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13 hours ago

Another day, another allotment visit. I managed to get my dad down and he got so into it he broke my garden fork 🤦🏾‍♀️. But it’s okay because he helped me get that front part I’ve been wresting with dug over, I just have to go back and pull out some couch weed roots that we dug out and lay my trusted black plastic down. We also intended to burn some bramble but alas it was too wet to burn, we’ll just have to save that for a later date. . . #allotmentlife #allotmentlove #growyourown #londonallotments #londonallotment #blackfarmers #girlswhogarden #allotmentuk #queerfarmers #instagardners #smallholding

2 days ago

Their is nothing quite like rows and rows of sweet peas. It’s pure magic. What spring bloom are you most excited for? at Sweet Delilah Farm

3 days ago

I went to Wilko with the intention of buying a few seeds and walked away with these plus seven seed packs not pictured (think beetroot, radishes, carrots, spring onions, sunflowers because why not 🌻) I now have my work cut out for me, ha. Some of the seeds I picked up are, according to the seed packet, to be planted outside next summer but my allotment guide book had listed the veg in question as seeds that can be started indoors before being moved outside. Which one do I go with? Do I hedge my bets and plant some indoors and if they fail just sow them outside next month? . . . #allotmentlife #allotmentlove #growyourown #londonallotments #londonallotment #blackfarmers #girlswhogarden #allotmentuk #queerfarmers #instagardners #smallholding #seedstarting

4 days ago

After fleeing #transphobic violence in #Uganda, trans women are surviving in Kenya as #poultry #farmers. "The women are among a bold and vibrant presence of LGBTQ folks across the #African continent whose voices are often muted by repressive local laws dating back to European colonial rule and sustained by deeply conservative religious forces." . . Read the full story in @GayCityNews: https://www.gaycitynews.nyc/stories/2019/4/kenyafarm-humanrights-2019-02-15-gcn.html #decriminalizelgbt #lgbtafrica #whereloveisillegal #transisbeautiful #wontbeerased #lgbtq🌈 #transrightsarehumanrights #refugeeswelcome #kenyalgbt #visibility #courage #radicalfarming #queerfarmers #farming #farmhousechic #translivesmatter #lgbtuganda at Kenya

4 days ago

I wanna get tangled up & dirty with you like a couple of carrots that weren’t quite adequately thinned 😘 #TalkDirtyToMe at Wild Willow Farm

4 days ago

Over the holidays I did a trade with @morningstarlumber for these amazing mini farm outbuildings.. . The idea behind them is that like all the falling down old outbuildings in rural places, rural queer folks are hidden in plain sight. We're out there, we're seen every day, and yet we're not truly seen. Either for our own safety or out of others' ignorance, we often blend in with our surroundings. I love how subtle and yet how insightful the metaphor is. . 😻 Jordan kindly painted these ones in the colours of the genderqueer flag for me. (And I think they're made entirely from scraps!) 💜💭💚 . . If you wanna hear more about this, @morningstarlumber is the person who made these, and could probably explain the work so much better than I did. ✨ . #ruralqueers #genderqueer #nonbinary #queerswithtools #folkart #handmade #nb #queerartists #queerfarmers

5 days ago

I'm not as patient as I always want to be. Winter is hard for me; for my green thumb, but also for my heart and brain. Beyond the desire to feed myself, family, friends, and community, I like gardening as a means of managing my anxiety and depression. It makes the dark months challenging - I am battling myself with no serious garden retreat. I am working on being patient and kind with myself in these months, but this year has been especially challenging. We spent a few hours building up beds for trellising crops today, and although I was irritable and teary, I was grateful for the sun and breeze and the birds chirping; loudly telling me all about spring coming. . . . This photo features a cool little lion's mane primordia baby. This is what forms before it develops into a full mushroom.

5 days ago

After my sojourn in the southern hemisphere I wasn’t too excited to be out in the cold working on my allotment but I remembered how much I enjoy it (nothing like some labour to silence the mind), so I sucked it up and went to work on clearing my plot on Thursday. And then on Friday. And then today because the weather was too good to not enjoy. My girlfriend came down to visit me and help out which was lovely! We even got a visit from Vern, a fellow allotmentees dog. 👭🐶🌞🌱 ________________________________________________ There is still work to be done (there’s always to be done on allotments!) but soon I’ll have dug up and covered the front portion of my plot. The plan after that is to burn my growing pile of weeds before digging up the trees. After that I’ll work on a compost pile and build some raised beds on top of the plastic covering. And of course while this is happening I’ll be working on my seedlings indoors! . . . . #allotmentlife #allotmentlove #growyourown #londonallotments #londonallotment #blackfarmers #girlswhogarden #allotmentuk #queerfarmers #instagardners #smallholding #dogsofinstagram

6 days ago

This work/play weekend has already been productive, fun, and educational. We're almost finished fencing out the new livestock pen, plumbing in the "Second Take" area is leak-free, and we've made some small improvements around the main fire pit🐄🚰🔥😁 Thanks to all the volunteers for their time, materials, labor and laughs🚛👷🏽‍♀️🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏻‍♂️👷🏼‍♀️🚛 #btrandrlostpines #lostpines #workplayweekend #fencing #funwithcement #plumbing #propertymanagement #forestmanagement #livestockpen #firepit #catsofinstagram #womanswork #queerfarmers #fatfarmers #blackfarmers

6 days ago

As the ball starts rollin’ for 2019, we’re throwin’ it back to the winter of 2016, when starting a business was just a little ol’ idea. I knew I wanted to to start something that promoted healthy and locally grown food- but wasn’t quite sure what. Juice seemed to fit that bill as a way to support local farmers and offer something delicious & nutritious. Knowing full well that veggie-based choices wouldn’t sell nearly as well as other scrumptious treats, I decided to dive in anyway. . Here we are now, starting the preparations for our 3rd season, and I dare say that taking that dive was worth it. . This business has brought joy, growth, and learning opportunities that I wouldn’t trade. The friends, supporters, and customers I have met along the way have become such wonderful additions to my life. . THANK YOU to all, not only for your continued support of HJC, but for your support of our local agricultural economy as a whole. at Vermont

10 days ago

I grow carrots for size-queens 🥕😱 #QueerFarmers

11 days ago

#Repost @queerswhofarm ・・・ What does it mean to support queer farmers? To be out, in often rural communities? To be in what is generally assumed to be a cis-heteronormative world of farming and land work? . . We’re holding these questions (and many more), and we want to figure out ways to use this page as a way of discussing them. It’s been so exciting and nourishing to hear of other groups - @greenmountaincrossroads, the new/forming Northeast Queer Farmer Alliance, Queer Farmer Network with @queerdirt, future Queer Farmer Podcast, and even more- doing important work and gathering in so many forms. . . . What are some ways we can use this page to work towards connection, support, resource sharing, celebration? . . . The things we are aiming to do consistently this year are monthly queer farmer features & a sort of needs/offers board through posts in our stories. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas! . . Now, though, a little celebration! We got to collab with another amazing queer artist, Raisa @dumptruck.jpg on this sticker reading “Support Queer Farmers.” Because pride in the work of queer farmers, land stewards, food & climate justice workers, is something we all need to celebrate. Link in bio for $4 early bird pricing all February xo #queerswhofarm #queerfarmers at Saint Albans, West Virginia

11 days ago

As busy farmers, visiting with other queer farmers is a rarity and extremely exciting. This week we were lucky enough to host Alana and Kai of @kingandkingranch for lunch and a quick tour while they attended a nearby conference. They treated us to some of their delicious specialty citrus & avos and we all reminisced about good old days in Santa Cruz. Looking forward to visiting their farm someday! #queerfarmers #queerswhofarm #californiastreethouse #calisthouse

11 days ago

After getting their hooves trimmed, our goats got some extra love and more practice walking on a lead❤️❤️❤️ Charlie and Eddie are both quickly learning how to navigate the terrain with their human friends 🧚🏼‍♂️🐐🧚🏾‍♀️ Stopping to let the goats browse gives us time to photograph/document the current happenings in the Houston Toad habitat 🐸🌱🍄🌲 #btrandrlostpines #lostpines #houstontoad #brushcontrol #conservation #healthyhooves #babygoats #goatlove #fungi #grasshopper #pupa #fatfarmers #blackfarmers #queerfarmers

11 days ago

IG pals! We are well into planning and executing the 2019 gardening season. We have expanded the garden by more than 2,500 sq. feet, which means we need additional community support for the coming year and will have much more to offer! Our current capital needs are for several important infrastructure upgrades that include: 🏡High tunnel greenhouse ❄Commercial cooler 🚿Greens washing station 💧Irrigation system These new things will allow us to put into early production some EXCITING new cherry tomato varieties and some early spring greens while better preparing us for crop success, smoother operations, and better food safety. To make this happen we are starting a market CSA via a Farm Card. This is a hybrid model of traditional CSAs (see bottom of the post for a link) and buying produce at the farmers market. Basically the way this works is you purchase your produce up front, before the season begins (CSA part), but you have the freedom to choose when to pick the produce up from us at one of the markets we vend at (market part.) This means that you pay into our market CSA by March 31st. We give you a gift card that is valued at the purchase price + 5%; a thank you for the upfront purchase. 🎉Until February 28th we will be giving 10% off instead of the regular 5%!🎉 Once market season starts (first weekend in May) you are able to redeem your card from either of the markets we will be vending at (Jacksonville or Central Point this year), or from us directly, in any increment you choose. Pick out your produce and we enter it like any other card. In addition to finished produce we anticipate also have the following products available: 🐓 Chicken Eggs 🦆 Duck Eggs 🌱 Plant Starts (Vegetables, Fruits, Culinary Herbs, and Medicinal Herbs) 🐛 Worm Juice 💩 Worm Castings (limited quantities) This allows you the flexibility of choosing when and where to get your products and helps us with the cashflow for very needed infrastructure to make this all possible. 👇 Continued in comments! 👇

13 days ago

It's down right chilly in Texas right now❄️❄️❄️Thank goodness for plenty of dry straw, well-placed heat lamps, and self-heating animal beds🔥💡🛏️ 🌡️ During the (relatively speaking) cold months we shall provide extra feed to all of the animals. Working dogs also receive a bit of coconut oil and/or chicken fat which helps the canines maintain their own fat stores. Some pups, like Floppy, will gladly take the oil straight from the spoon🌴🐔🐐 🐕🥄❤️ #btrandrlostpines #lostpines #winterizedfarm #coldweathercare #outdooranimalcare #farmmanagement #farmlife #animallove #heatlamps #heatedbed #warmlivestock #drylivestock #naturalcare #fatsforsnimals #coconutoil #chikenfat #supplementsforanimals #whereyouatspring #fatfarmers #blackfarmers #queerfarmers

14 days ago

Thank you so much @thepeachjamboree & @fruitcampfarmers for your time and hospitality and all-round awesomeness! Visiting your farm was so inspiring, and it was so great to catch up with old Santa Cruzers & make friends with all your critters. 💜🥰🐑 🐓🐕 #farmfriends #queerfarmers 📍Maidu Land

15 days ago

😭 Ohmygoshohmygosh. This photo has been like 3 years in the making. We just harvested a little over a half gallon of fresh, rich, and dark worm castings from our vertical worm bin (there was SO much more, just how much we need for now). 🐛 We've fed this baby some weird things and those wormies made it into garden GOLD. So cool, so grateful.

16 days ago

~~~~the essence of our work includes accessibility. You don't have to be rich to have cut flowers in your life...beauty is and/should be accessible to all~~~~ one of our favorite things to do is DIY flower buckets. every year we offer buckets of locally grown flowers to a select few. here's is a bride from 2018 with bouquets made with rainbow sprinkles farm grown flowers. #flowerfarmer #diyflowers #diywedding #diyweddingdecor #rainbowsprinklesfarm #northwestarkansas #springdalearkansas #farmerflorist #wildflowers #beyondorganicgrowers #queerfarmers #organic #farmersofcolor #farmersofinstagram #arkansasbride #arkansaslife #rogersarkansas #bentonvillearkansas #fayettevillearkansas #fayettevillear #flores #floresorganicos #granjero #migranjadeflores

17 days ago

🌿 Featuring 📸@thesilverfoxfarm 🌿 —————— ✧ —————— I've been reading a lot lately about chicken breeding and genetics and have some fun things to share with you. . First though, peep those roos of summer, now keeping us warm and fed through the winter. . Ok, first fun fact: . In rare cases, a chicken is born that is a gynandromorph--meaning it's half female, half male. Literally half--split down the middle, one entire side female and the other male (swipe left for a photo). After discovering and studying gynandromorph chickens, scientists discovered that each individual cell in a chicken's body has a distinct sexual identity, either male or female. A female chicken has all female cells, a male all male, and--you guess it!--a gynandromorph chicken has half female, half male cells. (This is in contrast to how human biology operates, with hormones determining physical changes. Our cells don't carry this kind of individual identity). Gynandromorphism has been found in other birds as well--including cardinals that are half red, half gray (swipe for pic). . I'm sure you're curious if these chickens can mate! Some were definitely found to have both sex organs, and lay eggs, so yes, it seems possible. . The latest research suggests that gynandromorphism in birds is caused by the egg being fertilized by two sperm. When is egg is formed, it is meant to shed half its chromosomes in an extra bit of DNA called "the polar body." Scientists think that in rare cases this extra DNA is kept, and as the cells begin to split, a chicken with two genomes (male and female) develops. . I found this fascinating. I'm no scientist though, and am just starting to wrap my head around it and I hope my reporting is accurate. I just find it amazing that no matter how much we as humans try to fit nature/ourselves into the framework of a certain way of being...the truth of nature/ourselves is just far richer and more complex than that. . . . . . #Greenfieldma #westernmass #chickensofinstagram #roostersofinstagram #backyardchickens #queerfarmers #queerswhofarm #homesteadlife #farmlifebestlife #farmher #iamcountryside #crazychickenlady #chooks #chickenlife #minifarm #iamamodernfarmer #farmlife

18 days ago

Part of our wildlife preservation plan includes extermination of invasive red fire ants. fire ants are both lethal to the Houston Toad and irritating to other animals, including humans🐸❤️✌🏽 Although there are many chemical options for ant control, we like to use a homemade mixture of orange peels, ground cinnamon, and food-grade diatomaceous earth. After mixing all of the ingredients, it's sprinkled onto and around existing ant mounds. After the initial sprinkling, we agitate the ant mound gently with a shovel and dust the area again🔥🐜🚫 #btrandrlostpines #lostpines #houstontoad #farmmanagement #forestmanagement #endangeredspecies #wildlifemanagement #fireants #diatomaceousearth #orangepeels #cinnamon #diypestcontrol #naturalpestcontrol #blackfarmers #queerfarmers

18 days ago

Yesterday was Mipsie's birthday. We started a birthday tradition of gifting a tree and then planting it. This year was blood orange 🍊 Swipe to see a video of goofy Mipsie being distracted by the pup during my photo opportunity ❤️ _ _ _ _ [Image description: Mipsie is sitting cross legged in front of an orange sapling. The sapling is staked and has a structure over the top of it to protect it from frost. The structure is three poles surrounding the tree with white fabric draped over the top and knotted at the three corners. Sirius is standing in front of Mipsie trying to get their attention. Video description: the same lay out as the image. Sirius and Mipsie ar playing tug-of-war with a stick while mipsie sits on the floor to have their picture taken. Mipsie is laughing and briefly looks up and smiles at the camera before looking down and laughing at the dog again. It's adorable] _ _ _ _ _ #birthday #birthdaybabe #enby #tradition #newtradition #planttrees #fruittrees #bloodorange #sanguinely #farmdog #siriusblack #tugofwar #queerswhofarm #queerfarmers #queerfamily #queersinparadise #queerswithtrees #homosandhorticulture

19 days ago

Doing some building in between seasons on a 70 degree sunny morning! All salvaged lumber from construction sites. One lesson we’ve learned from our backgrounds is to be resourceful. Reduce and repurpose. This will be our storage shed/ wash station. 😎 #repurposed

20 days ago

@rodgersgreensandroots in GA is hiring! Haven’t met them personally, but farmer @farmherashley seems like a rad, hard working queer to work with. Whoop #queerswhofarm! . . . ・・・ We are hiring! You can find our job listings on Good Food Jobs and ATTRA. We will be hiring full time farm hands and apprentices as well as part time farm hands and part time farmers market sales team members. Please read the full job descriptions online and follow the instructions to apply. If the job listing is still up, we are still taking applications. We work hard and love what we do. We are a fun team. We look forward to your applications. #Youngfarmers #organicfarming #WomenWhoFarm #femalefarmers #weloveATL #farmers #4H #USDA #GeorgiaGrown #loveyourmother #georgiaorganics #queerswhofarm #queerfarmers #organic #farmlife #georgia #douglascountysentinel

20 days ago

📸According to the lack of photographable variety, not much is happening on the farm. But these little green garlic tips remind me that in time, like most things, it will all come together and we will be in the thick hustle and bustle soon enough. 🥦Today we got about half the materials we need for our high tunnel hoop house. We will gather the rest of the pieces over the next week or two and start building! We're very excited about it. We also inoculated our asparagus patch with mushrooms and covered in a deep mulch layer of maple leaves. 🍁 A happy and productive Saturday indeed.

20 days ago

We are hiring! You can find our job listings on Good Food Jobs and ATTRA. We will be hiring full time farm hands and apprentices as well as part time farm hands and part time farmers market sales team members. Please read the full job descriptions online and follow the instructions to apply. If the job listing is still up, we are still taking applications. We work hard and love what we do. We are a fun team. We look forward to your applications. #Youngfarmers #organicfarming #WomenWhoFarm #femalefarmers #weloveATL #farmers #4H #USDA #GeorgiaGrown #loveyourmother #georgiaorganics #queerswhofarm #queerfarmers #organic #farmlife #georgia #douglascountysentinel at Rodgers Greens and Roots Organic Farm

21 days ago

set up this incubator today in the after-school program where I teach - we’ll be hatching these mixed heritage breed chicken eggs over the next month & then Crooked Moon will adopt the chicks as our very first flock! cross your fingers for us! 🐣. . . #hopingforhens #chickeneggs #crookedmoonfarm #queerfarmers #westernmass

22 days ago

Do you have what it takes to cook your way into a healthier body and a happier planet? Well we have the veggies for you! The 2019 CSA sale is open! We sell out quick, so be sure to get your share! Sign up link is below! Swipe 👈 to see some examples of happy members with their weekly shares! . . CSA Details: Price: $550 due at sign up Time: 18 weeks starting in May, with one week off in late July or August Pick Up Location: Britannia Community Service Centre on Commercial Drive Pick Up Time: Tuesdays from 4:00-7:30pm, and Sundays in September Share Size: Enough to supply all the vegetables one person would eat all week if they didn’t eat out at all. Most members split one share between two or more people. . . Buy your share@ www.fractalfarm.ca . . 🍑credit: @matthew_delumpa . . . . . . . . . . #queerfarmers #queerswhofarm #supportlocalfarmers #supportlocalagriculture #community #foodie #food #communitysupportedagriculture #csa #sustainablefood #sustainableagriculture #localfood #eatlocal #eatlocalvancouver #vancouverfoodie #vancouverfood #marketgarden #growingfood #smallfarm #smallscalefarming #buybc #urbanfarming #vaneats #vancouvereats #vancityfood

23 days ago

This winter sunshine has been so good for the soul