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화장실이 찾아 뛰어다니다, 발아파져서 짜증난 상태로 배에 올라탔는데🙃 노 몇번 휘적휘적하자마자 세상신남〰️💋❤️ 모두가 평화로웠던 이곳🙌🏻 #여행기록 #신혼 #신혼부부 #유럽여행 #스페인여행 #스페인 #마드리드 #레티로공원 #호수공원 #spain #madrid #Retiropark #picnic #🌿

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Nueva colección con tonos naturales , figuras únicas trenzadas a mano. @EsBareke trae diseños con auténticas joyas con baño en oro y plata, piezas con libertad de expresión y alegría de una región 🇨🇴 at Barcelona, Spain

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8 Photos of El Retiro Park (Parque de El Retiro) which means; ("Park of the Pleasant Retreat") - is one of the largest parks of the city of Madrid, Spain. The park belonged to the Spanish Monarchy until the late 19th century, when it became a public park. If you are ever in Madrid, this park is just glorious! It’s beautiful and peaceful. I could stroll through it all day! It’s truly magnificent! TO SEE MORE PICS AND TEAD A BIT IF THE HISTORY OF THE PARK , see my blog #spain #spain🇪🇸 #caminodesantiago #hike #hiking #hikingadventures #hikingdan #madrid #retiropark #park at Parque El Retiro, Madrid España

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Madrid memories from the weekend with my gorgeous friends 💕 at Madrid, Spain

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Don't think, just write. This is the rule I followed while writing the articles for my blog.😊 Among 1000 things I googled regarding my newly published #travelblog , "how to write" wasn't one of them. I decided to just go with the flow and have fun with it. Tbh, I always hated writing and never thought it could give me any pleasure. I think my hatred started in middle school and for sure was continued later on. My sister reminded me lately, when I had an essay to write, my whole family, including my dog, was stressed.😛 I was just moaning about it for an eternity and spending hours on the empty piece of paper trying to come up with any useful words. It really was hell. It probably also had to do with the fact, that I really didn't like my high school Polish teacher (because I'm Polish😊) and I'm sure he didn't like me. Polish lessons were always super unpleasant. I wanted to write funny, but actually it's really sad how a bad teacher at school can successfully discourage you from a certain subject or activity and leave this "mark" in your brain forever. Because, grading your essay poorly and not giving any feedback, is, in my opinion bad teaching. Plus, the only useful thing I learned in school about writing was, that everything should always have an introduction, main body and a summary. So that's why I write in English now. It's something my teacher couldn't grade. 😀 haha No, of course not because of that, but I must say that I find writing in English easier. I have no idea why. And obviously it's not a Shakespeare kind of writing, I still go "Polish-English" (I call it Penglish) a lot and probably every writing critic would...criticise it 😛 but it's so much fun to "compose" an article, especially in a semi funny kind of way. . So please guys, if you haven't checked out my new blog yet, the link IN MY BIO. Don't be shy and have a look.😊 And please subscribe to my Newsletter. I promise, I won't spam you.🙂 . Did you have bad teachers when you were in school? . 📸@trafffel ----- #spain #madrid #retiro #palaciodecristal #spaintravel #madridlife #ilovemadrid #elparquedelretiro #retiropark #discovermadrid #travelblogger #newtravelblog #girltravel at Madrid, Spain

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Retiro Park - ein schöner Ort zum Entspannen und Erholen. Der Parkanlage hat einiges zu bieten: Seen mit Bootsverleih,  botanischer Garten, Museum, Monumente und Brunnen ⛲ Ganz gemütlich haben wir den Tag mit Sonnenbaden und einer Bootstour im Park verbracht 🌄 ------------ Wenn aus einem Traum Wirklichkeit wird! #spain #madrid #retiropark #garden #relax #lake #boathire #summer #sun #followyourdreams #aroundtheworld #travel #love #happy #weltreise #worldtrip #traveldiary #wonderfulplaces #roadtrip #worldtraveler #travellife #reiseliebe #adventure #instagood #reisenmachtglücklich #photooftheday #beautiful at Retiro Park,Madrid