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2 days ago

I remember when @dykefarmer and I started dating and she told me about her dream to own a plot of land and how she wanted to be a farmer. I thought hell yes and also that sounds super hard! And it is hard because you only get one shot each year to execute and there’s so much out of your control like the weather, like pests, like something not coming out like the way you wanted it to and having to wait weeks to get that information. But she’s been working SO HARD to make @radicalfamilyfarms successful and it shows. Walking in the field with her yesterday to harvest today’s orders my heart was so full! I know how hard it is to start your own business and the care and consideration she’s showing with this farm is admirable. I’m beaming with pride! Thank you to everyone that has bought pea shoots and fava greens and thanks to those of you sharing your delicious creations with us! It is so appreciated and we love you!!! #radicalfamilyfarms #compactfarm #queerswhofarm at Sebastopol, California

2 days ago

It’s the first day of Spring! Is it time to celebrate the equinox by getting some new chicks? Yes or Yes? (also, should I get a perm again yes or yes???) at Pennsylvania

3 days ago

🌵Terra Cotta is always on my mind! Porous pots are a must for all of my plants that like to stay arid. These cactus babies haven't gotten water since early December and their loving it!🤟🏿 Plants NEED resting periods. Particularly those that conserve water like cacti and succulents. Some houseplants need darker periods and others need a drought. 🍃What looks like a dying plant friend may be a sleeping beauty. I lost my first succulents to over loving. AKA over watering. 😭 Which plant did you send to foliage heaven from too much lovin'??🌵 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #cactusoftheday #cactusofinstagram #cactiofinstagram #cacticollection #ilovecacti #ilovesucculents #urbanjunglebloggers #terracotta #terracottatuesday #urbangarden #urbanjungle #greenyourspace #greenyourfeed #houseplantsofinstagram #houseplantaddict #houseplantjournal #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantdad #planttherapy #plantcareisselfcare # #blackgardener #blackselfcare #blackwithplants # #gayswithplants #gaygardener #queerswhofarm at Nashville, Tennessee

4 days ago

Today is my beloved’s 39th birthday and so I wanted to share a photo of us on the farm from this last September. If you can’t tell, I am deeply, wildly in love with them ✨😍✨ Happiest birthday to my babeliest babe, my best friend, and my favorite person in the whole world. I can’t wait to love you every day in year 39, and for all the years to follow ✨💘✨ . . 📸 by @candacehope #birthdaylove #queerlove #39lookingfine #manygraces #organicfarming #organicflowers #candacehopephotography #lgbtqflorist #queerswhofarm at Many Graces

4 days ago

🌻🐛 See you at the @goodfoodexpo this Friday and Saturday! We'll have these farmer-made scented candle cuties on deck as well as seed bombs, tote bags and more! 🙈🎁 Purchase your tickets for Friday on the Good Foods EXPO website (👆link in their bio!) or register for Saturday for FREE!🦋 🍃See everyone there! 🍯🐝 . . Location 🧭 UIC Forum 1213 South Halsted Street Chicago, IL 60607 . . . #goodfoodexpo #beethechange #growninchicago #cooperativefarm #chicagoCSA #chicagofarm #windycityharvest #uicforum #womenwhofarm #queerswhofarm #flowerfarmer #pocfarmers #hechoamano #sustainablygrown #workerowned #diyfarmer #bronzevillechicago #littlevillagechicago #oakparkchicago #humboldtparkchicago #hydeparkchicago at Chicago, Illinois

4 days ago

Thanks to @krustykrittz for starting off our #queerfarmerfeature posts - stay tuned for more #queerswhofarm soon! . . Plug from Kritters: spring internship where they work @mountainbountyfarm still accepting one more person and they’d “would love to have more queers here! I came to this farm through the internship and highly recommend the opportunity.” . . . “What are some goals - for yourself, your farm, your project, your community - that keep you going?” To share my experience of queerness with others and show that we are here! Farming is so queer and there’s just no way around it. I really want to model how fluid farming can be - that there is an endless amount of space in this community for folks with all sorts of different bodies and identities. . . . “What plant (veggie, flower, herb, tree) do you love and feel is sadly underrated by others?” I’ve fallen so in love with radicchio and bitter greens that I cannot even fathom what my life would be without them. Bitter is better . . . “Shoutout - to a queer who has helped get you here!” I truly wouldn’t be who and where I am in farming without my OG farm partner Kale Riley, It was only after the fact that we knew we wanted to farm together that we of course fell in love. . . Shouts to @tacobelljar To @kingandkingranch To @happyboyfarm and @blueheronfarm for showing me queers at the local Santa Cruz Farmers Markets To @thepeachjamboree To @fiddleheadfarm To @countyrailfarm myself @krustykrittz farm @mountainbountyfarm

5 days ago

🐝Bee butt!! 🌼We planted lots of seeds this weekend, acquired some drip tape from a friend, and enjoyed the heck out of the sunshine. We're working toward an awesome season and building a fruitful future. ☀️

6 days ago

Planting a triangle of dense lavender rows and it smells so good! I’ve always wanted hedges and rows of lavender all over so this year I bought 100 plants from an old fashioned bulk order nursery that only has a phone & takes checks. Perpetually amazed by the blessing & joy of (working with) plants 💜🌿💚

7 days ago

Country queer, trans farmer, and GMC board member Jonah @milkweedfarmvt is doing a #fundraiser for his #farm. We just bought two #fundraisertshirts and plan to wear them with #transpride! 😎💥💜 #queerswhofarm * Jonah recently was evicted from the land where he built his farm. As many of you know from @brattleborofarmersmarket his food is absolutely gorgeous and that's largely from long term plans and hard work on soil quality and much much more. Land access is such a challenge, especially for small food producers in rural New England, competing against high rent costs and agribusinesses like commercial hemp. 🌱🌿🚜 #nofarmsnofood * He's ready to rebuild and we are so thrilled that queer, trans farmers keep doing the hard, important work they do. And don't forget Milkweed has #csa shares this year. Food, flowers, and ferments! 🌾💐🌷🥬🍄

9 days ago

Laying down straw under our temporary prop location in our shorter hoop. Keeping that weed pressure down ✨Each table is consecutively plumped to provide some “automatic” irrigation 💧 this set up is essential for our overflow of babies from now through summer ☀️ The drainage in this bed is very poor due to a large drainage with willows adjacent. Making use of less ideal spaces 💡 . . #farmin #weedmanagement #propagation #irrigation #hoopextention #seasonextention #queerswhofarm #farmcrew #mountainbountyfarm #farmtools

9 days ago

This soil is brimming with love, and mending many heirloom varieties of heartbreak that reside within me. This mountain blooming, this terrarium of truth, h o l d s me - not only from fall, but to account. Did you teach it that, oh loved one? For you do it so well. Catching and reflecting simultaneously. We stretch, growing upward into the ether; and down, so dark and d e l i b e r a t e and damp into the grit. Soul mycelium. My awkward, bumbling way to shout out to @casual_ascension for being my favourite queer farmer and for being a fucking weirdo with me. I love you. MWAH 🌱 #queersinacabin #queerswhofarm #gather #harvest #trans #ass #countryqueers #lover #farmfemme #garden #growyourown #offgrid #liberate

10 days ago

*sniff sniff* 🍅💚 inspecting our tomato babies with our eyes & nose and we're two happy mamas! Wish you could smell them through the screen 🤤Sowed these babies when it was still snowing outside and we are so relived that they are loving life! ~~ #eatlocal #carnation #duvall #snoqualmievalley #snovalleytilth #seattle #farmlife #womenwhofarm #womeninag #farmher #femalefarmerproject #wegrowtheworld #iamamodernfarmer #smallfarm #organicfarming #soilfirst #lowtillfarming #regenerativeagriculture #knowyourfarmer #meetyourfarmer #community #foodsecurity #foodjustice #localfoodforlife #queerswhofarm #tomatobabies #veganfarming #silverseedsfarm at Silver Seeds Farm

10 days ago

Jess milking one of our sheep and explaining that peak milk production occurs 3-4 weeks after birth. Right now the lambs are drinking most of the milk but we get just enough (from our three mommas) to replace half & half in our morning coffee. #organicsheepmilk #milkingsheep #queerswhofarm #raisedonafarm

11 days ago

Prepping those beds in the small high tunnel. Seeded lettuce and an Asian greens mix. Getting hands dirty and sniffing that soil is a welcome spring activity! I remember how much I love it and scales of winter peel away 🌱 sooo much chickweed, and in bloom! Even honeybees searching it out. Hard work paying off where bed prep & sowing becomes easier each spring. A far cry from digging the rocky glade soil, hitting stones with every shovel!

11 days ago

✨ A N N O U N C E M E N T ✨ . Big news today, y’all. We have a new logo!! I like to think of our business logo much like the evolving style of a human being: we’re getting better with age. While I love our first logo and how it expresses where we started, we have simply outgrown it. Now heading into my fourth year doing this work, I have a much clearer vision for what Many Graces is and what I hope it will become. And thanks to the continued artistic brilliance of @chelseairisgranger , our logo is now able to express that to you via this stunning visual marker. And of course, I must also thank my beloved @kkomenda and my dearest friend @sparklefringe for spending hours with me through the initial brainstorming sessions and helping to manifest the foundational design for this new logo. Here’s to season 4, here’s to getting better with age, and here’s to continued expansion & growth in all the ways! . . #betterwithage #chelseagrangerdesign #rebranding #onwardandupward #queerownedbusiness #queerflorist #sexytulip #floraldesign #sustainabledesign #organicfarming #organicflowers #manygraces #queerswhofarm

12 days ago

🐐Sweet goat ladies helping us weed one of our garden beds today. While we establish ourselves as market gardeners we are exploring different philosophies and find ourselves generally somewhere in permaculture and low or no-till. 🌎 Making thoughtful choices for the Earth, our animals, ourselves, and our customers is imperative to us. The garden romp was a nice treat for everyone today. Our grass-munching and fertilizing gals got some time out of their normal area and extra fresh provisions and we got a few hours of entertainment, some lightly tilled soil and a few less weeds. 🌿 . . . . . . . 🥬Interested in purchasing produce from us? Want to support our goals before the season gets rolling? 🔎Click the link in our bio to purchase a farm card! 💳

13 days ago

Not a fan of binaries but am so grateful to these humans who hold me up in the special and sacred spaces between entrepreneurs. I would not be here without these women-identified, queer, trans, and NB entrepreneurs. They carve pathways that only exist because they do, and give me energy to hack away at mine. They hold space, they free up ways to be, they feed and heal me, they build me up stronger, in every literal and spiritual way. An overwhelming number of them are in my life because of @echoinggreen. Gratitude for your existence today and every day. #womxnsupportingwomxn #internationalwomxnsday #womxnofthefuture #womxnofcolor #qpocbusiness #queerownedbusiness #queerfounders #echoinggreen #lgbtownedbusiness #blackwomenfounders #pocownedbusiness #queerfarmers #queerswhofarm

13 days ago

Organic Growers School is going great so far! Yesterday I attended an all-day workshop led by Ira Wallace and Pam Dawling on year-round growing techniques. We even managed to get some time in the hoop house and some tool demos before the rain hit. Today is classes galore and also getting to meet up with other farmers who I previously only knew through Instagram. Great day!! #GetToKnowAHomesteader Day 9: Learning. #organicgrowersschool #ogsspringconf #growyourown #farming #homesteading #homesteadlife #queerswhofarm #farmher #learnallthethings at Mars Hill, North Carolina

14 days ago

Who knew that, when we got our first five backyard chickens nine years ago, we’d wind up where we are today, preemie House Goat and all 🤷🏻‍♀️ In the midst of Kidding Season and gently sliding into the next growing season I can’t help but feel in awe of this life that has unfolded around us ✨ . . . . . #kiddingseason #goatsofinstagram #nigeriandwarfgoat #iamamodernfarmer #livecolorfully #femalefarmerproject #ootd #womenwhofarm #womeninag #selfportrait #littlestoriesofmylife #momentsofmine #lesbianfarmer #queerswhofarm #queerfarmers #countryqueers #instagay #littlecornersofmyhome #farmhouse #celebratelife #bepresent #instagramhomesteaders #postthepeople #thehumaneffect #portraitoftheday #farmlife #firstgenerationfarmers #instagood #iamcountryside #oldfashionedonpurpose at New Mexico

14 days ago

🍃Happy #FOLIAGEFRIDAY plant lovers! Today I'm cherishing my reasons to smile. It's not hard given the phenomenal leaf tones on this Aglaonema Siam! 🤤This beauty LOVES bright indirect light that makes the leaves radiant. Just one colorful plant nicely complements a room of airy greenery. My ferns seem to like him in the family!🤟🏿 What plant always makes you stop and smile???🍃 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #aglaonema #aglaonemasiamaurora #foliage #foliageplant #urbanjungle #urbangarden #urbanjunglebloggers #greenyourspace #greenyourfeed #greenhome #houseplantsofinstagram #houseplantjournal #houseplantdiary #houseplant #plantsofinstagram #plantenabler #plantsmakepeoplehappy #planttherapy #plantcareisselfcare #plantaddiction #blackgardener #blackselfcare #blackwithplants #gaygardener #gayswithplants #queerswhofarm #plantdad #plantzaddy at Nashville, Tennessee

15 days ago

W H O. W E. A R E. This is Danny. (they/them or he/him) Danny is a co-owner of this beautiful farm, an incredible flower grower, a maker of gorgeous bouquets, a peach-sorting extraordinaire. Danny is the one who keeps us organized, orders the seeds, gets things started in the greenhouse, files the paperwork, answers the forever-ringing phone. Danny has a keen eye for color, is always ready climb the tallest ladder, work in hard to reach and high up places, and can spot treasure amongst trash from 100feet away. A fry cook, a friend and the most charming karaoke singer, we’d be lost without Dan! #queerswhofarm #transfarmers #queerfarmers #flowerfarmer #queerflowers #certifiedorganic at Oroville, California

16 days ago

✨earth magic✨ INTERNSHIP ✨Join ALL of us this summer 🌿 for a holistic immersion on our off grid permaculture homestead in the Ozarks 🌲🌳 We’re building a post & beam straw bale house & expanding and tending our gardens & food forests! 🌟Intern at Mountain Jewel May - November ~ detailed link in profile.🌟

16 days ago

Thanks @farmqueerhomemaker! Tag @queerswhofarm to share glimpses of your season! . . . Hail Demeter! There is no greater harbinger of spring than new life. I try not to lose sight of the privilege of being close to the land and these little creatures are a fresh and beautiful reminder of that blessing. #queerswhofarm

17 days ago

▪️Foliage foliage foliage! 😍 Alocasias are my widest variety of plants. Some are big and some are small. This guy will soon be gigantic and growing! Typically they like medium light levels, but I'm preparing this guy to move outdoors in a few weeks. Bring on spring! Which houseplants are you putting outdoors to thrive? ▪️ . . . . . . . . . . . . #alocasiaregalshields #alocasia #arums #aroid #aroidaddicts #elephantearplant #araceae #houseplants #houseplantaddict #indoorplant #planterior #plantaddiction #houseplantsofinstagram #planttherapy #planting #myurbangarden #myurbanjungle #urbanjungle #houseplantjournal #urbanjunglebloggers #foliage #foliageplant #queerswhofarm #queerswithfarms #gaygardener #blackgardener #plantcareisselfcare #greenyourspace #greenyourfeed at Nashville, Tennessee

18 days ago

Hail Demeter! There is no greater harbinger of spring than new life. I try not to lose sight of the privilege of being close to the land and these little creatures are a fresh and beautiful reminder of that blessing. #queerswhofarm

18 days ago

We bought this greenhouse 3 years ago from someone on Craigslist who was commercially growing venus fly traps in it. My dad hauled it across town and we set it up at my parent's place, where it continues to reside. 🙃 Within the first year the panels started blowing off and it just went down from there. Honestly, we started last season off by covering it in inexpensive shower curtains because we didn't have the knowledge of where to purchase, nor finances to get purposeful plastic, but this year we did! We moved, rebuilt, and upgraded this sweet little beast this weekend. 🥳 Two new rack levels and a new cover really revived the life in it. I can't wait to get plants in there!! Next weekend we build the hoop house and plant peas!! 🍅 I am grateful for the sun, a full day, and going to bed happy-tired. 📸: @thewestwitch

19 days ago

applied for nonprofit status for CYF✅ cleaned my apartment ✅ cried on my couch for half an hour bc pisces season and I are working on some growth ✅ also huge shout out to @lalaamorena and @alignchats for the space they made last night. you all made crying it out so worth it today. ✨ and also @ri02_ always is my inspo to show my face more often and be proud of it even when days are hard. Thanks for looking!! 👀 💕♻️🌿 #urbanag #queerswhofarm #nonbinary #them at Cicero, Illinois

30 days ago

Purple for intimate partner violence survivors, real for sexual assault survivors. New Dawn Fields sets out with the mission to HEAL, EMPOWER, and EMPLOY women identifying and non-binary folks who are survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault. #grownbysurvivors #queerswhofarm