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One of my favorite cap and gown photos to date! This lady is headed for Teach for America and off to do great things. at Old Main, University of Arizona

6 hours ago

Only a few weeks of summer left! I hope they’re filled with family, friends, and enough adventure to carry you through fall. at Old Main, University of Arizona

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📷 . FILMES 35mm Cor . Kodak Colorplus 200 R$ 19.00 Kodak #ProImage100 R$ 19,00 Pack 5unid R$90,00 #Kodak Gold 200 R$ 29.00 Kodak  #Ultramax400 R$ 32.00 Kodak Ektar 100 R$ 54.00 Kodak  Portra400 R$ 59.00 #KodakPortra 160 R$ 56 00 Kodak  #Portra800 R$ #Fujicolor  #C200 R$ #Fujicolor200 R$ 28.00 Fuji 100 Industrial  R$ Fuji #Superia400 R$ 29,00 #Fuji Pro 400H R$70.00 #Fuji Superia Venus 800 R$ 63.00 #Cinestill #800T  R$ 78.00 #Cinestill 50D  R$ 82.00 #Lomography Color 400 R$ Lomography #Color100 R$ 34.00 FILMES 35mm P&B. . Kodak #Trix400 R$ 49.00 Kodak Tmax100R$ 50.00 Kodak Tmax 400 R$ 52.00 Kodak #Tmax3200 R$ 58.00 Ilford HP5 400 R$ 49.00 Ilford Delta 100  R$ 59.00 Ilford Delta 400  R$ 59.00 Ilford Xp2 R$ #Ilford Fp4 R$ 49.00 Ilford Pan 100  R$ 49.00 Ilford Pan 400  R$ 49.00 Ilford Delta 3200 R$ 57.00 Agfa  APX100 R$ 37.00 #Agfa APX400 R$ 42.00 #Kentmere400 R$ 42.00 Kentmere 100 R$ 40.00 #FujiAcros100 R$ Rollei RPX 400 R$ 46,00 Rollei RPX 100 R$ 47.00 Rollei RPX 25  R$ 48.00 Rollei Retro80S R$ 51.00 RolleiRetro400S R$49,00 #JCHStreet Pan 400 R$ 60,00 Pancro 400 R$ 52.00 Fomapan Classic 100 R$ 36.00 Fomapan Creative200R$36. Fomapan R100 R$ 44.00 #Fomapan 400 Action R$ 36.00 Lomography Lady Grey  R$ 48.00 Adox Scala 160 R$ 54.00 Adox HR-50 R$ 51.00 Adox Silvermax 100 R$ 48.00 . CROMO e INFRARED . Rollei Infrared  R$ 50.00 Fujichrome Velvia100 R$ Fujichrome  Provia 100f  R$ 60.00 🎞Valores anunciados para pagamento em dinheiro ou transferência. . . ENTENDA AS FORMAS DE PAGAMENTO . Dinheiro = ao valor anunciado Transferência bancária = ao valor anunciado . Cartão débito +2%* Cartão de crédito +5%* PayPal +5% Págseguro +5% . BANCOS PARA TRANSFERÊNCIA Brasdesco Itaú . Tenho filmes 120 CONSULTE . 🎞Material para  retirar NÃO FAÇO ENTREGAS  só envios . RETIRADA . REGIÃO CENTRAL Rua Conselheiro Crispiniano . REGIÃO CONSOLAÇÃO Endereço para quem não tem tempo para retirar em horário comercial ou só pode finais de semana .CONSULTE . Loggi Rappi ou outra opção de entrega custo por conta do comprador . Correios de segunda a sexta sempre antes das 10 para compra realizada até 8.30 do mesmo dia. Custo por conta do comprador. at São Paulo, Brazil

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Buncha people’s faces on #portra800 MY CONTAX AND LAPTOP BROKE FUCK

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When I deveolped this roll, it was labeled "Melvins". I don't recall taking this photo, but I really do dig it. Tacoma WA

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I feel like I don’t show my grooms enough love here on the good old IG, so let’s change that. I know this goes without saying, but the gentlemen deserve portraits that are just as beautiful as the bride’s, don’t you think? 🙏🏻 at Lord Hill Farms

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Expresses longing.

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Camera: Olympus MJU II Film Film: Colourplus200 VW

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Heading to California end of July and then heading to Alaska end of August for an epic elopement. My husband (Ben) has a big year coming up with fellowship interviews all over the country, and I just am feeling incredibly blessed that y’all have supported me and my dreams as a photographer. My schedule is pretty busy this year but in the best of ways. I’ve had the best clients and have made the best of friends. I can’t wait to share all my adventures coming up with all of you, and also can’t wait to shoot the insane number of rolls of film I have in my backpack! 🥰 shoutout to @indiefilmlab for being the best at Iceland

13 hours ago

up early to finish a client gallery before hitting the road tomorrow!⠀ ⠀ i slept like a baby last night after putting 12+ hours into my website redesign yesterday on top of other work. it’s a slow and cumbersome process, but i do love getting the opportunity to utilize my graphic design background for photographic projects.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #thatsdarling #pentax645 #livethelittlethings #filmisnotdead #theheartfulphotogs #lifestylephotography #gracenotperfection #filmphotographer #familyphotography #lifestylefamilyphotography #letthekids #letthembelittle #lifestylefilmphotography #photovisionprints #oregonfamilyphotographer #oregonlifestylephotographer #salemoregonphotographer #insalemoregon #portlandfamilyphotographer #portlandlifestylephotographer #filmismagic #lightismagic #corvallisphotographer #authenticmoments #newbornphotography #capturemoments #chasinglight #newdad #portra800 #thefindlab at Sherwood, Oregon

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A photographer comes with many side jobs. I often hold sunglasses, carry bags, hold on to phones, make sure there are no wardrobe malfunctions, etc. What isn't seen in this beautiful photo of mom + dad is their one year old I have tucked like a football under my left arm. 🤣 I just did what needed to be done to get this beautiful shot and keep the baby out of the lake. It's part of my job and I am happy to do it to make sure you have a beautiful and successful photo session. • • #caraolsonphotography #westmichiganphotographer #familyphotoshoot #beachsession #westmichiganlifestylephotographer #momtrepreneur #momboss #mom_hub #momswithcameras #my_magical_moments #our_everyday_moments #ourlightwithin #parenthood_moments #pixel_kids #shared_joy #theartofchildhood #thefocusedphotographer #runwildmychild #theeverydayportrait #the_sugar_jar #uniteinmotherhood #tunnelparkbeach #storytellingmama #documentyourdays #ottawacountyparks #mastinlabs #portra800 #momanddaughter #michiganphotographer #familyphotography