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El día 5 de Abril cerraremos las inscripciones al IX Curso Internacional de Ecografía Cardio- Pleuro -Pulmonar 2019. Os esperamos en la bella ciudad de MÁLAGA con todo el elenco de docentes nacionales e internacionales de diferentes especialidades. https://eco.lungs.tv Modalidad presencial y modalidad online desde vuestra casa. Uno de nuestros trabajos más importantes será presentado el día 13. Utilización de la ecografía avanzada en Enfermedad Pulmonar Obstructiva Crónica y Asma. COPD & Asthma. Bronchial analysis by Advanced Ultrasound. Strain Rate and Tissue Doppler Imaging. The Art of Lung ultrasound. Second Level #POCUS #FOAMed See you soon in Malaga. On line registration @LungsTv 2019. IX Internacional Course !! #ultrasound #ecopulmonar #ecopulmonar2019 #ecopulmonarmalaga #asma #epoc #asmabronquial #asthma #COPD #neumology #neumologia #ecografia #pulmon #malaga #sopain #medicine #respiratorio #madrid #europe #neumonia #disnea #strain #strainrate at Málaga, Spain

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#FOAMed #POCUS #PEM Case from Annals of EM - What's your Dx? • 2 week-old male, fussiness & abdominal distention • Prenatal history: prematurity at 35 weeks, normal prenatal US results • Current history: nondisplaced, parietal skull fracture diagnosed from an accidental fall 4 days ago • Mild hypothermia (35.5°C [95.9°F]) & a firm, distended abdomen • Kidney, ureter, and bladder radiograph revealed bulging flanks, with medial displacement of bowel concerning for free fluid Diagnosis: Anterior urethral valves with renal forniceal rupture. Ultrasonography demonstrated bilateral dysplastic kidneys, moderate to severe right-sided hydroureteronephrosis, and large complex fluid concerning for urinary ascites as a result of forniceal rupture. A Foley catheter was placed for bladder decompression and a voiding cystourethrogram demonstrated anterior urethral valves. The patient underwent endoscopic valve ablation with urology and was discharged 11 days later, with improving renal function and hydroureteronephrosis.

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"Personal trauma travel pack: 958 grams total. Handheld POCUS included. @ Fitz Roy Patagonia. Mechanical fall with blunt impact to left anterior knee, immediate pain and obvious effusion. Rapid eval: neg for fx, extra capsular ligaments intact, positive for large effusion = therapeutic aspiration, intra-articular analgesic and good compression dressing... finish the summit and safe to hike out. Worth it." -@stjoesemergency #ButterflyiQ #POCUS at Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, El Chalten, Argentina.

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#FOAMed #POCUS Case from Annals of EM - What's your Dx? • 70 y/o woman, 1 day after polyp removal by colonoscopy • Vitals normal • Diffuse rebound abdominal tenderness • Labs & radiograph were normal Diagnosis: Colonic perforation with pneumoperitoneum. The incidence rate of colonoscopic perforation is estimated at 0.08%, with older patients at greater risk. Ultrasonography may assist in detecting pneumoperitoneum, with characteristics including enhancement of the peritoneal stripe and reflection artifact. In addition, reverberation and shifting can be observed under probe compression; this is also known as the scissor maneuver. The patient underwent laparoscopic cecal repair and recovered uneventfully.

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⚜️GUT SIGNATURE⚜️ . 👨‍💻The bowel wall shows a stratified morphology consisting of 5️⃣ concentric rings⭕️of alternating echogenicity referred to as the 👉”GUT SIGNATURE”✍️ . 👨‍💻Each of the rings seen at US examination corresponds to a different layer of the bowel wall seen at histologic analysis. US is the only imaging modality that can depict these histologic layers, which makes it particularly useful in bowel evaluation. . 👨‍💻The innermost component of the gut signature is an echogenic line that represents the interface between the bowel lumen and the gut mucosa. This line is commonly referred to as the mucosal layer, despite the fact that it actually is an interface between the mucosa and the intraluminal bowel contents. Adjacent to this is a thin hypoechoic ring corresponding to the muscularis mucosa. Peripheral to the muscularis mucosa is an echogenic ring that represents the submucosa, followed by the hypoechoic muscularis propria and, most peripherally, the echogenic serosa. . 👨‍💻In summary the five concentric layers are (from innermost to outermost): 1️⃣⚪️The innermost: it’s the echogenic mucosa interface. 2️⃣⚫️adjacent to the innermost: the hypoechoic mucosa. 3️⃣⚪️the next one is the echogenic submucosa( the thickest one) 4️⃣⚫️following the submucosa is the hypoechoic muscularis propria 5️⃣⚪️the outermost echogenic layer is the serosa (usually not depicted by ultrasound). . ▶️WHY IS IT IMPORTANT❓❓ . 👨‍💻The gut signature can be used to differentiate benign conditions, where gut signature is preserved and long segments of bowel are involved, such as inflammatory bowel disease, from malignant conditions where there is destruction of gut signature usually short segments of bowel. . 👨‍💻It can also be used to identify and recognize the appendix, enteric duplication cysts or differentiate bowel from intra-abdominal fluid collections. . 👉FURTHER READING 📖: ▶️Muradali, Derek, and Deborah R. Goldberg. "US of gastrointestinal tract disease." Radiographics 35.1 (2015): 50-68. at São Paulo, Brazil

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Heart Failure and Lung Congestion by Advanced Ultrasound. Strain Rate and Tissue Doppler Imaging. The Art of Lung ultrasound. Second Level #POCUS #FOAMed See you soon in Malaga @LungsTv 2019 IX Internacional Course !! #malaga #spain #FelizSabado. Os dejo un regalo para el finde !! El comportamiento de un paciente en insuficiencia cardíaca, incrementando el grado de congestión pulmonar, perdiendo elasticidad y compliance sin que aparezca una línea B aún !!! .... Seguimiento por TDI more Strain Rate Saludos y nos vemos pronto en Malaga !! #madrid #urgencia #emergency #lungultrasound #cardiacultrasound #foamed #pocus #madrid #malaga #saturday #video #ecopulmonar #ecopulmonar2019 #ecopulmonarmalaga #heart #heartfailure at Madrid, Spain

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Very nice work everyone - you highlighted the most important point, which is not to get tunnel vision. Although this history and imaging could fit with anaphylaxis (bowel movement, collapse, halo sign), there are also other explanations. As someone pointed out, it's important to always check both sides of the diaphragm! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What I left out was that on physical exam there was pulsus paradoxus present, so pericardial effusion was at the top of the list before the ultrasound entered the room. Although the heart auscultated normally, there was a pretty massive pericardial effusion. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ As a fun final question: what is the one unusual clinical sign that often occurs with pericardial effusion? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #veterinarian #veterinarymedicine #vet #dvm #mrcvs #vetsurgeon #veterinarysurgeon #emergency #vettech #vetnurse #vetstudent #vetschool #veterinary #veterinarynurse #veterinarytechnician #veterinaria #afast #pocus #vetemergecc

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Case scenario for fun:⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ A 9-year-old GSD walks into your emergency clinic. They report that during a walk this evening she suddenly had a bowel movement and collapsed. On presentation she was obtunded with pale mucous membranes, poor pulses, and tachycardia with a HR of 160 bpm. Because you're a hip and trendy ER doc you do an AFAST and see the following image.⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What are your thoughts?⠀ What do you do next?⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #veterinarian #veterinarymedicine #vet #dvm #mrcvs #vetsurgeon #veterinarysurgeon #emergency #vettech #vetnurse #vetstudent #vetschool #veterinary #veterinarynurse #veterinarytechnician #veterinaria #afast #pocus #vetemergecc

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Hi there, You are invited to a Zoom webinar. When: Apr 2, 2019 11:00 AM Arizona Topic: Ultrasound as the Stethoscope of Medicine, Integrating POCUS into your Practice Register in advance for this webinar: https://us04web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_VAJ0D0VASzetofr_mnsAqw After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. ---------- Webinar Speakers Malka Stromer (@Sound Sports Imaging, LLC) Malka Stromer MEd, BSc. RDMS; is a registered diagnostic medical sonographer whose clinical skills were fostered at the University Health Network and Mount Sinai’s Center of Excellence in Obstetrical Ultrasound, in Toronto, Canada. Malka has spent the past 13 years of her career sharing her enthusiasm for sonography as a professor in Canada and the United States. Malka has spoken at various professional events and educational institutions on topics including sonography of the bowel and her research in the ethics of obstetrical ultrasound. She has also authored a chapter in a sonography text. @soundsportsimaging #physicianassistant #nursepractitioner #pocus

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Finally I got my Butterfly IQ ...one probe, whole body imaging. 19 preset.A pocket-sized ultrasound provides a complete window into the human body. A new era of medical imaging. @butterflynetwork @aspenhealthscreening Happy Friday to me 😀 #ultrasound #butterflyiq #probe #imaging #newera #newtechnology #doctor #doctorlife #physicians #clinic #pocus #apca #ardms #prevetivemedicine #ultrasoundservices #fullbodyscreening #screening #healthcare #hospital #scan #ranchocucamonga #california at Aspen Health Screening - Preventative Ultrasound

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Reposted from @doctorswithoutborders - Aid worker Will Harper has reason to hope: we're constantly innovating—from setting up mobile clinics to using new technologies and training local health workers. #SouthSudan #tech #POCUS #snakebites #malaria #cholera #humanitarian🗺️🌐🌍🌏🌍🏛️🎆♥️ #visitealoja: www.galeriapix.com.br/gospeltalk #galeriapixcombrgospeltalk LINK na BIO #lojavirtual_gospeltalk #lojavirtualgospeltalk #lojavirtual_gospel_talk 🇧🇷✝️🚪🛡️📌 #gospel_talk é um app cristão independente. Não é o Zap. Baixar na PlayStore grátis. Participe dos grupos: 1- add o Cel 55.21.97175.1818 nos contatos do seu celular; 2- em seguida baixar o app, instalar e enviar mensagem dentro do aplicativo; 3- não é SMS; 4- aguarde e será adicionado em um grupo; 5- #Deusteabencoe

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◼ SALTA ◼ El fin de semana pasado estuve en Salta dando mi curso de ultrasonografia en emergencias y cuidados críticos pediatricos. Pronto visitaré más ciudades y provincias de nuestra hermosa Argentina. . . #pocus #Argentina #medicina #cursos

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IVA-Juntan slår till igen! Vad tror du? Gutfeeling eller Gastric ultrasound för att bedöma ventrikelinnehåll? Detta är lätt och användbart! #POCUS #FOAM #CritCareProvider iTunes, Acast Spotify sprid o dela!

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This is a great case of a 19 year old male who was at home on the sofa eating with his friends when he passed out. His friends called EMS and started CPR. On arrival EMS found the patient in V-Tach and cardioverted him on scene with ROSC. Patient arrived in the ED awake and alert but slightly confused. He stated his father had some cardiac history but he was unsure exactly what that was but he knew he had an AICD in place. An echo was performed shortly after arrival and showed HCM. The patient was admitted but sadly lost to follow-up. If you want more info on HCM click the pdf link in our bio. Thanks to Dustin Morrow for the great case. #emergencymedicine #pocus #cme #ultrasound #residency #emergencyroom @tpcookmd @danpark419 @practicalsonography @pocusbrasil

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The scope of practise in paramedicine continues to increase as more medical technologies are proven to be critical in the pre-hospital setting. Got to test out the portable paramedic ultrasound today; fascinating!!! 👩‍⚕️ #paramedictobe #POCUS @utsc @centennialcollege

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✍️RESPOSTA AO POST ANTERIOR👨‍💻 . ⚜️COLEDOCOLITÍASE⚜️ . 👨‍💻É uma das causas mais comuns de obstrução biliar! . 👨‍💻Assim como os cálculos da vesícula biliar, os cálculos ductais aparecem classicamente como estruturas hiperecoicas,com sombra posterior e intraductais. . 👨‍💻Diferentemente dos cálculos da vesícula biliar, em aproximadamente 20% dos casos não é possível demonstrar uma sombra acústica em cálculos ductais. . 👨‍💻Isso provavelmente está relacionado à ausência de uma quantidade significativa de bile ao redor destas estruturas. . 👨‍💻A impactação é inferida quando o duto estiver dilatado a montante ao cálculo e afilado a jusante! . 👨‍💻Felizmente, o tratamento dos cálculos ductais geralmente é indiferente à presença de impactação! . 👨‍💻Quase todos os pacientes com coledocolitíase visualizada à ultrassonografia são submetidos à colangiografia retrógrada endoscópica para retirada dos cálculos! . 👨‍💻A sensibilidade na detecção de cálculos ductais é muito menor do que a detecção de cálculos na vesícula biliar. A maioria dos falsos negativos é devida à falha na visualização do ducto biliar comum distal. . #ultrassom #ultrassonografia #emergencia #pocus #radiologia #radiologista #ultrassonografista #ultrasonido #radiologo #ecografia #residentederadiologia #ginecologista #medicodafamilia #cursodeultrassom #estudantedemedicina #escolamedica #ensinomedico #ultranatomia #anatomia #cirurgia at São Paulo, Brazil

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✍️ANSWER TO LAST POST👨‍💻 . ⚜️CHOLEDOCHOLITHIASIS . 👨‍💻It is one of the most common causes of biliary obstruction. . 👨‍💻As with gallbladder stones, ductal stones classically appear as hyperechoic, shadowing, intraductal structures. . 👨‍💻Unlikely gallbladder stones, in approximately 20% of the cases it is not possible to demonstrate an acoustic shadow behind a ductal stone. . 👨‍💻This likely is related to the lack of a significant amount of bile surrounding ductal stones. . 👨‍💻Impaction is inferred if the duct is dilated above the stone and decompressed below the stone! . 👨‍💻Fortunately, the treatment of ductal stones usually does not depend on whether they are impacted or not. . 👨‍💻Almost all patients with choledocholithiasis on sonography undergo endoscopic retrograde cholangiography for stone retrieval! . 👨‍💻Sensitivity in detecting ductal stones is much lower than detecting gallbladder stones. Most false negatives are due to failure to visualize the distal common bile duct. . #ultrasoundoverlays #pocus #ultrasound #sonography #ultrasoundstudent #sonographystudent #radiology #radiologist #radiologyresident #emergency #echographie #ultrasoundtech #sonographytech #salus_sonography #foamus #foamrad #medstudent #surgery #medschool #anatomy #medstudent #radyoloji #sonographer #roentgen at São Paulo, Brazil

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📋CASO CLÍNICO: Paciente obesa com queixa de dor em hipocôndrio direito! . 🧪LABORATORIO: aumento considerável de fosfatase alcalina e bilirrubina direta com discreto aumento de transaminases! . ❓PERGUNTA❓ 👉Qual o diagnóstico? 👉Quais achados ao ultrassom? . 👨‍💻Gostaria de saber seu raciocínio diagnóstico! Comenta aí abaixo!!👇👇 . #ultrassom #ultrassonografia #emergencia #pocus #radiologia #radiologista #ultrassonografista #ultrasonido #radiologo #ecografia #residentederadiologia #ginecologista #medicodafamilia #cursodeultrassom #estudantedemedicina #escolamedica #ensinomedico #ultranatomia #anatomia at São Paulo, Brazil

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Too much context would give it away, but I will tell you that the lung ultrasound showed A-line pattern. What part of the body is this clip from? Which probe was used to acquire it? What do you see? . . . . . This clip comes from a DVT study. This image was captured using a linear probe on the vascular setting.  With the probe marker oriented towards the patients’ right side, we can tell that this is the right leg (NAVY remember? the vein will always be on the same side as the limb). POCUS DVT studies are performed using compressive ultrasonography. In general, depth should be adjusted to see both artery and vein as we see here. Assess the 2D image for apparent clot or thrombus and if nothing is visible apply direct vertical pressure to assess for compressibility. The vein should be compressible when applying less pressure than necessary to compress the adjacent artery. Several anatomic regions need to be assessed, please refer to your favorite POCUS reference for an in-depth review of required anatomy.  This clip, taken at the level of the lateral perforator demonstrates clear clot within the vein, and so no compression was applied. This patient went on to be diagnosed with DVT and was placed on therapeutic anticoagulation. #POCUS #ultrasound #criticalcare #FOAMed #FOAMus

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With so many options on preparing for your registry we want to make your choice an easy one. Gulfcoast has the highest exam pass rate in the industry at 98%. Only Registry Experts teach our courses and webinars with only one mission, get you registered. Courses, webinars and products are based on current registry outlines. Click link in bio or give us a call to learn more. 727.363.4500 #ultrasound #cme #sonography #sonographer #registry #ardms #cci #apca #physician #pocus #digitalhealth #hcsm #doctors20 #hitsm

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Today, we had a very eventful day, as we participated in our POCUS lab examining the lungs and eye! Learning hands on is the way to go! . . What is POCUS? It stands for ”Point-of-Care Ultrasound” where medical professionals can use ultrasound to help diagnose patients. . . We also had a chance to use the new Butterfly iQ from the @butterflynetwork which is amazing!! at Emory University School of Medicine

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Description ---- It is a potato flower and it is grown in the fields. it Is a very beautiful flower which I have Clicked with the camera of my mobile and presenting this beauty in front of you so that you also know that potatoes How beautiful is the flower of...... #photography #pic #pocus #flowers #potato #beauty #germanshepherd