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4 days ago

Bagel ❤ 39/365 #racheldraws365 #foodiefeb I will say I'm proud that my non-drawing days are getting shorter and farther and fewer between. It's like working out. Just gotta get into a better rhythm and just do it.

18 days ago

My absolute favorite Disney princess. The art for this film is outstanding and every scene is so beautifully done. I didn't see Sleeping Beauty until college, but I feel as though I appreciated it much more as an adult than I would've as a child. 👑 029/365 #racheldraws365

22 days ago

Me at the end of this week. It's been cold ❄ 025/365 #racheldraws365

23 days ago

It's taken me 24 days, but I finally have a drawing I like. In other news I've made it 24 days without sugar. ✌ 024/365 #racheldraws365

25 days ago

I guess she has good shell reception under the sea. 🌊 22/365 #racheldraws365

25 days ago

I'm just a lil black raincloud of course. ☔ ☁ 🐝 18/365 #racheldraws365

25 days ago

Playing catchup after a week of other projects. 016/365 #racheldraws365

1 month ago

That moment when you just should've kept the lineart. 😔 Day 15/365 #racheldraws365

1 month ago

This was my favorite scene from this movie. 011/365 #racheldraws365

1 month ago

Didn't get to drawing yesterday, but it's been a tough week. Still haven't gotten a hang on these markers! (004/365) #racheldraws365

1 month ago

We lost our little foster puppy today due to complications following her spay surgery. We're glad to have given her a family, if even for a short time. ❤ Bella 10/18-01/19 🐾 (003/365) #racheldraws365

2 months ago

Starting off the year with a single drawing to get in shape for VFS! (001/365)