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16 hours ago

Have you ever had the urge to stop talking for awhile? Not in a sad way, just so you could listen better with all of your senses? Sometimes my thoughts can be relentless, coming to me at night. Dreams where I’m running, always just behind, always messing up. Truth be told the projects taking shape right now feel so right, so aligned, so exciting. As I sit here watching April work magic showing me that adversity is a good sign, I have been learning the sacred nature of low points. I am so grateful when my emotions are right here at the surface with me, so I can pick them up and look them right in the eye. Let the breaking do it’s work, I’ll be rising up into the new shape I’m going to be.

19 hours ago

my feeds gonna look so good when im done with all my pics

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2 days ago

Long overdue. Featuring annoying parents part 3.

2 days ago

I would like to thank @houtkov for this picture. I just love it , like the other one 😍. Grazie🙏🏽 at Paris, France