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"Mayura" peacock inspired negative space piece. Still addicted to creating negative space artworks.🦚 at Perth, Western Australia

40 minutes ago

Thank you so much @nsalem53 I appreciate you so much!! Means the world to me when people support art definitely my art! Your a beautiful soul my g! Shout out to @nsalem53 people if it wasn’t for people like this it would be hard for for artist to create art! Support art people it’s important! #naqeesart #naqeespaintings #chicagoart #chicagoartist #buyart #420 #paintings #supportchicago #chicagoart #chicagoartscene #chicagofaces #chicagoevents #almosaic #rawartists #rawart #canvas #localartist #nasalem53 #chicagopeople #africanart #africanartist at Chicago, Illinois

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・ RAW artist showcase Impact in San Diego ・ ・ 🖤 "Focus" ❤️ choreo : @rad.moral ・ ・ Thank you for letting me be part of this amazing piece👠 You always give me new opportunity, and I always have fun when I dance your piece❤️ I was so glad to make great memories w/ these talented dancers🥰🥰 ・ @rawartists #rawartists #dance #sandiego #houseofblues at House of Blues San Diego

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1 hour ago

A grey cloud loomed above my head Brightness 33% There! You can't see it anymore. Sigh, what a dull day I've had. Contrast 17% Voila, dull is now dandy. What remains when you try refine the truth? A farce, perhaps. Seeing is believing, they say. Maybe they didn't have filters back then. - @fat_sparrows . You can get a print of this Illustration at the IMPACT by #RawAustralia Swipe ➡ for details.

1 hour ago

A grey cloud loomed above my head Brightness 33% There! You can't see it anymore. Sigh, what a dull day I've had. Contrast 17% Voila, dull is now dandy. What remains when you try refine the truth? A farce, perhaps. Seeing is believing, they say. Maybe they didn't have filters back then. -@fat_sparrows . You can get a print of this Illustration at the IMPACT by @rawaustralia Swipe ➡ for details

2 hours ago

Contest/Giveaway/Scavenger Hunt time!! Want an original artwork by me made especially for you?! Here's the guideline: 1. must be following to participate 2. repost/story this post or tag a friend that would be interested 3. There is a flower pattern in both images of this post--find all seven of my other posts that contain this pattern and drop a comment to let me know you found them 4. First to do those three steps gets an artwork made especially for them at Scranton, Pennsylvania

2 hours ago

El teatro es parte de mi. Está en mis venas, mi sangre; a menudo esa parte en mi me salva de ahogarme con mis propias emociones. ¡Viva el teatro! 🎭 . . Catarsis en la piel, Febrero 2019. Foto: @hazaelviveros 📸 @companiarespira | @rawartists | @rawartistsmexico | . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #rawartists #rawartistsmexico #performance #dance #teatro #theatre #actress #actresslife #actriz #blessed #compañiarespira #accion #perform #photography #photooftheday #tbt #thanksuniverse at WH

3 hours ago

✨✨✨✨✨✨ It’s getting closer and I’m so excited! Come and join me and help support my work @rawartists ✨✨✨✨✨✨ Over 50 Melbournian artists, performers, hair stylists, make up artists and musicians. June 6th Melbourne pavilion ✨✨✨✨✨✨ I really need your support! I have 14 tickets to sell. Just click on the link in my bio and go to the RAW tickets tab then shoot me a DM when you do so you can receive your galactic gift on the night! You can still purchase a ticket even if you can’t make it and I’ll post your astronomical products that are valued at over $40 😍 Your support is out of this world 🚀 ✨✨✨✨✨✨ at Planet Earth

3 hours ago

“The elegant art of dance is an unmatched measure of story telling. One makes you feel something by the movement of their body and how it flows. Dance is an underrated form of art, but it readily displays many forms in one.” at JPVisuals

4 hours ago

Tested this guy out at the show the other day but I wasn't satisfied. Does anyone else have a consistent yearning for more precise tools? . 📷: @jakecphoto

4 hours ago

Washington, DC!!! You can't buy tickets to a SOLD OUT @rawartists show!!!!! Its almost time and The @howardtheatre will be packed with so much amazing art, showcases and artists! This is that one show you don't want to miss! 🔥🔥🔥LINK IN BIO OR GO TO >> RAWARTISTS.ORG/SABRINASEOULDESIGNS . . Check out my #model @official_lindseydan on the flyer who will be there to meet and greet you! . . . . . . . . . #dmvevents #artist #dmvphotographers #dmvphotography #dmvmodels #rvaphotographers #fashionshow #thingstodoindc #rvamodels #rvanetworking #dmvnetworking #rvahairstlyist #rvamakeupartist #dmvfashion #dmvartist #dmvmeetandgreet #dmvstylist #dmvnightlife #rvanightlife #dmvdesigner #dmvfashiondesigner #dmvmakeup #dc #howardtheater #washingtodc #rawartists #dmvmodelnetwork #womenempowerment #rvafashiondesigner at The Howard Theatre

5 hours ago

On a roll with making Roach Clip Wands for 420! I’ll be set up at Cheeba Hut in San Diego ALL DAY tomorrow! Puff puff pass magically!

5 hours ago

These ladies killing it in their RagsBySmoove 🤗 shop these looks available on website now (link in bio) at Los Angeles, California

5 hours ago

I can honestly say this has been an amazing, unexplainable, self evaluating experience. Im a RAW artist ! & I couldn’t be more excited to be able to say that. I was able to display my work to hundreds of people. Also was able to do it with all local artist! Interacted with so many people of different ages & exchanged #s with many who were “WOW’d” by my work. I learned so much about myself & the experience as a whole! Thank you to everyone who made a purchase to support me. And also to the ones who attended the showcase! I am very thankful & blessed for u all! It was pretty fuckin dope to say the least. 📸💡🔥 at Ritz Raleigh

6 hours ago

Drip 💧 (3ftx3ft gallery canvas) | Another piece I'm showing on 4/27. Pull up & check me out along w a few other dope artists from the city! (Info on flyer ➡️) . S/o @thegalleriashops once again! 🍾

6 hours ago

looked like an air hostess last night, but felt like kid in a candy store 🍭✈️ #rawartists at Outer Space

7 hours ago

Follow your passions, be brave and put yourself out there. You never know how being your #raw self will change your life and the lives of others. Thank you everyone who came to the showcase, new friends and old. The conversations that my artwork opened up were simply incredible... my heart has been overflowing with gratitude 🙏 But really, there was no room for small talk here. Get real or get lost 😋💯 . . #artist #showcase #rawartists #raworangecounty #art #artwork #artsy #collection #gallery #artcurators #canvas #connect #love #gratitude #keepitreal #life #instaart #crystals #energy #healingart #gold #evileye #sacredgeometry #mixedmedia #creative #friends #family #happiness #followyourpassion at Mansion Costa Mesa

7 hours ago

BAD ASS BABES CLUB 👏🏻💘🌸🔥🦋 everyone’s welcome . . . . Feeling v sentimental and v thankful for such pretty friends! Can’t thank these beautiful girls enough for their time and their hair. I can’t stop staring at these pictures 🤤 thank you @rawartists for this amazing opportunity ✨ . #rawartists #rawshowcase #rawraleigh #localartist at Ritz Raleigh

7 hours ago

I had the pleasure of being a part of the @rawartists impact Chicago show. It was an incredible experience creating a head-to-toe look for four live models, focusing on hair and fashion. My models were called "The Lost Letters" based off of a fantasy I grew up with. I couldn't have done it without the talented @taylorannartistry doing a beautiful job on makeup and @shelby_connell who helped me create my hair vision (and became a model herself 😘!). The ones who helped really pull my vision together were my spectacular models @vanelsa1, @alexiabauerl, and @kmtl10 - you all killed it! Last, but not least, the amazing accessories were done by @ia.plus 😍

7 hours ago

On demand shirts now available over at cottonbureau.com just search ‘Savannah Buchanan’ for Hoodies + t-shirt’s of all sizes/colors 🎊@cottonbureau 4 designs up and more to be added! 😊 link in bio !

8 hours ago

Fire and ice is the perfect depiction between my office at work and the weather outside today. My office is like an ice box, boss man says there's something wrong with me. I dress like it's still winter until I hit the outdoors. Then I start de-layering. Does anyone else suffer from being cold ALL THE TIME? This lazy susan is now available on etsy, link in bio. . . . #art #artwork #painting #decor #interiorart #pourpainting #fluidart #fluidpainting #resin #resinart #resinpour #coastaldecor #fire #ice #art_gallery #art_spotlight #waves  #artforsale #interiordecorating #modernart #oceaninspired  #homedecor #kitchendecor #artistsoninstagram #rawartists #instaart #resinpainting #fluidart_daily #lazysusan #epoxyart

12 hours ago

BIG NEWS! Ladies and gents, I have been selected to be apart of RAW Artist's Omaha showcase, IMPACT, happening on Wednesday, May 22nd at the Sokol Auditorium from 6:30 pm to 11 pm!! Its one day only, a one day event, and I have a set goal to sell 20 tickets so that my booth is paid for and I can continue with RAW after this showcase! The tickets are $22.50 a ticket, but like I said, that will help pay for my booth! Any tickets sold after we reach 20 tickets, I will get half of the proceeds!! So, this is also a great way to sponser/support me in following my dream and taking this opportunity! So, if you would like to support me but can't make it, buying a ticket will also be greatly appreciated! For the tickets to count for me, follow this link and buy the tickets here!! https://rawartists.org/theheartsdesire I really really hope to see you there too! This is a BIG event and will have a LOT of artists from different areas, including performing arts and even a fashion show!! #rawartists #artshowcase #IMPACT #sokol #may22nd #20tickets #supportlocalartists

16 hours ago

Hey guys I'm attending a pop up artist show. It's in Omaha Nebraska May 22nd. Sokol theater. I'm really making this post for those of you who aren't local and won't be able to attend the show... I know a lot of people still want to buy a ticket and still want to support me. That means the world to me honestly but instead of just having you guys support me by buying a ticket to a show you can't even attend... I've decided, if you buy a ticket please let me know! I should also get an email but after that I will send you something in return😇 you know I'm not rich so not too much but a handwritten letter and maybe some of my sketches and Art/print. Just a little something so I can give back to you a little bit. I will ask you for your mailing address and we'll go from there. Thank you so so much every one of those people who genuinely wanted to support me and meant a lot to me that people cared😭 I am really appreciative of everything you've done for me throughout the years. The encouragement has meant a lot to me. Always have been so sweet and kind. And I hope you know that does not go unnoticed. So thank you for the support whether you buy a ticket or not. It still means a lot to me. In May I will make a video and go in-depth a little bit more about what's going on and what the tickets are for. And I'm thinking about making a vlog if I'm able to sell all 20 tickets. Again it would mean a lot to me. I appreciate everything! : #RAWomaha #RAWartists #RAWnaturalbornartists #RAWimpact