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3 hours ago

I couldn’t be more proud to be a Rosslyn Academy alumni and seeing my nephew who is a part of the Kenya 🇰🇪 swim team crush all swim records at their meet a few weeks ago and making @rosslynacademyeagles history!!! Such an inspiration to @johnwambuofficial to see his cousin killing it 😎 🏊‍♂️ #proudalumni #itsafamthing #rosslynacademy #watchoutworld #teamAndrew #proudaunty #swimmer #swimlife #athlete #swimming #proudlykenyan #kenyaswimteam #swimtraining at Rosslyn Academy

1 day ago

So so proud of my best friend and the whole Dobyns Bennett Varsity and JV Winterguard teams! Varsity got 2nd and JV got 4th in their class at the CWEA Championships! Now it’s time for worlds... Roll dang tribe! #proudalumni

3 days ago

Here we go! So wish we were there! Cheering loudly and proudly from Lynchburg. Go LIBERTY FLAMES! 🏀🔥🏀🔥🏀 #RiseWithUs #MarchMadness #ProudAlumni #LU #Allthefeels ***From Liberty Flames Club: Use the hashtag #RiseWithUs to join the action and share your watch party pictures with Flames Nation***

3 days ago

March Madness is here! We are proud to have our alma mater making its journey to Columbia, SC this evening to play in the @marchmadness tournament! If you’ve made the journey for the game or are just a local UCF Knight alumni show your pride for our team and wear your gear to @sodacitysc this Saturday 9am-1pm and get 15% off your $35+ @magnoliathyme plant purchase! We are proud UCF alumni and can’t wait to celebrate our fellow Knights’ accomplishments! Go Knights! (Magnolia Thyme owns no rights to the UCF logo. All rights to the UCF logo are owned by the university and athletic department.)

4 days ago

This girl is excited that Murray State won its game today. Going to a school no one has heard of makes you pretty excited when they’re in the tournament. 🐎🏀🤗 at Los Angeles, California

4 days ago

It’s that time of year again #NCAA shout out my alma mater for making it back to the dance 👏🏾 #proudalumni 👨🏾‍🎓🏀

4 days ago

Got this in the mail and it brought. Ack so many amazing memories and reminded me of the wonderful people #UD introduced me to. It’s been a while since u graduated (2011) but she he impressions that was left on me helped mold me into the woman I am today. #UD #bluehen #proudalumni #universityofdelaware #udel

5 days ago

Sooo growing up in Alaska and watching #InLivingColor I just new I was going to be a #FlyGirl BUT God had other plans. And according to @marlonwayans camera operator is also not in my future. Nevertheless I’m blessed because I get to sit down with and produce talented and funny individuals like this. Check him out this week at his standup show in #Oxnard and his new #Netflix movie #Sextuplets coming this summer. #MarlonWayans #Lovemyjob #Producer MorningNews #HowardTaughtMe #ProudAlumni ✨✨ at Los Angeles, California

6 days ago

Έχοντας πλέον στα χέρια τους το κλειδί για το μέλλον τους, τίποτα δε σταματά τους απόφοιτους του Μητροπολιτικού Κολλεγίου Θεσσαλονίκης! Οι φωτογραφίες που μοιράστηκαν οι ίδιοι απο την Τελετή Αποφοίτησης στο Μέγαρο Μουσικής Θεσσαλονίκης είναι γεμάτες αυτοπεποίθηση, αυθορμητισμό και ανεξάντλητη χαρά! WELL DONE GRADUATES! · · · Απο αριστερά προς τα δεξιά: @sofiakyrgiafini (Ba Hons Early Childhood) @lamprini_karatza (Ba Hons Special Education) @argiro_kath (Msc Business Psychology) @panos_kon77 (BSc Hons Physiotherapy) @vicky_lds (BSc Hons Physiotherapy) @stavros.gkatsos (BSc Hons Computing) @s.doulge (Ba Hons Special Education) at Μέγαρο Μουσικής Θεσσαλονίκης / Thessaloniki Concert Hall

6 days ago

That’s right! Arkansas women’s track won the NCAA National title (again) 🐗 #Razorbacks #ProudAlumni