Precariouscreatives Photos & Videos

6 days ago

PRECARIOUS CREATIVES. ⠀ ⠀ Hi there everyone, this page is now up and running and will be providing new fresh content daily regarding underground creatives and the latest news in the creative world. ⠀ My name is Eloise Stewart and as part of my third years photography FMP I wanted to focus on creatives and how little recognition is rewarded for such hard work and talents, so this whole idea is based on showcasing works of a diverse collection of creatives. I have teamed up and worked with 8 different emerging creatives, to put together ideas and collaborate in a way that allowed us to represent them to their truest forms through a specific shoot concept (based around their likes/hobbies/talents/interests). I will be gradually posting my collaborative work with them, their works in addition to works of other creatives from all around. I want to build a community that allows for creation, networking, collaborations, commissions, inspiration and general updates of relevant information. Keep posted to find out more about these really interesting 8 creatives. Also, if you would like to submit any work to be posted on this page, simply hashtag #precariouscreatives and every day I will be selecting multiple peoples work to showcase. ⠀ ⠀ Stay precarious, I’ve got your back.