at receptions). I can’t wait! That’s a skill a wedding photographer cannot be without for sure. If you’re going, too say hi! I’m nice in person, too. 😆🥰 Creds: Designer/Host: Ashley Noelle Edwards Instagram: @ashleynoelleedwards Model: Michelle & Jay @mspurephotography Hair/Makeup: Pretty Wife Beauty @prettywifebeauty Calligraphy/Paper Art: Wild Hearts Calligraphy @wildheartscalligraphy Florals: Mignon Floral Co @mignonforalco Gown: BHLDN Ring: Antique French Estate Ring box: Antique Tiffany & Co at Salem, Massachusetts

12 hours ago

Q: Can we bring our dogs to our engagement session? A: Please don’t not bring your dogs to your engagement session. at Jupiter, Florida

12 hours ago

Congratulations to T & D, it's been a few months but time sure has flew by! So grateful for couples that trust in my vision and go above and beyond for photos that rally matter. You only get one chance and you guys definitely took advantage of it. Miss you guys! . . . Event planner: @jenniferlauradesign Stationary: @olivesaintlily at The Creative Chateau

15 hours ago

I’m not sure which day you’re supposed to do these things, but I’m going to share a bit about myself here today.   #whynotwednesday My name is Adam and I am half of the Blueberry team.  When I’m not using a camera, you can find me crunching numbers ( #personalfinancenerd), watching all sorts of soccer, in a hot tub, and/or trying to convince my wife to go to a kitten adoption drive. I’m the youngest of 8 siblings and I have too many nieces and nephews to count.  In fact, my oldest niece just had a baby so I’m now a great uncle!   #UncleAdam I have a BA in Film Studies from UNCW and have been working full-time in production of some sort for 12 years.  Austin and I started Blueberry Creative in May of 2011. Last year, we launched @blueberrycommercial as the official home for our commercial work and it has been gratifying to see that side of our business grow. When I was in college, I was the manager of my parent’s neighborhood bar.  That experience was huge because I got to learn the ins and outs of a business.  The payroll.  The overhead.  The taxes and insurance.  The inventory.  Branding.  Client experience.  So much.  But more than that, I got to spend lots of time with my dad.  Learning from him and strengthening our relationship.  He passed away a little over a year ago and life has not been the same since. In that same year, I married Leanne — this past April.  I can’t imagine where I’d be right now without her. 📷: @leannehaskinsphotography at @engagesummits at Cabo San Lucas - Cabo

16 hours ago

Legacy, by definition, is a gift by will of money or personal property. I think of it also as a gift but a gift of character, history, and a sense of being fully known. Story telling and understanding where you've come from is a major piece of that gift. This is why I love the show @nbcthisisus SO much. The story telling is phenomenal. We learn more and more about the history of the parents, the grandparents, and the seemingly tiny actions and words that alter not only the individual's course but in turn generations to come. I think about my family and the many stories I've heard and photos I've seen over the years that allow me to piece together a beautifully imperfect family history. No one's legacy is perfect nor without flaw. But it's helped create the individuals we are today. Please share a photo and story with me that is precious to you. A photo that portrays your family's legacy or the story you want to share with your children and grandchildren. Tag me and use the hashtag #legacyLHP to share!! __________ #leannehaskinsphotography #wilmingtonncphotographer #wilmingtonncfamilyphotographer #wilmingtonncmaternityphotographer #wilmingtonncnewbornphotographer #filmphotography #richardphotolab #shootitwithfilm #filmisnotdead #filmwins #thefountcollective #theartofbeingamother #motherhoodunplugged #thebump #thebumpmag #savefamilyphotos #mothermag #thefamilycollective #dpmagfaves #dearphotographer_mag #clickmagazine #letsclicksoc #lemonadeandlenses #familiesonfilm #babiesonfilm

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Time to upload some colour work to my profile. This shot was taken when I first got into medium format photography and is of my dear friend @daisyloreleikent. It was taken in lovely golden hour light with a gold reflector. What made this shot more impressive to me was the age of the film. Film generally has an expiry date. This film was 12 years expired and the image still came out beautifully. The detail obtained by the film is always breath taking to me. Taken using a Mamiya RZ67 with a 180mm f 4.5 lens and expired Fujifilm 160 nps #photography #portraitphotography #goldenhour #film #filmphotography #mamiyarz67 #c41 #richardphotolab at Cirencester Park

18 hours ago

Learn to take amazing film photos in any lighting situation + how to get your dream scans at RICHARD'S FILM BOOT CAMP with special guest teacher @carolinetran! This one-day workshop is the best of film photography and lab education wrapped into one... get a hands-on shooting experience, scan your own film, and learn the mysteries of the lab. Plus, free film from our friends at @kodakprofessional! Learn more and register here: (link in bio) . . . #richardphotolab #filmscan #analogphotography #filmprocessing #filmcommunity #keepfilmalive #profilmlab #filmshooter #analogphotog #filmgrain #onfilm #filmwins #filmworkshop #richardsfilmbootcamp #filmbootcamp

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only one trip out of a handful will present you with all the factors.⁣ ⠀⠀⁣ good weather, stunning views, interesting stories, beautiful wildlife and good people. and then timing. timing is the x factor. ⁣ ⠀⠀⁣ a flame tree in the morning mist, caught in a small window of bloom. ⁣ ⠀⠀⁣ October 31, 2018 | Chyulu Hills, Kenya⁣ Kodak Ektar 100 | Hasselblad 501C

22 hours ago

Gloomy days make me dream of lands far away. Take me back to that English countryside with rolling fields of green, cobblestone roads and roadside pubs with all the bangers and mash you can handle. Where do you’re dreams take you? . . As seen on @thewhitewren Planning & design: @spellevents @cmartcelebrations Venue: @weddingweekends Cake: @enchanting_cake Rentals: @latavolalinen @anthropologie Invitation suite: @afineflourish Dress: @mirrormirrorcouture Florals: @willowgoldflowers Ribbon: @tonoandco Jewlery: @margaretrowe @susiesaltzman @emmakatzkabridal Veil: @sheamariedesigns Hair/makeup: @adorneartistry Suit: @theblacktux Bridesmaids: @bellabridesmaids Lingerie: @bhldn Shoes: @bellabelleshoes Lab: @richardphoto #kellyhornbergerphotography #khpdestination #filmsupplyclub #richardphotolab #fineartfilmphotographer #fineartweddingphotographer #fujifilm #fuji400h #oxfordwedding #londonwedding #londonweddingphotographer #internationalweddingphotographer #destinationweddingphotographer #joiepaix #joiepaixworkshops #thewhitewrencollaborative at Oxford, Oxfordshire

1 day ago

I’ve already had just the most amazing and productive week. After a session with dear Elizabeth of @andthrive on Monday, I could feel my plans for 2019 start to takes shape. It was if I had all these scattered bits of colorful yard spread out on a table and during our chat we started to pull them together into a beautiful braid. It’s not braided yet, but the wisps are gathered. And then yesterday, another marathon Skype session with always, always leaves me so inspired. I try not to be sad that was missed so many years being this close and just sink into the awe that she even wants to be friends with me. She truly is the most generous person, and so, so good at getting right to the heart of the thing. I know I wouldn’t be here, standing at the window ready to wipe the fog off and look out, without her. We have lots of plans, together and separately, in the coming months, and I can’t wait to tell you more! #ishootfilm #bleakhouseadventures at Devon - United Kingdom

1 day ago

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” ~Diane Mariechild Florals: @nancyliuchin at Sutro Heights Park

1 day ago

For the trip to Arizona, I packed the essentials: clothes, toiletries, film, film camera... Little did I know that it would cause some delay getting through security. Yikes. I had read so much about getting my backpack hand-checked, and that it’d be fine! However, when they wiped the film camera, apparently there was a hazardous residue on it which sounded an alarm 😓 Thankfully, everyone was super nice as they dumped my bag and patted me down. The TSA guy told me afterwards that the X-rays for carry-on bags actually don’t affect film less than 800 ISO, so that’s really nice to know in the future. Even though this situation made me so nervous, I now know what to expect the next time! Film scan by @richardphotolab #sbfilmjourney - - - #yearofjoy #filmphotography #inthesky #flyinghigh #sunsetinthesky #jetsetter #travel #ladieswhotravel #fineartphotographer #abmtravelbug #girlswhotravel #dametraveler #femaletraveler #lbgworkcation #darlingscapes #femmetravels #wheretofindme #liveauthentic #authenticliving #travelingforthefirsttime #firsttimetraveler #abmtravelbug #portra400h #fujifilm #fujiphoto #canoneos3 #filmcamera #richardphotolab at Atlanta International Airport-Delta Airlines

2 days ago

Jessica & Julien post ceremony, sealed with a kiss on the nose ✨

3 days ago

With Valentines right around the corner I am planning another fun weekend for you gorgeous ladies. I only have a couple spots left for a day of pampering and shooting all things boudoir for the one you love. Don’t miss out!!! Feb 1st & 3rd. @ the St. Regis. PM me ASAP to get your spot and all the details! Lab: @richardphotolab Film: @filmsupplyclub @kodak #kellyhornbergerphotography #fineartweddingphotographer #fineartfilmphotographer #weddingphotographer #luxurywedding #destinationweddingphotographer #richardphotolab #filmsupplyclub #kodak #texasweddingphotographer #aspenweddingphotographer #dcweddingphotographer #contax645 #embracemagazine

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3 top faves at the moment: planning spring break and summer family trips, beautiful upcoming boudoir shoots, and watching our boys run around on the basketball courts-- fellow trip planning lovers, unite! Where will the road/skies take you this year?? . . 📷: the amazing @benfinch, a sweet new friend from @engagesummits ❤️ #kellyhornbergerphotography #fineartweddingphotographer #fineartfilmphotographer #weddingphotographer #luxurywedding #destinationweddingphotographer #richardphotolab #filmsupplyclub #kodak #texasweddingphotographer #aspenweddingphotographer #dcweddingphotographer #contax645 #becauseofengage