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6 days ago

ADOPT SERENA Bangalore One-eyed, 8-year old, female Boxer A social media & an #influencer Football celebrity Goofy Affectionate Wriggly dancer Wonderful kisser A stoic survivor Named for her courage and stoicism, Serena’s a special dog with medical needs (regurgitating valves of the heart and renal fibrosis). But that don’t cramp her delightful ability to love, play and be a companion to the humans around her! She will thrive in a home that can nourish and care solely for her. Feel a tug? Call or message 9900148581/ 9845013827 for more information. . Please share & help us get Serena home ❤️ . . #serena #fosteringsaveslives #boxersofinstagram #adoptdontshop #footballstar #opttoadopt #boxersofbangalore #serenatheboxer #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedboxer #rescueboxer #boxersofinsta #boxersofindia #rescuedogs #rescued #rescueddogs #rescuedontshop #rescue #rescueonly #rescuemutt at Bangalore, India

8 days ago

Mama went to #westcoastboxerrescue yesterday and walked some deserving pups. I don’t really like sharing my mama too much but I will cause they deserve the good life too! If interested in these dogs please check out link in our bio. Pictured is Luke Perry and Roxy. #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedboxer #boxersofinstagram #boxerdoglovers #instaboxer #boxersofinsta #boxerlove #rescuedogs #love #flashyfawnboxer #flashybrindleboxer #boxerboy #boxergirl #boxerkisses #boxerpuppy #boxerdogs_ig #boxerdogfans #boxer🐶 #boxerrescue #rescuedogs #rescuedboxer at West Coast Boxer Rescue

1 month ago

Princess Kelly has an ear infection. She was allergic to the first medication we tried. She's always had itchy skin but it is getting worse. The doc drew blood for allergy tests, gave her an antibiotic injection, new medicated ointment for her ears and soquel. Hoping we get to the bottom of the allergy mystery soon. #rescuedboxermix #rescuedboxer #allergiessuck #dogallergies

2 months ago

This dog knows she can only go on the green chair, however she will not go on it alone. Usually I only sit on it when I have my tea... well Brooke saw me bring my tea into the living room and went straight to our meeting place. #lovemyfurbaby #rescuedboxer #smartdog #boxersofinstagram

2 months ago

After lots of recent Sunday walks, I’ve noticed that Lyra is often looked at as scary or considered aggressive. People will put their dogs on leads when they see her, or avoid walking by her. She’s not vicious or scary at all so I thought for the sake of her being socialised and having other dog buddies, I’d get her a fancy new “friendly” harness! She also has a new “nervous” lead because sometimes she can be a big wimp #spoiltpuppy #ilovemydog #rescuedog #rescuedboxer #whiteboxer

3 months ago

My new Dad’s lap + my big booty are going to be best friends.

3 months ago

ABR - NOG Nog. What a wonderful name for a Boxer. Nog. And what a wonderful Boxer he is. Some say he’s 8, some say he’s 6, but he’s mature enough to avoid any conflict with the dominant female in the home, and young enough to play with the 6 month old puppy at length. Teaching that puppy how to dog is important work, as is knowing how to maintain order in the pack and the home. Nog is pretty smooth. He is heartworm negative, gentle and sweet. He doesn’t get on furniture, but he will lean on his foster mom for pets and rubs as long as she’ll allow. He’s getting pretty good at walking on a leash and he does fine in his crate and in the house. Just say “kennel” and Nog trots on in for dinner or bedtime. He’s a very handsome brindle guy with a white chest, white paws and white nose. He’d be a great family dog, well behaved, even keeled, confidently low key. And what a great name, Nog. If you would like to adopt this handsome easy going guy please fill out an adoption application for him (link to our website on BIO) . . . . . #ABR #austinboxerrescue #rescueboxer #rescuedboxer #austinboxers #austinboxerowners #auatinboxerlovers #boxersofinstagram #brindle #adoptdontshop at Austin, Texas

3 months ago

So just when you think you have done every single thing possible you find out you missed something. Maggie has had so many labs and tests but the one she didn’t have was the one she needed. Today Maggie has a snap test and she tested positive for ehrlichia which is tick borne disease. Luckily it is a very treatable disease and she has started treatment. It explains in part her inability to produce enough red blood cells. We also did an ultrasound and found she has an enormous gallbladder-not secreting for digestive purposes. She has started a long term med to break down sludge. Near her gallbladder she has a pocket of fluid, which they aspirated and we are sending that out and a small amount of fluid in her belly. We are also on antibiotics and pain meds for the wound on her foot which will hopefully heal with the use of her quad cart. Maggie is being placed on a strict diet of cooked chicken and liver. If anyone would like to cook either of these we would be ever so grateful. We are so pleased to finally have answers for Maggie so she can fully recover! This girl is a fighter, she has literally been thru more than any one of us could handle and yet she still wags her tail and gives kisses to every living breathing being!!! #MaggieIsLove #WeLoveMaggie #rescuedog #boxersofinstagram #boxerrescue #rescuedboxer

4 months ago

I’m so thankful Maggie is getting her cart this week. Her little leg cant take much more 😔 She is on antibiotics and pain meds, we have it wrapped for her but the only way for it to heal is for her not to walk on it. Thanks to Gunnar’s Wheels for hooking her up! #MaggieJo #boxer #rescuedboxer #boxersofinstagram #stopbreeding

4 months ago

#4 favorite from my 2018 Top 9 favorite things. Is.....this goofy guy right here! His name is Zapper and he is also a rescue. When we first met him, my daughter and I had volunteered to transport him from San Antonio to Austin. He was skinny, had a wound on his head and was so good and quiet while we drove. We dropped him off on a Friday and I kept thinking about him all weekend. So on Monday, I woke up, contacted the ABR foster coordinator and asked her if we could foster Zapper until he was adopted. It only took 4 days for us to know that he completed our family and by the end of the week he became a BON! #katiaforerophotography . . . #favoritethings #rescued #rescuedboxer #portraits #austinboxerrescue #austinboxerowners #austinportraitphotographer #austinpetphotographer #austinportraiture #adoptdontshop #iwasrescued #family #top9