Remoteaf Photos & Videos

9 days ago

Woke up to a rainbow. The next landmass beyond the waves breaking on the reef in the distance is somewhere in far northern Australia which is nearly 5 thousand miles away (or 20% of the circumference of the entire Earth) #remoteAF at Ahe Tuamotu

2 months ago

We went on a snowmobile to get away from the village lights to experience the northern ones without anything disturbing their dance. And oh, what a dance it was. I’ve been lucky enough to see the northern lights in several countries by now (Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Canada and Greenland), but to be honest every single time has its special moment. Every single time I’m amazed beyond what I could ever express in an Instagram caption. . #hotelsdotcom #remoteaf at Ittoqqortoormiit

2 months ago

A truly amazing experience. Go dog sledding in Greenland. If you genuinely wanna feel alive and in sync with being at one of the most remote places you could ever think of, this is probably one of the best ways to do it. So jump on those planes from wherever you are and land on the sled. It’s an adventure you’ll never forget. . Good times exploring Ittoqqortoormiit with @hotelsdotcom #hotelsdotcom #RemoteAF at Ittoqqortoormiit

2 months ago uncovers one of the world’s most remote hotels and it’s just incredible! Greenland for Christmas anyone? #RemoteAF at Greenland

2 months ago

Our get #RemoteAF campaign for @hotelsdotcom has gone GLOBAL, with coverage in 22 countries and counting!

2 months ago

Feeling for all the cold folks back home at Colombia

3 months ago

@jhossecruz started with a shorted/burned light module. He installed a used unit but unfortunately we still could not communicate with LM. We were able to diagnose remotely that no power was going to one of the pins. He ran a new power wire for LM power supply. We then performed all necessary coding/programming/FA/Vin change to match and be compatible with vehicle. Thank You Jhosse for trusting us 🙏🏼🔥 #E60 #528i #lightmodule #LM #Bm3 #bootmod3 #protuningfreaks #remote #remoteAF #blessed #thankyou #VIM #coded #therealbmwgenius #mybimmerbrain #bmw #bimmer #beamer #bmwusa #germany #europe #M5 #M4 #M3 #bmwm #iamirap

3 months ago

Why to wait for Christmas if you can go to one? :) _ Christmas (in Kiribati language pronounced Kirisimasi) is an exotic island in east Kiribati. Just 3 hours flight from Honolulu but it feels like a different world. _ It is called Christmas because Cook found it on Xmas day. On other hand, I have never seen an island so white. The ground is mostly a white coral. it is so white that it shines and sometimes, depending on the light, really looks like snow all around. _ #kiribati #christmas #christmasisland #whitebeach #sand #summerforever #christmastime #travel #wonderlust #sheisnotlost #exploretheworld #lonelyplanet #welltravelled #remoteaf at Christmas Island, Republic of Kiribati

3 months ago

Finally! Finally I can share my amazing experience I had about a month ago. In collaboration with @hotelsdotcom I went to the remote village of Ittoqqortoormiit in the north eastern part of Greenland! We stayed for five nights in the Ittoqqortoormiit Guesthouse - pretty epic and super remote. @hotelsdotcom will be picking up most of the tab if you fancy a #RemoteAF trip. - 📷 @wisslaren - Thank you for capturing the beauty of this little town - #greenlandpioneer #visitgreenland #remoteAF #ittoqqortoormiit #eastgreenland #housewithaview

3 months ago

Ittoqqortoormiit or just the front of a posh advent calendar? Still not sure, buds 😍❄️😍❄️😍 at Ittoqqortoormiit