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To, The people who were once my family, Hello there! I hope you all have been doing fine in your life and may you achieve everything that you need in your life, but let me tell you something you can't just come close to someone and do such kind of damage to them because when karma works your every motive,every goal , every person and everything fails, I don't need you all to suffer obviously I loved you all the most but yeah you did cut my heart into pieces and you broke my trust in a way which you weren't supposed to so I kindly wish that you don't do this with new people you all may meet in your life . The distance between us made me think that we're so strong as a team and as a family but I was wrong somewhere, I thought that this is the best thing that I could've asked for but unfortunately it turned out to be worst think that one can get in his/ her life and would never ever think of getting abandoned in such a way . Dear you can do your stuffs in your life,you can use me for your petty motives but once I'm done you'll never see me again and I promise to never bother you in your life ,you can break me,you can hate me, you can shake me,you can make me cry but you cannot stop me from doing things that I love. It's rightly said that, "People who get angry on you for small misunderstandings and leave you aren't made to be in your life!" . I hope just one day you realise the damage that you gave me , one day you understand that life isn't always easy and we should not abandon someone in such a way and yeah sorry I also want that karma shows you what you truly deserve and for once, you'll know about the scars that you all left and the pain that I'm suffering right now . You'll come to me one day but it'll be late I would have moved on to better things and yeah I'm sorry for everything that I did to you but I'm not sorry for the pain that I'm experiencing right now. Thank you From, The one who misses it the most © Dharmang Shah @_secret_scribbles

31 minutes ago

Mysticity of enchanted devouring forest's fog is what I see transition of sound waves light skirting a dance along bridges between broken leaves. There's a huntsman in trance brooding on his hunt frosting in shallow cave is his hunted deer. Deer's eyes projecting a kaleidoscope of life's last dance, waiting for his coup de grâce. Huntsman and his trance share an episode, its leitmotif frisking a sad catharsis. Of hunt and awry decisions, they time travel along the unconsciousness of sin and virtue. Is bullet the junction for xanadu or a crossing across purgatory's dementia? Huntsman and his trance, a rifle and few bullets. I see his tongue endeavoring to taste a dew drop clinging to the edge of that elexir of a leaf. He fails. Like that deer whose tongue sticks out tasting the Grim sweat of the Reaper. Bang Bang. His trance shot him before the rifle. Oh but what will the world see - Rifle as Lucifer whence that Judas of Trance will bear the rain of hippies' cloud 9. Perhaps I am the Pentagram. Perhaps I do not abhor but unreckon the Cross. Perhaps that fog is a sojourn, I am leaving hell. Hi Dante, Heaven is seeking me Home is seeking me. The self called home. I want to cuddle inside my home's quilt. See me climb up to heaven's elevator. I'm kissing your junction goodbye. Hell was lucky that I graced its presence.

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"Hello? Mom? I can't hear you, The lines aren't strong But I've to go. Mom, I'll call you At nights of broken promises. Mom, wait for me, and don't wait for me." . " My baby girl is a month old And she's crying, I can hear her Over the weak network. She's crying for me, Don't cry little princess, Daddy shall see you soon. Take care of mom, daddy loves you." . " Happy Valentine's day Jaan, I miss you. It's biting cold here but don't worry I'll be fine, I have to. I'm given no choices. Jaan, I hope you're having your meals at time, Take care of everyone, Take care of yourself. We're a month away From our first anniversary. I'm dying to see you, To see again how the vermilion adorns you, Jaan I'll be back soon." . The hearts skipped a beat And they had known something was wrong. The promises were meant to be kept, The phone was meant to ring, It did but not from the person Much awaited. Everything got silent After a loud thud. 350 kg of menace washed away the vermilion, Tore the mangalsutras, Turned red sarees to white, Snatched a single chance of a baby to see her father once, Took away the widowed mother's young son. . 350kgs of menace, 40 families jeopardised. Candle marches won't do the thing . Let's save the rest of the soldiers who are saving us. . . #westandunited . . . . #writer #writersofindia #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writersofig #writerslife #writersblock #poet #poetsofinstagram #poetsociety #poetsofindia #poem #poems #poemsporn #quote #love #heartbreak #pulwama #writers_around #pulwamaattack #pulwamaterrorattack #peace

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One can learn a lot from flowers How to be selfless How to spread happiness How to be beautiful in your own way How to stay calm No matter what others say How to fill other’s life with colours How to leave some mystery to be discovered. 🌻f.w. . . . . . . . . . #she #he #selflove #loveyourself #loveyourselffirst #lovepoetry #lovequotes #quotes #motivational #dailyquotes #poetsofindia #poetsofinstagram #poetry #pictures #sad #poetsofinsta #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #poetryisnotdead #quotesdaily #poetrylove #poetrylovers #poetsofig #poetssociety #poets #word #wordporn #wordpornoftheday

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Make their sacrifices count.. Be something that they feel proud to be protecting.. Our soldiers have been working for this great nation of ours since ages with prominence, honesty and passion it's time now that we too do the same.. don't promote hate speech or communalism.. don't fall prey to fake news and act violently..stay United and tolerant towards each others..Coz this what our each and every soldier on the borders is striving hard to protect.. Jai hind.. Lines @i_a_m_p_r_e_e_t_i_ #pulwamaattack #martyrdom #lovethenation #nonviolence #unity #peaceandlove #citizens #responsibility #indianarmy #indiannavy #indianairforce #soldiers #terror #kashmirvalley #tolerance #fearlessmotivation #dailyinspiration #weareone #fightback #writeraofindia #poetsofindia #naturephotography #traveller #coloursofindia #heritage #condolencestothefamilies #restinpeace #we_r_straids at Pulwama, Kashmir

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How hard is it for you to not have any expectations?

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It's just not about merely a candle march, flowers or a holiday! What really requires is feelings for our soldiers, which should stay alive throughout! No! We won't forgive nor do we'll forget! We will fight and revenge is now our sole right! They will see now how #indiantiger #roars and #huntthecowards #india #indian #indianarmy #indiansoldiers #indianarmyofficers #indianarmyquotes #saluteindianarmy #writingcommunity #indianwriters #indianpoets #india🇮🇳 #sayings #patriots #patrioticindian #revenge #loveindiansoldiers #salute #hindisayings #writersofindia #poetsofindia #pulwama #pulwamaattack #khyatie

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Are you jealous, 'Cause her parents don't mind, To see their daughter wearing, The clothes that she likes. . Don't peep somewhere else, Look at her smile, It is merely enough, To have you mesmerized. . She's not having bad intentions, You have got. You decide her character, With the length of her top. . She might be a bad girl, Then, what shall we call you, as***le. You decide her character, With the length of her shorts. . If you don't like her, Stop staring. In fact, she feels embarrassed, To have, even, females doing it. . Yeah, she exposes her legs and waist, And, what's wrong with that. Everyone's got a body, Here, she's confident with her silhouette. . She knows her limits, Don't try to tell her. Before, pointing at someone else, Point at your inner self. . Her parents taught her, "Never let anyone down". She's walking on her parents' path, Are you doing the things that your parents taught. . Don't try to blame her, For the mishappening. It could've happened to anyone, So, be supportive. . She wears the clothes, That she feels comfortable in. Her parents never stopped, Then, who are you to intervene. . VIA- PRABHNEET KAUR Follow my page for more such content. . #word #words #reading #writing #writer #writers #writingcommunity #writerscommunity #poetsociety #positivevibes #vibes #relatable #tale #poetry #TWS #poet #poem #poets #poetryporn #poetryisnotdead #poesia #poeta #love #motivationalspeaker #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #poetsofig #poetsofindia #wordgasm

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The flowers are dying as the seconds pass. It’s a confusing mass of emotions. We’re losing the will to go on. We’re trailing behind our own selves, running after a new life. These words are incomprehensible, it’s unfortunate how you don’t give me a second look anymore. I’m a paradox. I’m the memory in your heart and the scar on your mind. As the days pass, you choose to leave me behind in the vast ocean of sins I committed. And I’m falling in deep. This is the end, I will be no more tomorrow. But while I’m struggling, I’ll count each and every breath by the numbers my mother taught me when I was three. I’ll embed all the shades of blue I see, put them on the palette of colours my father brought me when I was five. I’ll curse you as I drown, but I’ll love you. I’ll be a tranquil scream in the ears of the soul who has known only solitude. I’ll wreck havoc in your brain and I’ll love you. I’ll be the stabbing pain on the wound you got when you tripped over the boulder, and it’ll never stop bleeding. I will crash into you like a celestial body and burn your existence down to ashes, the ashes which make you choke on your own self pity. I’ll kill the colliding polarities of your juxtaposed personality, and I’ll smell in the feeling of pain. I’ll touch the agony in your mind, oh I swear, I’ll do it with love. Then I’ll get closer to dying, almost reaching the bottom. But as I do, I’ll bury your soul in the water and paint your body blue. And then, just like you once did, I’ll call it love. with all the honesty I can manage to put together, I’ll call it love. // . . . PC: anon #poetry #poet #poetrycommunity #poetryporn #poetsofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #poetsofindia #poets #poetryislove #poetsociety #poemsporn #wordporn #word #words #wordgasm #writersofinstagram #writer #writerscommunity #writingprompts #writerscommunity #writerslife #musing #lifequotes #life #writersofindia #writersofindia