Queerasfarm Photos & Videos

2 months ago

Making way... Before spring can yield new growth you sometimes have to remove the old. Getting ready for fruit, so much fruit. Thanks for your service, lilac, it's time for something new.. #loganberry #elderberry #currant Also giving the plum trees a good tidying in anticipation of those mysterious sour fruits of last year. Where did they come from?? Will they grace us with more this year? #queerasfarm #pocfarmers #blackfarmers #urbanfarming #scrapberryfarm

2 months ago

Poor whife. She has to go to such lengths to handle the sun. Meanwhile I'm, like, skipping in melanin through the sun rays. 😂😂🤣 ☀ ☀ ☀ Spring is coming! #queerasfarm #urbanfarming #scrapberryfarm

3 months ago

Ha, just call us Snowberry Farm because we are unfazed. Everyone needs a really good trim as we have some browning and die off due to the freezing temps. For all that we've got fresh peppers, , we've got baby collards busting through the snow, Farm living is good. But now I got to go to work, lols #scrapberryfarm #queerasfarm #pocfarmers #blackfarmers #urbanfarming

6 months ago

Greenhouse life is good and spicy. Just processed all of the August dried peppers and now ready to dry the next batch. #scrapberryfarm #queerasfarm

8 months ago

Summer is winding down, but no one told the plants. Shhhh. Also, this mushroom in the elecampane. What?! #scrapberryfarm #queerasfarm

9 months ago

I talk a lot about the new medicinal plants I bring in, but have not talked about my allies who have been here since long before me. This is Juglans nigra, the grande dame of #scrapberryfarm She's been here longer than many of us have been alive #blackwalnut I don't usually get a chance to harvest her much because we have a robust and territorial crew of squirrels who live here and I am generally content to let them be #queerasfarm

10 months ago

What's your garden soundtrack today? I enjoy tormenting my neighbors with this album (NB: the g-slur isn't for those of us who are non-Roma to say) #queerasfarm at Piedmont, Oregon

10 months ago

Tiny plum roulette. Most of them are tart explosions, occasionally one is very sweet. Last pound was the total opposite. #queerasfarm #scrapberryfarm

11 months ago

Diversity. Good for plants. Good for people. Living in a rural area has been a refreshing change. Whether in cities or in small towns I tend to stick out. The sheer volume of people in urban areas usually results in more frequent instances of, “what are you?” “where are you from?” “what’s your nationality?” “where were you born?” “wow you’re so exotic” “are you Pakistani or Indian?” In Bluffton I’ve noticed a special kind of sincerity, kindness, and genuine curiosity. The meanest thing someone called me to my face was “yankee” because I’m from the #ATL. Most southerners don’t count Atlanta as The South, but I promise you it is. Oh, and to answer the previous questions: Capricorn, Georgia, American, Atlanta, ok but also not a zoo animal, sure. This is @hipstergardener posting for #countryqueers! #biodiversity #hybridvigor #queerasfarm #southernenough at Bluffton, Georgia