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18 minutes ago

I FINALLY got new boots. My old ones were starting to break in half on the soles and the seam across the top popped in half. I could see my socks. This time, I got a more expensive pair. Most of the time I get the cheap stuff and they get destroyed in 6 months. Now I have some new Tony Lamas! They are the first pair I've owned. Hopefully they last. Beware. Ill be singing the Tony Lama song...alot.. #tonylama #boots #yay #ranchlife #stylish

32 minutes ago

Meet The Man That Inspired Me To Become The Arena Director And Vice President Of The Tuttle Round Up Club In Tuttle,Oklahoma... #CaliOkie Courtesy Of @carodeosalinas 2018 Hall of Fame inductee and California Rodeo committee member, Allan Wallace was a longtime Salinas resident. After returning from service in the Korean War, Allan started assisting in the roping chutes at the Rodeo. In 1956 Allan became a Director and continued to volunteer his time in the arena, moving on to being the line judge in the timed events and becoming Arena Director in 1986. Allan was involved in many areas during his 50 years of volunteering at the Rodeo and had a hand in many positive changes. Join us in honoring Allan at our Hall of Fame Induction ceremony on July 19th! . . . . #CARodeoSalinas #Salinas #SalinasRodeo #SalinasCA #westernheritage #wherethewestcomesalive #BigWeek #longlivecowboys #rodeolife #prorodeo #freestylebullfighting #rodeo #westernlifestyle #roughstock #rodeolifestyle #rodeo #rodeos #rancher #ranchlife #bullrider #punchy #cowboy #riderank #cowboylifestyle #western #rodeotrail #bullriding #prorodeo #rodeosalinas #keepthewestalive #weareprorodeo at California Rodeo Salinas

51 minutes ago

Spent the weekend with great company at Happy Day Ranch. Saturday morning after our hike, Wilma had given birth to 8 piglets (4 boys, 4 girls). What a beautiful thing to witness! Picture perfect moment! at Shaniko, Oregon

60 minutes ago

"It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them.” -Leo F. Buscaglia I think sometimes people often forget that we work with kids that have had to either stop growing up (due to trauma) or had to grow up too quick (due to trauma) that these are the moments that are missed. I captured these photos right before a boy was going back home. And although it is a bitter sweet moment for me, I had to remember that he wasn't necessarily needing a "staff" in that moment, he was needing a buddy to imagine, create and just play with. He and I needed that moment to escape the craziness that can be sometimes, and just enjoy the few minutes before his final sleep at the ranch. I pray every single day that one day there will no longer be a need for these boys to be placed with us, but until that day comes I will continue to give them the structure and love through discipline (positive or negative) that every kid desires. #brslife #grouphomelife #ranchlife #msbr #ohtheplacesyoullgo at Morning Star Boys' Ranch

2 hours ago

I've got the start of a nice stock dog breeding program. Australian Shepherds with old working lines that aren't real common anymore. My intention is to continue and maintain these lines and to produce pups with a STRONG inclination towards working cattle for the rancher. Of course, they can go on to be anything: chore dog on the farm, trial dog in the arena, or simply the best companion you've ever had. I've got an Instagram page (@presleystockdogs) started up and will have a website soon! Okay shameless promotion over 😅 #ranchlife #aussiesofinstagram #australianshepherd #cowdog #stockdog #sportdogs #workingdog

2 hours ago

The experimental strawbale pumpkin patch is starting to vine out! I've been using more water thanks to some suggestions and it is making a difference. We also got some cooler weather and partly cloudy days that has also helped. 🎃

2 hours ago

Had the pleasure of riding both these lovely ponies in the staff gymkhana today. Skeeter (on the left) killed it as always, and Rosie (who I’m on) competed for the very first time today in the novice division and did great! I am so grateful to be able to ride both of these sweet mares this summer ☺️ . . . . #horsesofinstagram #gymkhana #rodeo #barrelracing #polebending #rodeohorse #roanypony #ranchlife #ranchliving #ridecolorado #colorado #equestrian #equine #myheartisfull at A/U Ranches

2 hours ago

Wash and clean the horse, pick up their poop, and feed them. 🐴 Ranch life is hard work, nonstop, 24/7, day and night. I couldn’t imagine what that kind of life would be like. 💩 💩 A couple of months ago I was in a workshop/ seminar and randomly sat next to a lady. We exchanged the common hello, what’s you name, and get to know you questions. And instead of continuing the conversation as small talk and as if “I don’t really want to talk to this lady” but rather to genuinely get to know her that I learned so much about her amazing talents. ❤️ Take the conversation a few steps further. You might meet somebody really nice, a new friend, or a business contact. ✨ I am so grateful I have the time to volunteer and come help out on my friends horse ranch. Ending the day dirty, sweaty, sticky and with a big ol’ smile on my face 😁 #ranchlife #cleanthehorse #horsepoopeverywhere #horseslovehay at Murrieta, California

2 hours ago

That’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone who came out to support our event and made the 108th annual California Rodeo Salinas possible. We had another great year with amazing performances by our contestants. We couldn’t put this rodeo on without support from our volunteers, committees and sponsors. We can’t wait to have you all back in 2019, and we’ll continue to share photos and footage from this year’s event here and on Facebook. Don’t forget to tag us and use #CARodeoSalinas in any photos you post! 📷: @richardfieldlevinephotography at California Rodeo Salinas

2 hours ago

Callison Ranch Beef running in the field... Beef raised and cared for right here on the ranch. Want to know where your food comes from? Contact us to be added to our pure beef list.

2 hours ago

SUNDAY-JULY 22, 2018! SO YOU THOUGHT I WAS JOKING ABOUT GOING INTO THE FARMING BUSINESS! WELL LOOKIE HERE! YESTERDAY'S PICK & TODAY'S PICK! TOTAL 425 LIMES X $0.87 CENT=$369.76 U.S. DOLLARS! NOW THIS IS NATURALLY GROWN FROM LIME TREE & TOOK ME TOTAL TIME 30 MINUTES TO PICK! IT TAKES A GENERAL LAWYER 1 HOUR TO MAKE $300.00 PER HOUR! CHING, CHING! $$$×$$$=$$$ #limes #limebusiness #farmersrule #ranchlife #momoney #chingching #hustler #hustleharder #realhustler #dowhateverittakes #ranchlifestyle #farmer #organic #fresh #vitaminc #nopainnogainz #naturallygrown at Scottsdale, Arizona

2 hours ago

With my handsome cowboy at the California Mid-State Fair. at Paso Event Center

2 hours ago

Rolling into a new week likeeeee.🚲 . The rest of the month is going to be super busy with transitions, but I'm still wanting to set and manifest those goals through the process. Grace grace grace.🌼 . More reading, more stillness, more yoga, more intentional work, less worry, less anxiety, and full trust in the universe.🌍 . #sundayvibes

2 hours ago

My hubby and I bought 17 acres a couple years ago. 👩🏽‍🌾 We have tons of wild mustang grapes throughout the ranch. This will be out 2nd year making wine from our wild grapes 🍇 and we’re pretty excited! Cause, hello... free wine! 🍷 After we get these babies home, it’ll be at least 3 months until it’s ready! I can’t wait! 🙃 #mustanggrapes #homemadewine #ranchlife #winemaking #grapepicking #somersettx

2 hours ago

Kona had a big day learning today, so he’s off to bed early 😴 at Kananaskis

3 hours ago

Big new world and lots to learn for the young pup.

3 hours ago

Ok sooooo 😑 basically kids wanted to do a ninja turtle video like four years ago and as it surfaced on our memories we realized London was a baby and not apart of it 🤦🏻‍♀️ Soooo of course I did what ANY GOOD MOTHER WOULD! I DID ANOTHER ONE! 🤣🤣🤣 #Shellshocked #NinjaTurles #Turtlelife #Momlife #ImThatMom #NoShameInTheGame #imacoolmom 😂 swipe to see our 2014 video 😂 And yes, of course I get the mask, I’m the oldest 😌💁🏻‍♀️