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holy wow... at over 80 x 40 inches this is only half a moose spirit hide... a large animal, sometimes being as tall as six feet and weighing over half a ton.... the male moose can even have antlers that can be as long as five feet from one end to the other... mother moose can be frightening strong if they need to be... they mostly use their strength when their babies are in danger. In the right scenario, they can be just as scary as a mother bear who is trying to protect her cubs... one of the most obvious things that a moose animal totem symbolizes is strength and power. The sheer size of this animal gives it a certain prestige. This isn’t an animal that you want to upset. The strength of the male moose can also symbolize bravery and courage.... other traits are... Gentle, Strong, Brave, Dominating, Powerful, Courageous, Fast, Enduring, Agile, Communal, Graceful, Adaptive... x (((💜))) #customorder #drummaking #drumweaver #drumdreaming #drumbirth #healingdrum #moose #rawhide at Gabriola

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"...for light boats used to journey out of Wilderland down to Osgiliath, and still did so until a few years ago..." - Lord of the Rings, II:9. Tolkien wrote few specific descriptions of watercraft in Middle-earth. Might a rawhide-covered boat like this (handmade by a MERS member) have been used for trade and travel on the rivers and lakes of the late Third Age? #middleearthreenactmentsociety #boat #boatbuilding #hideboat #skinboat #skinonframe #leatherboat #traditionalboat #traditionalcraft #smallboat #woodenboat #buildyourownboat #rawhide #middleearth #middleearthrangers #bushcraft #primitiveskills #wildernessskills #optoutside #backtonature #medieval #tolkien #jrrtolkien #tolkientribe #tolkienquote #lordoftherings #wilderland #osgiliath #anduin #reenactment

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Thanks Allen Pogue!! Our book considered one of the best! In USA!

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You have to love what mcg kitchens have created in JPDs McDonald residences library/sitting area. Stunning cabinetry!!

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Naanii Gya Dagwiig (my grandmothers helper) • Today like many days, I am thinking of my Naanii T’aawxiigwulhl, my grandmother Lavina. All the things she did, and all the things she said. When she was a girl in residential school she said the kids were always hungry, so when she’d work in the kitchen she would sneak out the window and pick plums from a tree when they were ready and sneak them to all the girls in her dorm. Instead of letting residential school break her she became a warrior. For indigenous peoples, and for our children. She was on the forefront of reforming the foster care system to keep Indigenous children with a family member, in their community, or with someone from their nation. It took many years of her life to change things, but she never gave up. This was just one of the many good, tough things she did in her life. She told me that when she had to speak or felt she needed strength she would call on her Dagwiig, her spirit helper, the Thunderbird, to wrap its wings around her. When I have to do something that I know I only have one shot at, I think about being up in the air like a bird, looking down at my target, and then I dive. I am sharing this to encourage people to listen to their spirit. My Naanii did what was in her heart, and because she listened she truly knew herself and accomplished many things. My Naanii is on her new journey now, so I gave this drum to my Aawa for Mother’s Day. I hope this message helps someone ♥️🔥 • Raw hide drum, acrylic • #haida #haidagwaii #formline #northwestcoast #art #painting #acrylic #thunder # bird #thunderbird #whale #humpbackwhale #drum #handdrum #rawhide #painteddrum #indigenous #nativemade #nativeamerican #indigenousart #nativeamericanart #nativeart #BC #britishcolumbia #firstnations #handmade

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looks like real hide, because it is real hide - kentville kangaroo hide drumheads are 100% ethically sourced, sustainable and eco friendly... and the only bubbles you'll be getting will be little bubbles of love in your brain. 😍🤯🥁