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1 day ago

Harvey Chops Lyons graciously allowed us recruit him as a model for the promotion of our upcoming Sunday Sessions fundraiser for Penny Marathon. Harvey was diagnosed with Immune Mediated Poly Arthritis back in July and was a very, very sick boy. He has bounced back incredibly and is now walking about two hours a day and his latest blood test showed his C reactive protein to be a big fat and very welcome zero. He's back for another blood test next week, and hopefully we'll have him totally off the Prednisolone soon. As you can see from this photo, one of the side effects of the drugs is muscle wastage, which for Harvey has mainly affected his face. If you'd love some gorgeous, colourful portraits bringing out the beauty in your dog, make sure you book in for our Sunday Sessions fundraiser on 14 October. There will be lots of colourful accessories to choose from to feature in your dog's photos, like Harvey's here. Your $50 session fee will be donated to Penny Marathon, and you will have the opportunity to order some gorgeous products complete with fine art photos right after your dog's session. If you don't have a dog, you are welcome to come along anyway as it is market day at the Addison Road - Community Centre, so come on in and say hi <3 Click here for further deets:

3 days ago

We're less than 100 days away from Christmas! My gift certificates make the purrfect gift for the Pittsburgh pet parent in your life because they include both a session fee and a $400 product credit. Contact me today to purchase yours!⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ #barkandgoldphotography #pittsburghdogphotography #pittsburghpetportraits #professionalpetphotography #dogphotography #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofpittsburgh #pittsburghdogs #pghdogsofinstagram #pghdogs #burghdogs #steelcitybarkclub #dogfriendlypittsburgh #givethegiftofpetphotography #pittsburghdogmom #happypawlidays

3 days ago

The word on the street is that the treats I use for all my shoots are absolutely dee-licious. Free-range chicken jerky and natural peanut butter has Little Luna Lyons schmacking those lips. Have you booked a spot at Sunday Sessions - Pet Portrait Fundraiser for Penny Marathon for your dog yet? Link in the bio 💕 #sundaysessionsforpennymarathon2018 #cooldog #jolyonsphotography

4 days ago

@smilingwrigley’s pumpkin spice treats gets some mega tail wags from Hunter! He loves the flavor, I love that they’re full of healthy, natural ingredients. I also love that Smiling Wrigley’s Treat Shop is helping support my @hellobully limited edition studio sessions by adding a little something special to my goodie bags. Send some love their way and shop local for treats made from real ingredients to smile about. (Also, doesn’t Hunter look dashing in his new @bowwowdesigns bandanna?!) • • • • • #barkandgoldphotography #pittsburghdogphotography #professionalpetphotography #petphotography #dogphotography #smilingwrigleystreatshop #smiligwrigleystreats #healthydogtreats #pittsburghpets #pittsburghdogsofinstagram #pittsburghdogs #pittsburghpuppies #pghdogsofinstagram #pghdogs #burghdog #bowwowdesigns #limitededitionsessions #studiosessions #studio415 #studio415pgh #hellobully #photographyfundraiser #pitbullawarenessmonth

5 days ago

Ace & Odie's parents received their 16x20 barnwood framed print today. Barnwood is a new frame style that I'm offering and I'm so happy my clients love it as much as I do! Swipe to see the full wall art piece.⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ #barkandgoldphotography #pittsburghdogphotography #pittsburghpetphotography #hairofthedogblog #petphotographersclub #professionalpetphotography #petphotography #petportraits #pittsburghpets #pittsburghdogsofinstagram #pittsburghdogs #pittsburghpuppies #pghdogsofinstagram #pghdogs #burghdog #printsoverpixels #printyourphotos #existinprint #youcanthangadigitalfile #signaturewallart #framedprint #barnwoodframedprint #barnwoodisbeautiful #clientorder

6 days ago

✨West Coast Holiday Sessions✨ Dreaming of beautiful holiday photos and cards featuring your favourite pets with a gorgeous outdoor West Coast feel? We’ve got you covered 😉 Dates: Oct. 13th and 20th Location: Fraser River Park (South Vancouver) ONLY 6 time slots available! For more info, click on the link in bio ⬆️ at Vancouver, British Columbia

7 days ago

Are you candle obsessed? If so, you’re going to want to check out my interview with @doggonecandles, a Beaver-based business creating non-toxic beeswax candles and wax melts that are both dog-inspired and cruelty-free. Oh, and if you’ve booked your @hellobully limited edition studio session, you’ll also get to try out these pawesome scents thanks to DogGone Candles’ generous donation to my take-home goodie bags. (Photos provided by Tiffani with DogGone Candles.) • • • • • #barkandgoldphotography #pittsburghdogphotography #professionalpetphotography #petphotography #dogphotography #doggonecandles #pittsburghdogs #pghdogs #burghdogs #pittsburghpets #guestpost #guestblogpost #ontheblog #dogsandcandles #doginspired #waxmeltsaddicts #womenowned #pittsburghsmallbusiness #beaverpa

8 days ago

Friday week ago when I was photographing all the tiny old dogs for the 2019 "Paws for Thought" Rescue fundraising calendar, I got to spend some time with this precious little girl, Hopscotch, knowing that her time in our realm was coming to an end. Today was that day and she has now crossed the rainbow bridge to be reunited with her little sister Buckles and all the other very loved dogs who were saved and lived out better lives thanks to Marika and Bill at PFT. Hopscotch and Buckles came into PFT's care back in October 2017 under duty of care. They were in terrible condition and unsurprisingly, their owners never reclaimed them. They both had multiple health issues and were given the best of veterinary care throughout the remainder of their lives to ensure they lived their best lives and had every opportunity of feeling their best. If you'd like to learn more about them and PFT in general, head on over to their page and search the posts for Hopscotch. Make sure you have tissues close by. I'll be lighting a candle for this little one tonight and my heart goes out to them all at Chateau PFT 💗

9 days ago

Luna is getting her wattle on, and oh how it suits her 💛 Spring has sprung and the wattle is in full bloom. I love the different varieties we have in our area. This photo was taken in my local park which we are fighting to save from the hands of developers. These wattle trees are considered by some as pests and an introduced species to the area. In my opinion, they have grown and adapted to what was once a wasteland and are thriving. Nature has it's way of evolving despite what we throw at it, and it never ceases to amaze me.

12 days ago

Wow, only three spots remain for my limited edition studio sessions, scheduled for October 6 at Studio 415! If you've been wanting professional portraits of your pup, consider snagging a spot. A portion of your session helps support @hellobully and the dogs of its organization. Get more information and reserve your time using the link in my bio. • • • • • #barkandgoldphotography #pittsburghdogphotography #professionalpetphotography #petphotography #dogphotography #pittsburghpets #pittsburghdogsofinstagram #dogsofpittsburgh #pittsburghdogs #pittsburghpuppies #pghdogsofinstagram #pghdogs #pghdogsofig #burghdog #steelcitybarkclub #dogfriendlypittsburgh #specialevent #pittsburghevents #limitededitionsessions #studiosessions #studio415 #studio415pgh #hellobully #photographyfundraiser #pitbullawarenessmonth at Studio 415

16 days ago

I've launched a new referral program! Are you a past client interested in earning another session or additional products (and helping a friend get the same)? Simply spread the word and get a reward! Contact me today to get your referral cards. • • • • • #barkandgoldphotography #pittsburghdogphotography #pittsburghpetportraits #professionalpetphotography #dogphotography #dogsofpittsburgh #pittsburghdogs #pghdogsofinstagram #pghdogs #burghdogs #steelcitybarkclub #dogfriendlypittsburgh #referralprogram #happytails #bgpexperience

18 days ago

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22 days ago

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there, no matter what kind 💜 at Barton Park

23 days ago

OMG! I could not go past this image when choosing our pet photographer of the week! Be sure to jump over to @indigopetproject to check out more of Karen’s gorgeous work.

24 days ago

Is that my stone? This little lady on the beach, on a beautiful morning in Eastbourne, is the lovely Sydney. She’s five years old and like all Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Sydney has those large, dark eyes and melting expression and that ever-wagging tail. But no tennis ball or squeaky toy for Sydney, her favourite fetch object/s are beach pebbles, which she singles out and religiously sticks to. Watching her play at the water’s edge, it’s hard to believe that Sydney is almost completely deaf and reliant on visual gestures from her dad. But that doesn’t hold her back from enjoying herself. Like all Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Sydney is so eager to please that she’s always watching and reacting to her dad and never far from his side. She's an absolute star ⭐️ ❤️ at Eastbourne, East Sussex

25 days ago

While Odin and Hector were dream dogs for their session at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, their photos are a great example of how what I see can differ significantly from what you see. Check out the Bark & Gold blog to see more behind-the-scenes. • • • • • #barkandgoldphotography #pittsburghdogphotography #pittsburghpetphotography #professionalpetphotography #petphotography #dogphotography #hairofthedogblog #petphotographersclub #pittielove #pitbullsofinstagram #theproperpitbull #dogsofinstagram #pittsburghpets #pittsburghdogsofinstagram #dogsofpittsburgh #pittsburghdogs #pittsburghpuppies #pghdogsofinstagram #pghdogs #pghdogsofig #burghdog #behindthescenes #beforeandafter #phippsconservatory #schenleypark #ontheblog at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

26 days ago

Mini Dachshunds in denim. One of the things I enjoy about photographing dog events is the opportunity to meet different dog breeds. Some of the lovely dogs I have got to know are @brunotheminidachshund and @pop_sausage they both have great little characters. Bruno has a huge fan base on Instagram and is well known for his outfits and bow ties. Bruno’s owner Lindsay says “Some people have got a Dachshund because of Bruno and one couple named their dog after him.” Pops was rescued from a puppy farm after spending the first 3 years of her life being used for over breeding and kept in a cage. Whilst she was pregnant she lost all of her puppies which is heartbreaking and brings a tear to the eye, no dog should have to go through this. Since Pops owner Charlie adopted her she is no longer nervous of people and has recently joined Mayhew’s Therapaws Programme as one of their therapy dogs 🙂

27 days ago

These mini accordion albums are a client favorite, but you can only get them as a bonus product during your reveal and ordering appointment--or if you book a limited edition studio session with me to benefit @hellobully! If you want to get your paws on your own, use the link in my bio to reserve your spot. (Hurry though, spots are limited!)⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ #barkandgoldphotography #pittsburghdogphotography #pittsburghpetphotography #hairofthedogblog #petphotographersclub #professionalpetphotography #petphotography #petportraits #pittsburghpets #pittsburghdogsofinstagram #pittsburghdogs #pittsburghpuppies #pghdogsofinstagram #pghdogs #burghdog #printsoverpixels #printyourphotos #existinprint #youcanthangadigitalfile #miniaccordionalbum #clientorder #specialevent #pittsburghevents #limitededitionsessions #studiosessions #studio415 #studio415pgh #hellobully #photographyfundraiser #pitbullawarenessmonth

29 days ago

Happy #NationalDogDay Since photographing dogs I have had the opportunity to meet and photograph so many lovely ones including rescue dogs that despite not having the best start in life have ended up having special roles as therapy dogs or featuring on TV programmes alongside well known actors 🙂 If you would like to view more photos please visit my website

29 days ago

This photo was taken just after sunrise last Sunday morning... Gracie was literally about to jump straight into my lens she was having so much fun racing up and down the beach with her two brothers. That soft blur in the background is little Benny trying his best to keep up with Gracie's high energy sprint. This gorgeous morning was so worth getting up at 5am for! <3 at North Shelly Beach

1 month ago

Happy Friday!!!🙌 It’s a blogging day! This week’s topic in our pet photographer’s blog circle is “golden hour”... my favorite time to schedule a photo session! This image of Rudy was taken at 6:40 pm ... exactly an hour before 🌅 sunset. Do you make it a point to take photos during “golden hour”? Click on the link in my bio and check out the pantthetown blog and follow along! Have a great weekend! 😍 at Halibut Point Reservation

1 month ago

Hello my friends... have you missed me? I've been a little exhausted from the amazing weekend I just had with my friend and past client Hildy and her own three dogkateers scouting the Central Coast for some great locations for upcoming photo sessions. I have family up on the coast and we love to spend time up there visiting so I've decided to extend my services. For those who live up on the coast, feel free to message or email me ( if you'd like to find out more and be kept informed of when those sessions will be available. These three are dear to my heart. Gracie on the left lived the first 15 months of her life in a crate and was scared of everything. Thankfully she was rescued by Claws 'n' Paws Rescue and went into foster care with a very experienced and loving carer, and then subsequently adopted by Hildy who continued the amazing work transforming Gracie into the confident and joyful little dog she is today. And boy, does Gracie know how to boss her brothers around! I first met Sylvester in the middle when he was just a young 5 month old pup at the pound way back in 2012. He was rescued by my good friend Marika at "Paws for Thought" Rescue and adopted by Hildy in November 2012 to join their family and provide a brother to Benny. Sylvester is absolutely obsessed with balls and we had an amazing time at the beach at sunrise on Sunday getting lots of action shots. I also first met Benny on the right when he arrived at the pound absolutely terrified and shaking in the corner of his enclosure after he'd just been surrendered by his previous owner. Hildy thankfully discovered Benny the next day and swept him up out of the scary pound and into their loving home where he has flourished ever since. Thank you to Hildy and her kids for helping me on our huge weekend adventure <3 at Wyong Milk Factory

1 month ago

I am so saddened to hear of that one of my first clients, Hunter, crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week. Losing a fur baby is never easy. Here is a little something special that went out to his mom this morning.⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ #barkandgoldphotography #pittsburghdogphotography #pittsburghdogphotographer #professionalpetphotography #petphotography #dogphotography #siberianhusky #rainbowbridge #rainbowbridgedog #metalornament #fureverinyourheart #petloss #petlosshurts

1 month ago

More images from Tempus’s photo session in Kangaroo Valley. This gives you an idea of the types of shots included in your package... We aim to get it all - portraits, environmental shots, goofy images, action shots... and more 👍 at Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales

1 month ago

In my second guest post, Kali of @smilingwrigley’s Treat Shop talks with me about the four-legged inspiration behind her brand and how this Pittsburgh-based business supports local shelters and animal non-profits. (Photo provided by Kali with Smiling Wrigley’s Treat Shop.) • • • • • #barkandgoldphotography #pittsburghdogphotography #professionalpetphotography #petphotography #dogphotography #smilingwrigleystreatshop #smiligwrigleystreats #healthydogtreats #pittsburghdogs #pghdogs #burghdogs #pittsburghpets #guestpost #guestblogpost #ontheblog #supportyourlocalrescue #supportyourlocalshelter

1 month ago

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1 month ago

Remember that 16x24 artisan wood that Scout and Rocky's parents picked out during their reveal and ordering appointment? I finally got to deliver it yesterday evening! Big smiles and wagging tails all around! • • • • • #barkandgoldphotography #pittsburghdogphotography #pittsburghpetphotography #hairofthedogblog #petphotographersclub #professionalpetphotography #petphotography #petportraits #pittsburghpets #pittsburghdogsofinstagram #pittsburghdogs #pittsburghpuppies #pghdogsofinstagram #pghdogs #pghdogsofig #burghdog #printsoverpixels #printyourphotos #existinprint #youcanthangadigitalfile #artisanwood #clientorder

1 month ago

Our little scruffer... still recuperating from his recent illness, but well on the way to recovery. He was diagnosed with an auto-immune issue, so it will always be there, we are just learning the best way to manage it. We are so very thankful to the amazing team from @sash_vets ❤️