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Quiero contarles una historia: Luego de estar casi 3 meses un poco ausente de mi casa. el reto, la preparación, viajes...etc. Al llegar encontré a este personaje que ven en la foto extrañando a mamá. - • El contexto es el siguiente: •Soy mamá y papá 🙂 •Trabajo desde casa, manejo mi tiempo por ende el 80% de las veces estoy cuando Jero llega del Colegio ( yo lo recibo, yo lo duermo, yo le ayudo con las tareas.) Pase de estar un 80% a estar un 20% 😑. - • Se le hacia extraño llegar y no verme, saber que viajaba, llegaba y me volvía a ir 😑... las jornadas de entrenamiento eran largas,teníamos muchas reuniones. mi papá y mi mamá ( no viven con nosotros ) pero si no estoy yo estan ellos, para Jero no era igual. - • _ Al llegar tuvimos días duros 😑estaba orgulloso de mi logró pero completamente indignado 🙇🏻‍♀️. Y yo no me sentí nada bien. El Pensó: ¿será que ahora no soy importante? Yo pensé: Soy la peor mamá 🤦🏻‍♀️. • - • La mejor forma de solucionarlo fue hablando, escuchando sus puntos, contándole los míos, entendiéndonos y llegando a acuerdos. ACUERDOS? Si. Pudimos mediar. Debía haberlo hecho antes y evitar que esto pasará pero aveces cómo papás también cometemos errores. Jero entendió que el es mi prioridad pero que tengo millones de sueños por cumplir los cuales necesitan esfuerzo y tiempo. Ya le mostré mi gran proyecto de 2020 y entendió todo lo que iba a representar. - • - Después de muchas conversaciones acordamos varias cosas pero lo más lindo fue la conclusión final de Jero: “A LA GUERRA Mamá, somos el mejor equipo” ❤️ Siempre todas las relaciones pasan por esta clase de momentos duros, que nos hacen más fuertes. (Con un hijo duele el triple 😣) Mi consejo: Deportistas y familias se que este tema no es fácil, lo acabo de vivir. pero seguro si yo pude lograrlo con un NIÑO de 9 años. TODOS podrán 😉 cumplan los acuerdos SIN FALTA, recuerden que aplazar los sueños no es una opción, así requieran más sacrificios 🙂. • • • • #process #progress #acceptance #runners #run #running #runningmotivation at Bogotá, Colombia

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What my set-up looks like while I'm scripting my videos! Reviewing footage, scripting story moments, gameplay, side content etc and most importantly a nice cup of coffee ☕ I mix this up with watching other content creators to further motivate myself and learn how to improve my approach and content as a whole 🖖

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Today, we made another elephant for my good friend and painting buddy, Sam. She picked the colors and I provided the tabletop and steady pouring hand 😅 what do you think?

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“No llores porque el momento terminó, sonríe porque sucedió.” —Dr. Seuss Conforme más pasa el tiempo más agradezco cada segundo invertido con personas que amo y he amado. Aprender a dejar ir es durísimo, entender que no soy dueño del tiempo de nadie y que este momento también va a pasar es todo un reto. Entender que lo importante es el ahora, no lo que fue ni lo que podría venir. Disfrutemos hoy, ya, ahorita, este momento. Con los que están hoy, porque talvez mañana ya estaremos en otro flow y en otra frecuencia, y eso también está bien! Ahora importa.~ . . . . . . #crossfit #training #abs #fit #fitness #health #wellness #process #costarica #shirtless #gymmotivation #motivation #peace #f4f

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Приняла решение разбавить свои традиционные работы скетчами из головы. В моей голове крутятся тревожные мысли, которые не давали мне успокоиться. Но это помогло мне не много отдохнуть от них. Думаю, что будет серия таких 'работ' #artoftheday  #artstagram #artshow #artlife #artgallery #artpop #instagramanet #instatag #illustration #illustrator #illustrations #illustrate #drawing #myart #drawing #painting #worldofartist #graphic #illustration #sketch #face #hard #artisticpainting #портрет #study #акварель #process

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Are you ready to start 2020? Time to really go into the nitty gritty in your business and scale. When was the last time you were confident, excited and hopeful about your business prospects? Why did you start your business? If implementing even the most basic systems gave you back a few extra hours each week, what would you do with that time? How would it feel if you got an offer to sell your business, would you be confident in doing so? What if your health took a nasty turn could you step away for a few months and still maintain your current level of living? These are all questions I'm sure you have asked yourself. And I'm sure you know the answer. You need systems. Join me on 9th November, Saturday, 10:30am and let me help you establish your business fundamentals. Learn how to easily structure your business to scale. Get the insight into the latest tool to give you an easy path to build your business structure even if you are just a solo operator or a team of 100. We will introduce you to Business Fundamentals, a learning session to kick start your business engine. A guided step by step implementation that will get you working on your business and feel confident, excited and hopeful. At this learning session, we will talk about the sections in your business you struggle with and work on your very own business template which leads to your business blueprint. Eliminating the stress, overwhelm and being stagnant and replace it with excitement and confidence and actually look at your business head-on with hope. Upon registering you will also be in the running to win a free lunch voucher from The Redbrick Hotel sponsored by Free The Thinkers! Book your spot in this link and be a part of this learning session and let's get you started strong. >> Book your spot through the link in my bio.

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I am left without words to be able to describe everything that God has done. The crazy part is that this is only the beginning. My husband and I are honoured to be part of this house and to serve alongside our spiritual parents and youth pastors/mentors @pabeljr @romy_casillas Above everything else, it’s the greatest honour to know that this was all God ordained. This has been a season of harvest and suddenly’s for us both where God completely made a huge shift in our lives not just today but in these past 2 months. #Grateful #Process

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#Process #Installation #Details ✔17 exclusive designs by De Wolfe Wall Forms ✔Each box contains 32.9 ft² / 3 meters² = 12 3D wall panels ✔3D wall panel dimensions: 19.6 x 19.6 in / 50 x 50 cm ✔Waterproof ✔Fire and shock resistant ✔Can be painted with common wall paint @theinstallerwalldesigners

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My client wanted to re design a ring to use a family old cut diamond. It originally came from a gents signet ring and now it’s been given a whole new journey in this design. With a diamond this size it was always going to be bold and I’m stoked with how it turned out. . . . #jeweller #jeweler #jewellery #jewelry #instajewelry #custommade #design #designer #diamonds #customcreated #customjewellery #customjewelry #bespoke #bespokejewellery #bespokejewelry #instajewellery #instajewelry #gold #goldcoast #legassick #bench #tools #process #australianjeweller #australianmade #ringoftheday #tarabarnard #goldcoastjeweller #oldcutdiamond #remodel #jewelleryremodelling

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Shellacking — Today was a day of tool sharpening, smooth planing and polishing. I finished up the shaping and panel-making for the first assembly of the mahogany rocker, so it was time to do some prefinishing. I do what I call “California polishing” (a term and process I learned from Ejler Hjorth-Westh at @thekrenovschool) – basically, a simplified and quicker version of French polishing that gives a beautiful sheen and protective film finish using a lighter cut of shellac. I may regret setting this bar of sheen so early in a big project, but it really makes this mahogany sing. Really, though, I was mostly excited because I have a new shellac jar. This jar is from a 19th century pharmacy, and used to contain “Tinctura Guaiaci,” a tincture made with Guaiac wood for treating gout, rheumatism, dysentery, amenorrhoea, and dysmenorrhoea long ago. Guaiac wood may be better known to most woodworkers as lignum vitae. Lignum is a very special wood to me, both for some autobiographic reasons (my father gave me an incredible board of it long ago that I’m still using for plane soles) and for its amazing superlative properties of hardness, density and chemistry. Pretty cool to have my shellac sitting in such a noteworthy little container – maybe someday I’ll make my own tincture from the lignum shavings I’ve been saving for years. — #wood #woodworking #woodworker #process #design #polish #polishing #frenchpolish #californiapolish #shellac #finish #woodfinish #tincturaguaiaci

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Friday's post explained how I apply a straight strip of masking tape onto the canvas, without drawing on the canvas. (Any pencil marks on the canvas can be a problem with any paint being applied.) To position additional tape parallel to the first straight strip of tape, I use regular masking tape to act as a guideline. Once the second strip of good (green) tape is positioned, the regular tape is removed, and used again as a guideline for the next. And repeat. No measuring necessary! . . . #artlesson #canvas #ohioartist #artistworking #maskingtape #process #hardedgeart #hardedge

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little details.. ive started to enjoy drawing pictures for much longer now that I’m working so much. Makes me look forward to going home and developing it more #wip #process