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everytime I watch my friend get their heart broken, I wonder why we do it at all. I feel their pain, their sadness, their bewilderment, their confusion. why does it have to hurt so much? but then I meet all these people that say that hurting makes it all real. that the hurt makes you stronger. that we shouldn’t be afraid to love for fear of getting hurt. but what separates the line between being smart about who you give your love to and being unafraid to love? tbh, I don’t know. I want to believe that you meet someone who makes you want to take all those risks. That they make the hurt worth it. Or unafraid of it? Or that you “learn” from it??? ~~~ Somebody give me a sign. at Wellesley, Massachusetts

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Spring’s the perfect time for a Journey

3 hours ago

Aquela casinha de pedra na beira da estrada, é lá o meu lar 🦋 at Minas Gerais

4 hours ago

Conheci o paraíso e eu conheço o inferno Vi Jesus de calça bege e o diabo vestido de terno No mundo moderno, as pessoas não se falam Ao contrário, se calam, se pisam, se traem, se matam Embaralho as cartas da inveja e da traição Copa, ouro e uma espada na mão O que é bom é pra si e o que sobra é do outro Que nem o sol que aquece, mas também apodrece o esgoto... Racionais Mc's

6 hours ago

Making sparklers in photos cool before the hipsters catch on. at Arizona

2 months ago

. Ona milczy głośniej niż krzyczę. Słodkie życie, słyszę bluzgi jej pod prysznicem. Woda płynie jak obietnice, chmury wiszą jak szubienice. at Opole