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Remember our Zine-making workshop at Queer Hub last June? One of the participants described the afternoon as “better than therapy!” . Come chill with us in a safe and welcoming environment THIS SUNDAY at Queer Hub. We’ll enjoy a ‘Pride and Prejudice’ tour of @walkerartgallery before heading into another Zine-making workshop ✍🏼👩🏽‍🎨 . No artistic skill required just a willingness to give it a go! Make sure you book your ticket in advance via the link to our events in our bio 💜 at Make a Zine

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Repost from @queerscv ・・・ This week! Come play board games with #QueerSCV! Wed, Feb 20th from 7pm to 9:30pm! 🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈 We'll be upstairs in Fellowship Hall behind 1st @presby_newhall Look for rainbows to find us. Come by at 7pm, games start at 7:30pm. 💙💟🏳💟💙✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼 We'll have a few choices (Plague, Pandemic, Loaded Questions, etc.) and depending on turn out may have more than one table going at a time. 🤩🥳 Also, feel free to come and hang out. Maybe bring a snack. Meet some new local queer friends! 🦄🦏👍🏼 The event location has a gender-neutral bathroom and is located upstairs. A lift is available for accesibility, but we must be notified at least 72 hours in advance in order to have an operator present. . . . #QueerSCV #SantaClarita #SCV #Newhall #Valencia #Saugus #CanyonCountry #StevensonRanch #LGBTQ #LGBT #Lesbian #Gay #Bisexual #Transgender #Trans #Gender #Sexuality #GenderQueer #NonBinary #NB #Enby #Queer #Intersectional #Inclusive #Community #SCVQueer #QueerFam

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This was honestly one of my favorite weekends of the year! I get to spend my time with my chosen fam, amazing students, and incredible speakers. This I got the amazing opportunity to share space with @doctorjonpaul and I couldn’t honestly not be more thankful for their time, energy, and labor! These last 3 years have been amazing and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me in this place. #mblgtacc2019 #queer #queerfam #queerfamily #inspiration #goals #whoiaspiretobe at Hyatt Regency Wichita

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Jeszcze oszaleją wszystkie pizdy gdy poznają mój urok osobisty dusze artysty to jaki jestem skromny i bystry szczery do bólu ze aż przezroczysty i wiesz co mnie boli? Ze w głowach się pierdoli. Zakłócony pokój ludziom dobrej woli. Fb - Malvina Kusmierz Tt - ma_lvik #dog #paktofonika #poland #satan #dog #zolteananasy #queerfam #devil #evil #lgbtq

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The themed parties are a trend in this new life of yours, Bree, and I'm so glad you're continuing to go. Last night you were introduced to nine new people, all of whom greeted you so warmly it was as though you had always known them. Dancing in a group was a brand new experience and so heartening. You're slowly shaking off the shock and confusion of the warmth in strangers, particularly as none are invested in you experiencing harm. This new life is so lovely darling, and I'm proud of you for continuing to put yourself out there even as the sticky remnants of before are lingering. Remember how far you've come, and how quickly. Honour the parts that need a little longer, but you've got this moving forward thing down. ° ° ° Image description: Bree with cat makeup on, a fur scarf, one single fish skeleton earring and a velvet dress. #yyj #victoria #queersofinsta #queersofinstagram #nonbinary #trans #survivor #ibelieveyou #ipv #selfcare #queerfam #queer #healing #grief #letter #dance

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I love so love love this illustration @xaimeh made for my for my Fuck Yeah! Family Table! (Body Trust & open feeding and eating ideas for families stressed out by our healthist culture) series. The March one is spoken for but I’ll be building a new group and am always avails for individual or family meetings, too. Yay! #fuckperfectionism #queerfam #queerbodytrustfam #fuckdietculture #bodytrustisyourbirthright #bodytrustprovider #fatpositive #fatchildrenarenotanepidemicoracrisis

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Hows everyone's week been? #queerfam 😬

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If you are in the LA area and want to find space/peace for yourself & others around orthorexia, food fear, body trust & so much more, I have two-ish spots left in a orthorexia recovery support group which will meet for 12 weeks starting the end of March. This is a group intended for anyone wishing to find pleasure, joy, and balance in food and body, as far away from policing and mortality and rules and shame as we can get. And we can. Together. DM me with Qs ! Love! #orthorexiarecovery #bodytrustprovider #edrecovery #bodytrustisyourbirthright #fuckdietculture #fatpositive #queerfam #queerbodytrustfam

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Recently, @enchanta posted a really beautiful prompt asking folks what living a life of alignment looks like every day. Mine included living on land, chickens, homeschooling or collectively schooling kiddos, living with queer fam, hosting a healing respite for changemakers and holding/leading retreats. A strong image came of the mornings. Spacious time to cook breakfast with loved ones and write, write, write, while watching the mist rise from the mountains. I am struck by how much of my life is not this. How much I fill my life with logistics and administrative tasks. I’ve known no other way most my life than to make things happen. However, that also requires a constant energetic that’s not always easeful, spacious or creative. Does capitalism hinder us from living in alignment with our deeper rhythms? Thoughts and insights most welcome. #healing #queerfam #return #2019 #intentions #beyondcapitalism photo of Cherokee National Forest.

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New logo I recently designed for alt synth-pop prince @husknoise. Check him out! He’s got a new single coming soon - I’ve heard it and can confirm it’s GR8🚨

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Have you ever seen a crowd go apeshit? #queerfam

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What's everybody up to this weekend? #queerfam

13 days ago

Looking gay as shit but fly as fuck! ❤️🌹 at The Park

14 days ago

Our snow bunny. ❄️

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I be crushing on you on a Monday like it’s Wednesday 😘😍

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Friends + bowling + throwback tunes = much needed night of laughter and shenanigans. And... I broke 100! Who knew years of bowling as a military kid left a muscle memory imprint! Cheers to Rowdy Ry Ry, Case O Whoop Ass, and Jay Walker! #bowling🎳 #beentoolong #queerfam #broke100 #soreinweirdplaces

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This last trip to Paris, I brought a little piece of her home with me forever ❤️ - - - Inspired by French street art, these three femme faces represent the phases of life, the places I’ve called home, and the women & femmes in my life who give me strength, love & inspiration. Y’all know who you are 😍 - - - Thank you to @clorindeee for giving me three beautiful Parisian witches to watch my back forevermore, & for generally being a badass ❤️ - - - - #queerfemme #newtattoo #healed #cicatrise #girlswithtattoos #freshink #paris #inkedgirls #witchesofinstagram #clorinde #womentattooers #paristattoo #supportwomenartists #planbergs #queerfam #feministtattoo #sorrymom at New York, New York

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Dear Vancouver, Thank you for the big city energy that always reminds me about how wonderful it is to be an extrovert. Thank you to these humans, who all week took me everywhere I wanted to go, found me all the best food, and had me believing that maybe I could grow my family a little bigger than just those I left so much of my heart with in the prairies. Thank you to the human not pictured, who like those in this photo, met me once a few weeks ago and instantly welcomed me into her home, and whom helped me navigate the city with her capricorn magic (which I have now proven to be a necessary preventative force for my otherwise wayward and lost ways. @victoriousnvf I've become so accustomed to your loving nudges that it seems you've sent a memo to all proximal caps to come save me from myself juuuuust a little - thank you, it's working.) Thank you for the rain, Van, though I know the locals would all hate me for saying it. Thank you for all the wonderful big city treats - jellyfish and otters, celiac friendly food and gardens galore! And to reconnect with a roommate from a decade before. It's been lovely. I'm starting to feel safe, and while even whispering that feels like a beacon for it to end, I'm also starting to trust myself again. And that's fucking cool. ° ° ° Image description: Bree and three other people gather making silly faces in a selfie at a sushi restaurant #yvr #vancouver #queersofinsta #queersofinstagram #nonbinary #trans #survivor #ibelieveyou #ipv #domesticviolence #dv #accessible #noableism #imagedescription #loveletter #mourning #grief #loss #letter #healing #selfcare #queerfam #vacation #accessibility

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#QueerBlackHistory #BlackHistoryMonth #BHM -James Arthur Baldwin (Aug 2, 1924 – Dec 1, 1987) was an American novelist, playwright, social critic and activist. His essays and novels explore intricacies of racial, sexual, and class distinctions in mid-20th-century America. -Baldwin’s writing explored fundamental dilemmas thwarting the equitable integration of not only African Americans, but also gay and bisexual men. Queer themes are prominent in his second novel, Giovanni’s Room (1956). -He was one of only two prominent homosexuals involved in the civil rights movement. Due to hostility within the movement toward homosexuals, he was conspicuously uninvited to speak at the March on Washington. -His unfinished manuscript, ‘Remember This House’, detailed his personal recollections of civil rights leaders Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. In 2016, the manuscript was adapted into the Academy Award–nominated documentary film, ‘I Am Not Your Negro’. #QueerSCV #SantaClarita #SCV #LGBTQ #LGBT #Lesbian #Gay #Bisexual #Transgender #Trans #Gender #Sexuality #GenderQueer #NonBinary #NB #Enby #Queer #Intersectional #Inclusive #Community #SCVQueer #QueerFam

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#Repost @queerscv ・・・ Join us in person for #LaughOutProud! #QueerSCV will meet *TOMORROW* (Sat 7:30pm) at @UUStudioCity. We're excited to see you there! 💙💟🏳️💟💙✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 You may be an openly LGBTQ+ person or in the process of coming out and questioning.... Whichever your situation, you will find #inclusive, #intersectional #community in Queer SCV. 🤩🥳 Please, feel free to share this post with anyone who may benefit from it or on your own wall. 🦄🦏👍🏼 https://www.facebook.com/events/375575129843067/ . . . #SantaClarita #SCV #Newhall #Valencia #Saugus #CanyonCountry #StevensonRanch #LGBTQ #LGBT #Lesbian #Gay #Bisexual #Transgender #Trans #Gender #Sexuality #GenderQueer #NonBinary #NB #Enby #Queer #SCVQueer #Alliance #QueerFam

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Join us in person for #LaughOutProud! #QueerSCV will meet *TOMORROW* (Sat 7:30pm) at @UUStudioCity. We're excited to see you there! 💙💟🏳️💟💙✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 You may be an openly LGBTQ+ person or in the process of coming out and questioning.... Whichever your situation, you will find #inclusive, #intersectional #community in Queer SCV. 🤩🥳 Please, feel free to share this post with anyone who may benefit from it or on your own wall. 🦄🦏👍🏼 https://www.facebook.com/events/375575129843067/ . . . #SantaClarita #SCV #Newhall #Valencia #Saugus #CanyonCountry #StevensonRanch #LGBTQ #LGBT #Lesbian #Gay #Bisexual #Transgender #Trans #Gender #Sexuality #GenderQueer #NonBinary #NB #Enby #Queer #SCVQueer #Alliance #QueerFam

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*Huge Thanks & Big News Klaxon* Thank you to everyone that made it down to see winegod yesterday at @thegloryldn. It really meant a lot to have all of your support. <3 I've had the news that @aceagrams have accepted my funding proposal for this Research & Development phase of the piece. I honestly was not expecting my application to be successful, I think it's just easier to mentally prepare for a rejection as they do tend to come thick and fast #artistlife. Next stop I'll be taking the show up to @roughtradenottm on the 10th Feb as part of the @uk.youngartists City Takeover. Beyond that, I'll be hatching plans for future dates and schemes, so keep your eyes peeled... Oh and if you're a producer or venue interested in the intersection between live art, experimental theatre, sound art/music and messy queer ritual: 'oh hey, let's talk! xoxox' Huge thanks to dramaturg superstar @talia_randall, Dom and Jack and everyone at @Roundhouseldn of course everyone at The Glory #queerfam, Dominic Holmes for taking production shots, Sam Reynolds for doing the door and generally helping a manic pre-show Oberon and Sophie Wakefield for filming. I'll be celebrating with a bevvy or several on Saturday at Sam Reynolds: Eurasian Twink, You're Ageing, Twink! this Saturday at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club. I'll be doing a turn and having a lark and NOT covering myself in gunge for a change. See you there, or see you square. xxx Candid snap by Princess Julia hrh x at The Glory

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Me, literally vibrating with excitement about being on a boat and going to Vancouver to see all the pals; Devon, non - plussed, going to Vancouver to be a super serious Big Deal Lawyer™ (Devon if you're reading this I know you don't think you're a big deal lawyer but you're focused and working while on a BOAT - and with me and my excited puppy energy - and that's fancy AND impressive so.) This is great. I'm thrilled. If you listen to my story I just posted you'll hear the song I've been singing for the last fifteen minutes about being on a boat and how great it is. In case you didn't know how great boats are. And also? Send all your love and focus to my excellent roommate who took me with her,even while knowing how obnoxious I am about all the things, and continues to work like the most pro A++ benevolent boss of the world that she clearly is. ° ° ° Image description: Bree and Devon take a selfie on a ferry - Bree is very excited and making a silly face, Devon is in the background reading a very large binder looking focused. #yyj #yvr #victoria #vancouver #boat #ferry #travel #explore #explorebc #queersofinsta #queersofinstagram #queer #nonbinary #trans #imagedescription #accessible #accessibility #noableism #queerfam #fun

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Dear Bree, You've been feeling the change here, and how much easier things are suddenly becoming. You don't know how to write yourself love letters that aren't centered around struggle and hardship and resilience. And it's cool - we're gonna learn. Because you can love more than your ability to keep going through pain. And you've not really had the breathing room to do that in the last decade, for whatever myriad reason. So here we are. You've found two new people that you really trust and who are as excitable as you. Today one of them took you on an ocean /forest adventure that you nearly exploded with joy about. The other takes you swimming to fulfill the woeful lack of bath time in your life. Your roommate comes home and is thrilled to see you, and loves your food (a love language that has been fully exploited in the past that I am so proud and happy for you to have held onto) and is very very very safe and stable. So here's to loving the parts of you that are breath taken and heart stopped at trees in forests, that scream and giggle when oysters spit at you, that touches all the sea creatures with care and curiosity, and who continues to love new people unabashedly as you always have. This is a force that you are darling, and your worth is not just in what you can survive, but the ways you curate joy. Be joyful without fearing the fall, because you've survived worse and that part is, for this moment and maybe the next, over. So giggle as you do at the oncoming rain and know that's just as important as the space you make for healing. ° ° ° ° Image description: a series of images. The first is bree in a purple pastel sweater with a floral button up underneath, a black rain jacket and toque. The second is a staircase leading down towards a sheltered ocean cove surrounded by greenery. The third is bree holding a live oyster against a gravel beach with tiny black snails on it. The fourth is a picture of a red soil path through Douglas fir forest, and the last is an image of a bright orange spiral shell against a rock dappled with barnacles. #yyj #victoria #queersofinsta #queersofinstagram #nonbinary #trans #survivor #ibelieveyou #ipv #domesticviolence #dv

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Just some still shots when I worked on the Netflix Emmy Award Winning Show; @queereye. I feel so proud to be part of something that is helping to shape the world’s hearts and minds. Each one of these guys are truly amazing spirits!! Cannot wait for Season 3 & 4!! Love you guys!! Grooming: @marina_hmua @karamo @jvn @tanfrance @antoni @bobbyberk at Atlanta, Georgia