Pond Photos & Videos

25 minutes ago

Impatiently waiting for summer to arrive again, Studley Royal is beautiful all year round but summertime there is my favourite! Can’t wait to go on pretty little picnics by the water again 🦢🦋 at Studley

39 minutes ago

Old macro shot of a baby ranchu. 👶

40 minutes ago

I’m very happy to see daffodils flowering in areas that I cleared last year. There were leaves before but no flowers. I guess the extra light has given them a boost. An obvious sign that the hard work has paid off #woodlandclearing #pond #daffodils at Clayhill Arts

3 months ago

Lily pads, peace and tranquillity. Yves St Laurent Museum, Marrakech, Morocco 2018. at YSL Museum, Marrakech