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Had the pleasure of working with actress and comedian @jahannahjames last week. As always, the laughs were non stop! . . Here at RTR, our aim is help actors and actresses get out there and show the industry what they're made of. Showreels and headshots can get very expensive but we believe in creating high quality work without having to break the bank! . . . Get in touch if you want to add some colour to your work. We're currently offering 20% off your first headshots and showreel packages until the 15th April. . . . #reinventyourself  #reinventthereel  #headshotphotographer #headshotcrew  #actorslife  #actorswanted  #actorheadshots #showreel  #actorsportfolio  #portraitphotography  #portrait #portrait_society  #portrait_shot  #actresslife #londonphotographer  #londonphotography  #bestoflondon #startuplife  #discountcode

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When shoots are more like a hangout than a serious shoot>>> •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Model: @kailene.brianne •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Hashtag #b0kehboyz for a chance to be featured on the page! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #Portraitgasm #portraithood #portraitinspiration #portraitvision_ #portrait_mf #1635mm #sonya7rii #rokinonlens #portrait_ig #portrait_shot #portrait_shots #portrait_society #portrait_vision #portraitmag #artofportrait #top_portraits #portraits_universe #portraitperfection #6d #portrait_planet #portraits_life #portraitphotographer #ig_underdogz #gramvisions #all2epic #unknownperspectives #ocphotography #ocphotographer at Old World Huntington Beach

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Методом проб и ошибок, я определилась! . Это был долгий путь, но я наконец-то нашла свои основные жанры в съемке: женский портрет и любовь ❤️ Я обожаю снимать lovestory, свадебные съемки, а ещё особенно люблю раскрывать женскую красоту в кадре! И чтобы Вы знали, за 5 лет моей работы, мне потребовалось 3 года, чтобы определиться с жанром, который по душе! Конечно без методов проб и ошибок не обошлось! Я реально попробовала все жанры! И окончательно приняла решение! . Что насчёт остальных жанров? Ну вот например «семейные съемки»👨‍👩‍👧‍👦! Сколько я не делала тут опросников, проанализировала, что вот совсем не семейные съемки Вы ждёте в моем профиле! Да и знаете, мне так тяжело общаться с детьми, может быть потому что я ещё не познала узы «мамы»? В общем тяжело это все даётся... Я решила, что «семейную съемку» буду проводить только знакомым и моим любимым клиентам, с которыми не раз работала! . Нет, это не значит, что я окончательно исключила этот жанр! Думаю, что ещё вернусь к нему! . А так, я уверенна, что приняла правильное решение... Ведь главное слушать своё ❤️, верно? #aroundarknessphoto #amazing_shots #perfectly #amazingphoto #canoneos60d #фотографвсаратове #canonphotographers #50mmlens #canon50mm #girlportrait #kdpeoplegallery #portrait_shot #beautifulgirl #portrait_today #immaginory #photohunted #portraitsnyc #thelightsofbeauty #portrait_wizard #bravoportraits #visionofportraits #хочувbestphotorussian #artofsplendor #portraitsystem at Фотостудия Свет

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This woman here, needs to be in magazines. Met her yesterday and she was amazing. Such a natural! She had so much energy and was very positive throughout the entire shoot. Can’t wait for the next shoot!

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Many of us believe that smile can represent happiness, but maybe we use it to hide something. Where a serious face can be misjudged as being angry or unhappy. When it may just mean that they’re in deep thought or showing their truth. This is what we are told , but instead gather the evidence for yourself, and don’t be quick to make a decision. For a smile can be easily dismissed , and a serious face can tell you the truth. @totalli.natali is showing us that strength. 🙌🏽 at Upland, California

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Всемирный день счастья превратился в полное гавнище:) Сегодня я планировала написать восторженный пост про увлекательную авантюру, в которую ввязалась. Нооооо Не судьба. Но я же не сдамся😏 И пост восторженный ещё напишу! Вот так! Ph: @chiernihina . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #vscoua #vscoukraine #nikolaev #ukraine_recommends #ukrainianphotographer #cityports #bravogreatphoto #portraitfeaturez #cityfeature #urbanphotography #urbanportrait #ilove_simplebeyond #simpleportrait #streetportrait #streetphotoshoot #portrait_mood #portrait_vision #portrait_shot #portraitoftheday #portraitmagic #ukrainegirl #stylingtheseasons #smallmomentsofcalm #aseasonalshift #alliseeispretty #erasereality #thenoisetier at Mykolayiv

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Happy first day of spring! I can’t believe how spoiled Seattle has been with this warm weather we’ve been having! I was actually able to wear a tank top yesterday and I wasn’t freezing! I’m so looking forward for it to consistently be warm like this. And I’m looking forward to all of the pretty flowers that should be blooming soon! What’s your favorite thing about Spring? In shot: @nick_drifts at Golden Gardens Beach

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Hello friends! We can cross roadtrip Italy from our bucketlist! What an amazing and beautiful experience. And then we didn’t even start talking about the Italian food 🍝. •WAUW• To continue what we started last week: facts ! This time it’s about me. 1] I’m born and raised in Hoek van Holland, a small town in the corner of The Netherlands. 2] I always start my day with an ice coffee 3] for many years I did topsport badminton 4] I am truly addicted to popcorn from the cinema in Holland. Who are you? We are super interested in getting to know you ass well! Send us some facts about yourself. X. K at Madrid, Spain

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Madrid it is! Have you ever been to this side of Madrid? This place is one of my favourite places in the world. I recently started giving tours to show anyone who is interested in seeing the beautiful lakes. I will take you to the mountains to see the secrets here. Are you interested? You can book your tour now through my website in my bio. You will be surprised! X. K at Community of Madrid

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Hi guys! ✨ from this week on we will start with the 5 get to know us facts. We will start today with Gonzalo and will give a follow up every week about us. 1] I’m born and raised I Madrid. 2] my favourite thing in the world is traveling 3] my biggest hobby is surfing 4] my favourite food is everything what have to do with meat, so prefer a big bbq. 5] I lived for 4 years in Holland. Do you want to know more? You will find out next week! You can comment with questions you would like to know and we will use them. X. G at Community of Madrid

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We love to travel as far as we can but sometimes you will be surprised about the beauty surrounded by you. We are living in Madrid and it takes us only 1 hour to fly to Mallorca. When I am standing here I don’t want to go anywhere else. Europe, you are beautiful ! X. K & G

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Hi guys, hope you are all doing well! The coming few pictures were from our roadtrip in Italy. Over the past months we have been collecting so many of our pictures from our trips and we will post every day 3 pictures of our trips we have been. If you have questions about the trips or you would like to receive tips or if we can help you with future trips let us know! X. K & G at Sirmione

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The beauty of my hometown Madrid 🖤 X. K at Madrid, Spain

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