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We are all PRISONERS of our own ENVIRONMENTS. - Israel Ukoko - A PRISON is a place of punishment and pain, of confinement & constraint, of limitation & frustration. Truth is, no man can rise beyond his limitations & your immediate environment is a shaper of who you are. Your ENVIRONMENT shapes your EXPERIENCES, your EXPERIENCES shape your DECISIONS, & your DECISIONS shape your DESTINIES. Look at your results, your relationships, your life & your environment, they are a mirror reflection of each other. If you like the results, then stay in that environment, if you don't, seek a new one. Do not limit your understanding of your environment to only mean your physical environment, truth is, you can start by changing your mental environment. What's on your MIND? What do you think about? What conversations do you have with yourself? Who are your closest associates? What are your values & your belief systems? What do you feed your soul? All of these are ways to effect & affect your environment. Once in a while, go to an environment that is superior to yours, breathe the air, see the sights, hear the sounds, observe those in the upper echelons of society, see their houses, cars & families, make up your mind that you too would release yourself from a lesser environment to a higher environment. Truth is, no matter how highly placed you are, we are all PRISONERS of our own ENVIRONMENTS, & we can still rise higher, if we're willing to pay the price. Break out, break forth, it is not a life sentence, it is a mind sentence, EMANCIPATE YOURSELF! Keep striving and I'll see you on the better side of life. #entrepreneur #prison #environment #freedom #success #workout #bespoke #tailor #fitness #fashion #fashionblogger #model #fit #design #designer #fashiongram #motivation #gym #monday #mondaymotivation #inspiration #wisdom #wisewords #mentor #life #lifestyle #lifequotes #lifecoach #luxury #luxurylifestyle

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Do y’all think Tkeashi is getting out soon?

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After years of searching for a big brother type-friendship, I finally found it last summer while incarcerated in county jail. The 1st time I met Shepard, who would eventually become one of my closest friends and supporters, as well as future business partner/manager/agent/producer, was when he was new to the mod and came up to me in the dayroom about 7am to ask for coffee. I obliged but was more than annoyed when he asked if I could also shoot him some cream&sugar. A few days later he was transferred into my cell. I was unsure about him for all of about 2 hours before realizing this guy was completely on my level. After watching me shadowbox the wall of the cell, he quickly explained the errors in my form, and that was when I learned all about his dramatic martial arts & combat experience, serving alongside U.S. military in war. Shepard was not held in such high-regard by everyone in the mod, however, but I say it with pride when I tell you that not a single person ever did anything about it. Shepard often gave mini-lessons in martial arts to folks in the dayroom, and proved his expertise by putting more than 1 whiteboy and vato on their backs. We shared poetry, stories, hopes and dreams, and he hung on every word when I told him about my life, my music, family, and the stories behind my landing in jail. After my release, we continued to keep in touch regularly, as he has moved on to a long-term detention facility, and recently, after receiving some photos of his dogs that I had printed and sent, he expressed he would like some photos of me (and my kids). So... I may have gone a bit overboard, but I decided to put together an "Orion" magazine for him. Most of its contents are posts from my old ig, before it was banned and deleted; photos of/by me, my art&poetry, etc. Its more than a little vain, but I think I have led an interesting life, have produced some interesting art, and I *know I (helped) produce a couple of very interesting children. + I am lowkey tryin to make my story make me $ since I didn't become a famous #rapper last year & this is good practice. #lettershome #lifestory #friendship #jail #prison #incarceration Doin time, u need mail when u in jail-2Pac at George Bailey Detention Facility

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We went and visited the Old Idaho State Penitentiary and took the tour. We learned a lot about the conditions, the cells, the inmates, the buildings and thr years of operation. I learned a lot about the area and the history of the prison. #idaho, #prison, #penitentiary, #boise at Old Idaho Penitentiary