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8 hours ago

Sharing food is one of my favorite ways to get to know people from other cultures. Not just eating the food, but also sharing the techniques and the stories behind where the food and recipes come from. Pictured here are El Salvadorian inspired Tortillas a mano 🤚made with the love of two El Salvadorian beauties. Oh how I love the way they show me their love. #foodismedicine #peoplearepeople #healingenergy #healingvibrations #tortillasamano #maiz #corntortillas #handmade #salvadoreña #sisterhood #sharefood #foodporn #showmetheway #cheflife #foodislove #shamanicmama #iloveyou #playfulflow

2 days ago

This is a picture of a quilt square that my friend and former World Central Kitchen Tijuana Volunteer, Jill Budzynski @geologeewhiz , made for the Border Wall Quilt Project that will be assembled in DC. She modeled the piece after a Washington Post photographer’s photo of an anguished toddler just being separated from her mother by ICE. “Her wrenching emotion is what each of us in the US should feel, realizing that our government is committing terrorism/genocide on innocent people who are just seeking a safer life.” Thank you Jill for your love, service, activism, expression, and art. You inspire me so. I love you. 💕 #artheals #expression #nowall #noborders #humanrights #abolishice #familiesbelongtogether #thisisterrorism #usterrorism #noseparation #worldcentralkitchen #tijuana #community #activism #getupstandup #firegoddess #meditateonlove #belove #letmeshowyoutheway #loveandpeace #weareone #loveyourbrothersandsisters #BorderWallQuiltProject #ChefsForThePeople #ibelieveinyou #iloveyou #playfulflow

4 days ago

Good Morning, Ohana! ・・・ I am a grounding point for miraculous energy to express. And so it is! #iloveyou #playfulflow

6 days ago

We can learn a lot from each other not only by sharing food, but by sharing stories and personal histories. Food always brings people together no matter where they come from. Today in an apartment near the wall in Tijuana overlooking the ocean, 2 Americans, 3 El Salvadorians, 1 Mexican, and 1 Honduran are listening to Johnny Cash, making pupusas, and telling stories. In this shot, Ana and I are turning three cheeses into a cheese “masa” for the pupusas! #womenatwork #culturalanthropology #foodislove #foodismedicine #sharingfood #storytelling #teachme #powerfulwomen #chef #cocinera #foodie #pupusas #elsalvador #sisters #familia #travelingchef #foodheals #cookingistherapy #iloveyou #playfulflow at Playas de Tijuana Secc Costa

9 days ago

We have the ability to take food in as medicine every single day. If we listen in, our bodies will direct us in the form of cravings. My body is currently requiring lots of papaya, banana, pineapple, apples, greens, turmeric, ginger, almonds, coconut oil, moringa, whole milk yogurt, hemp seeds, and a whole lotta love. I certainly don’t have the desire to actually EAT all of that, yet my body is wanting it. So, mama made a beautiful shake filled with all of the goodness, and probably a couple of things I forgot about. Isn’t it gorgeous? And it tastes DELICIOUS! 💜🤤 #foodismedicine #healingfoods #organic #almostvegan #mamalovesyogurt #cheflife #foodie #foodisart #eatyourcolors #vibrationalhealing #tuneintothefrequencyofyourbody #heal #youcanhealyourlife #energyhealing #shamanichealing #antiinflammatory #healingchef #iloveyou #playfulflow

12 days ago

・・・ Most of us are certain that we have experienced some degree of love, be it with a life partner, our children, parents, siblings, friends, God, our spiritual teachers, animal companions. Although love itself is an invisible energy, it feels tangible when we feel it directed towards us and when we direct it towards others. This is love experienced as a noun, a “something” labeled love. The ultimate form of love, however, is a verb. It is a state of being love itself, the essence of our true nature. #LOVE #Repost @michaelbbeckwith with @get_repost #loveheals #loveiseverything #iloveyou #playfulflow

14 days ago

This is my friend and brother, Ricardo. He was one of the many rockstar volunteers in the Tijuana kitchen. He visited me at home today and I’ve gotta say, I’m feeling so much love @lobobobo ❤️ Thank you for your nurturing vibrations and energy, the belly jiggles and laughs, the seawater and bubble soak, the foot rubs and arnica, the storytelling and visioning...thank you for sharing your heart, spirit, frequency and love. What an afternoon! #feelingloved #aloha #ohana #friendship #connection #energyhealing #adventure #shaman #homeopathic #laughtermedicine #healers #metaphysical #ceremony #travelingchef #putloveintoit #tijuana #mexico #makelovenotwar #iloveyou #playfulflow at Playas de Tijuana Secc Costa

14 days ago

While down here in Tijuana serving our migrant brothers and sisters, I have met and bonded with some very amazing humans. I met the woman on the left the first night I arrived in Tijuana and only knew her as “The Tea Lady”. We soon became fast friends as people doing the kind of work we do bond rather quickly. Judy has given me so much love, connection, friendship, and family. She took me to her mother’s restaurant the other day. Eloísa has been cooking in the same spot, La Batalla, for over forty years. To all of the women out there giving love, thank you. I love you so. 💗 #divinefeminine #foodislove #tijuana #sisterhood #familia #servicework #shamanichealing #foodislove #iloveyou #playfulflow at La Batalla Restaurante

23 days ago

ONLINE YOGA VIDEOS FILMED IN BRAZIL!!! 🇧🇷 🐒 For a playful flow letting your inner child out and channeling your inner monkey head to We’ve been working on some very exciting videos to share with you! We’ve created a series of online yoga classes that you can do at home from wherever you are in the world. This yoga series has been designed to introduce The Rosemary Method, a special philosophy we live by here at @rosemarydream. 🌎 We use the 3 pillars of MONK, MONKEY & MODERN HUMAN, finding balance between all 3 to live our own personal optimal way of life. The MONKEY is about play, using your body, wildness, setting your inner child free and connecting to nature. 🐵 The MONK is about realising the only way out is in so turning the focus inwards, cultivating inner calm and emotional balance. 🌼 The MODERN HUMAN is about our social environment, taking action, goal setting and authentically connecting and communicating with others in our global community. 💕 In this Yoga series, we’re going to embody all three pillars to give you a taste of the Rosemary Method starting with WEEK 1: THE MONKEY! Get ready to set your inner child free and come play with us by heading over to our first video on our blog This is my way to share a little bit of the magic here with people back home ❤ . Lot's of love xxxx - - - - #YOGA #yogaeveryday #yogainspiration #freeyogaclass #onlineyogavideo #yogateacher #yogainstructor #yogatravel #travellingyogi #playfulflow #innerchild #selfcare

27 days ago

Last night was a pretty special appreciation night out with my @wckitchen Tijuana team. We spend many hours a day every day preparing delicious and loving food for others. Last night, we were on the receiving end! To maintain balance and health, the givers must receive in return! And so we practice - with love, openness, intention, appreciation, and joy. Many thanks, ohana. Mama loves you so. #mamalove #gratitude #thankyou #workhardstayhumble #shamanichealing #energyhealing #balancedlife #mamasbabies #iloveyou #playfulflow at EMMA Baja French

1 month ago

I wasn’t at the #womensmarch today because we were doing our own march in the @wckitchen Tijuana kitchen today with @mujeresdcolores joining forces and sharing our love by creating delicious and nutritious food for our beautiful brothers and sisters in need. Check out their post! 👇🏽💗 #mujeresfuertes #iloveyou #playfulflow ・・・ @chefshannonrenee “Ahora una mujer de color” Gracias por permitirnos vivir esta experiencia. Ayudando a los que lo necesitan, trabajando en equipo. #weareone #ChefsForThePeople #divinefemine #womenruletheworld #healers #shamanichealing #energyhealing at Tijuana, Baja California

1 month ago

Saturday I had the extreme and deep pleasure of being able to leave the kitchen to go serve lunch to people at one of the largest camps down here in Tijuana. Here there are a group of orphaned children, some of them still in strollers. There is an 11 year old boy who does his best to take care of them. These babies do not have a mother or a father with them. They were so excited to see us and wanted nothing but to help us serve the food. Afterward, I played with them, fed them with my own hands, held them, and loved them. My heart breaks every time I think of these precious babies and all of the people suffering because of the actions of our government. What I can do is love on them with food, energy healing, human touch, and lots of love. These are OUR children. If you cannot come down to volunteer, please consider donating, and support our efforts to continue to give love during this terrible crisis. Even $1 helps! #ChefsForThePeople #wckitchen #joseandres #familiesbelongtogether #caravanamigrante #humanrights #chef #shaman #mother #warrior #iloveyou #playfulflow at Tijuana, Baja California

1 month ago

This goddess right here made her personal mission to make sure that the people serving here at World Central Kitchen-Tijuana got their wellness needs met. We are so grateful for your love! 💗 #Repost @laurieawatkins with @get_repost ・・・ I left Tijuana earlier this week and headed back home to CA. I walked over and back across the border. There was no chaos. And everything was fine. For me. A gringa. But for so many others who seek safety from violence, that is not the case. Why did I go down there? To feed peaceful asylum seekers stuck in shelters and refugee camps along the border, waiting to be able to apply to enter this country legally. Did you know that those that are stuck in shelters are there because they are not allowed to leave? If they do, they can’t come back in. How does someone eat or get food, look for work, or be in touch with a person to help their case like an attorney, advocate or govnt. official? The answer is it has to come from outside, from organizations like #worldcentralkitchen. I encourage you to donate or volunteer today 📸: @gauchoholic Pictured here: me with a group of kindhearted, hard working, dedicated women mixing trays of fresh ingredients for a salad, and pouring ❤️ into each one. This is important when creating food and nourishment for others. Right?! @chefshannonrenee The chefs that work with @wckitchen love what they do and the people they serve. And much love goes into every single bit of food that feeds the masses. We’re here to build a longer table, not a higher wall. #chefsforthepeople #feedthehungry #iloveyou #playfulflow at Tijuana, Baja California

1 month ago

“I can feel your love” he said...💗💗💗That is my wish, my hope...that in this madness, they will all feel my love, and by default, create some healing...that all of you will feel my love in all of the ways. I am expanding down here in Tijuana in all of the ways. Thank you, @chefjoseandres for giving me an opportunity to share my love. Aloha, ohana. 💓 🎥 @bellavistagritty #feelmylove #tastemylove #WorldCentralKitchen #chefsforchange #ChefsForThePeople #cheflife #shamanichealing #foodismedicine #feedtheworld #iloveyou #playfulflow at Tijuana, Baja California

2 months ago

On December 26th, I arrived in Tijuana and on my first night visited one of the camps to serve food. Since then, I have been in the kitchen non-stop cooking away. One of our amazing operations ladies, Zomi, sent this video to me tonight from one of the camps. I can not control what is happening to these brothers and sisters of ours, but I can damn sure feed them delicious and nourishing food. Food IS medicine and it is definitely LOVE. ❤️While they mentioned my name specifically, it takes a whole team to produce high quality, loved on food for so many people. Chef Heather, from D.C., is on day two of volunteering and ROCKED the house tonight, as did a slew of other angel volunteers from all over the U.S. Thank God. For everyone. I love you so. This is what I came here for! 💓💓💓 #ChefsForThePeople #wckitchen #tijuana #caravanamigrante #weareone #familiesbelongtogether #wearehumans #wearefamily #cheflife #shamanichealing #energyhealing #belove #iloveyou #playfulflow at Tijuana, Baja California

2 months ago

I always say laughter is the best medicine! And so it is! Love you @shamandurek #iloveyou #playfulflow ・・・ Have a Ha Ha moment instead of a Aha moment and gain enlightenment. Did you know when you laugh you dispel fear and anxiety and stress goes down? Why? Because laughter tells your body to release endorphins into your blood which helps with pain, it also increases your t-cells, you know those white blood cells that deal with viruses and keeps your immune system A ok. The cool thing is it reduces your stress hormone which is the number one cause of pretty much every major health issue mentally and physically. On a spiritual level it makes darkness run and removes belief constructs that make things manifest in your life. In other words you are taking down the energetic components that keep reality intact. Laughter makes you enlightened. So laugh at it all darlings. Styled by @aurorasagesilk @kxclothing #laugh #lol #shamandurek #videooftheday Tribe what are your thoughts?

2 months ago

Today is my first full day @wckitchen Tijuana Baja running the kitchen with my boy @brendenbdarby feeding 3,000 migrant refugees food and love! I feel deeply honored to be here and am looking forward to spreading the LOVE not only to the refugees, but to all of these amazing volunteers who have come from all over to be of service! #servicework #bringthelove #volunteerlife #loveoneanother #cheflife #travelingchef #energywork #energyhealing #shamanichealing #familiesbelongtogether #migrantcaravan #worldcentralkitchen #tijuana #refugees #everyonedeserveslove #thankyou #iloveyou #playfulflow at Tijuana, Baja California

2 months ago

Life throws you curve balls. Sometimes you swing and miss, sometimes you take the bunt, sometimes you take the foul, sometimes you don’t swing at all, sometimes you get a base hit, sometimes you walk it, sometimes you run it, and sometimes you knock it out of the park so far you shimmy your way to another field. Take time to live in gratitude, appreciation, connection to self and source (it’s the same!), and take moments to pause and SEE with all of your eyes all of the beauty and love that is available to us always. Stay in tune, especially when others are up to bat! You never know when you’ll be called in as the pinch hitter! #feelings #baseball #curveballs #pinchhitter #breatheinbreatheout #energyhealing #shamanic #moves #feelingmyself #iloveyou #playfulflow at Los Angeles, California

2 months ago

I love eating tangy and spicy foods. This Daikon-Sesame Slaw is tasty on its own or stuffed inside of a shiso leaf like a taco. I think I may have thrown a piece of raw fish on it. I think it would be good with cold soba, tofu, or fish. 🌺Thin sliced cabbage, shredded daikon, shredded carrot, pickled red onion, lots of fresh minced ginger, freshly made garlic paste, good sesame oil, lime zest and juice, organic rice wine vinegar, umeboshi paste, serrano peppers to taste, shiso leaves minced, generous amounts of ground sesame seeds, green onion, togarashi, drizzle of braggs aminos, black pepper and sea salt to taste.🌺 #foodislove #textures #layers #flavor #orgasmicfood #tastemylove #playfulflow at Los Angeles, California

2 months ago

“There is an important difference between attachments and commitments. In regard to interpersonal situations, attachments are what we place on other people, things we want them to do or ways we want them to be. If they cannot recreate the image we hold in our minds we then feel the mental distress of the unfulfilled attachment. Commitments are voluntary, they are a way of being that naturally arises from within us when we feel a special connection with someone. Commitments focus on how we personally wish to treat someone else, it emerges intuitively and cannot be forced upon us. Real love awakens when we commit to supporting each other’s happiness – knowing that we cannot fully make someone happy, but we can support the conditions for them to come upon their own happiness by allowing our actions to come from a space of love and kindness. Ultimately, attachments come from our cravings and are attempts to control, while commitments focus on giving. When two people feel the naturally arisen commitment to give love to one another, they both receive more. It is important to note that we can have the goal to have a partner who is loving, kind and supportive, but we cannot force someone to be a certain way – the kindness we wish for has to originate from another’s personal volition. Attachments create so much mental tension within us that it eventually flows outward and creates friction in our lives and relationships. Sending love to all beings. May we all be happy and free.” #yungpueblo #lovelovelove #playfulflow

3 months ago

After a morning of being in waves and waves of love - at home and at Agape - I required a light nosh. A quick trip to #mitsuwa was all I needed to taste some of mama’s love-sizzled wild kanpachi. Within five minutes of getting home, my desire was delightfully met! 😋💜🙏🏽🙌💃🏿 #wild #kanpachi #sashimi #shiso #scallions #crispy #ginger #garlic #sesameoil #oliveoil #tamari #sizzled #pickledginger #kelp #kombu #seaweedismedicine #foodislove #foodismedicine #loveyourself #beyou #noapologies #tastemylove #iloveyou #playfulflow at Mar Vista, Los Angeles

4 months ago

She had been in a meditative drive for six hours, LA to The Bay. Her hair was windblown, her eyes tired, but she was happy. Happy to see her friends, happy to be back north, and happy to see her kitty girl. Although her lips were curled into one of her famous smirks, and her eyebrows slightly raised, this free-bird woman was and is happy! 💜🌸💙 #windinmyhair # driving #sunglasses #bayarea #energyhealing #feminine #divinelove #behappy #flowstate #theartofallowing #iloveyou #playfulflow at Martinez, California