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Living a beautiful life. Living here does not get old, that is for sure. I am amazed every time I ride out in the desert. 💕

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June is approaching, which means it’s time to show off the 2019 @team_cretins kits for @aidslifecycle 🔥 The team has raised over $60k (and counting) for @aidslifecycle and will be riding their track bikes 545 miles from San Francisco to LA!!! Wish them luck and if you’re feeling generous, give them a follow and a donation 🤘 • Does your team want to look this good? Send us a DM for more information on custom cycling apparel. • 📷 @notmattlingo#theheavypedal #sttb #teamcretins #pitviperbabes #newkitday #cyclingapparel #cyclingkit #fixedgear #trackbike #aidslifecycle #aidslifecycle2019 #fixie #savethetrackbike

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PICTURE THIS: I’m on stage at a comedy club; (strong) drink in hand. . . Me: My week has felt SOOOOO LONG...(points mic at audience) . . Audience: HOW.LONG.WAS.IT?! . . Me: So long that my week started on the 13th and ended on the 24th.... was fully preparing today for this Memorial Day weekend that I’m now being told it NEXT WEEK.... . . Audience: *laughs but only because they feel bad*😂✌🏼 Me: Chuggs drink while pouring another. . . . . . AT LEAST MY @pit_viper CAME IN!! That brightened my day and Hid the bags under my eyes ! at Orlando, Florida

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5/11/19 - Mount Whitney Round 2 - Whitney wins again. What are the chances that out of 5 friends entering the permit lottery with 10 possible dates spread throughout the summer, only one person - @hearyimroar, who leads this personal project of summiting Whitney in winter - wins, and wins a day that happens to be immediately after a snow storm dumps 2+ feet of fresh snow on the mountain? Well, 100%, because that's what happened. Call it fate, but we had wanted to scope out the mountain in summer conditions for practice, but it turned out this would be another attempt at winter. Our responsible friends bailed as we joined the other crazies who ignored the weather and decided to push through the new snow. 10 hours later, as groups ahead of us turned around one by one, we found ourselves to be the last ones stubbornly still eyeing the summit. Just 100 feet below Trail Crest, the point where the most difficult part of the climb is over, the snow just got too deep. Standing in thigh deep snow and looking up at a super steep slope covered in a thick blanket, I knew that I just didn't have enough experience to determine my safety. The snow felt massive. I stared up and breathed long quiet breathes, hoping no small movements would trigger an avalanche. It was 2pm, the temperature was rising, and it was time to turn around. I am grateful for this experience, to experience "failure" yet again. Each time I make the difficult decision to turn around, I am reminded of how small we are and I grow. Whitney, we will be back, and we will beat you. . . . . . . . . . #mtwhitney #mountwhitney #mountaineering #optoutside #petzlgram #wildernessculture #roamtheplanet #findyouradventure #goatworthy #discoverearth #outdoorwomen #alpinebabes #forceofnature #postcardsfromtheworld #natgeotravelpic #explorecalifornia #liveyouradventure #visitcalifornia #theadventurehandbook #goatworthy #peoplewhoadventure #pitviper #pitviperbabes #adventureenthusiasts #findyourpark #demandrespectandauthority #mountainlovers #choosemountains #sheadventures #teampixel at Mount Whitney

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on your wildest task or situation you can always count on @pit_viper eye wear to be your personal hype man, like, come on! it’s like hitting a birdie on every golf shot of a masters.. like.. really.. really!😎🤘 #pitviperbabes #sunglasses

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Día 1 | Santander - Serdio 94 km +1407 m🥶 . ¡Y por fin llega una nueva aventura! Esta vez toca recorrer el Camino del Norte acompañado de Anna i Oriol en modalidad de bikepacking 🚲 . Llegado a Santander con el bus desde Barcelona el panorama es un poco desolador. Frio y mucho viento aunque la compañía se agradece. Carles también forma parte del grupo para este día. . El ritmo es elevado, tanto que Carles parte una de las coronas de su cassette 😆 aunque eso no impide seguir la aventura😈 . Las vistas son increíbles, el norte núnca decepciona y siempre descubres nuevos rincones que antes no conocías⛰ . #cycletouring #biketour #biketravel #bikewander #bikepacking #adventure #worldbycycling #bicyclecafe #outdoor #bikelife #tannustires #tannusrider #tannusarmour #pitviper #pitviperbabes @biketocamp @cicloviajantes at Santander, Cantabria

10 days ago

A few people have asked me about runners high. I 100% have experienced it, but not for a while. I think I used to get it when I would run to take the pain away elsewhere in my life. I don’t know if anyone has ever had that overwhelming feeling where you know are exactly where you’re supposed to be? That’s how I would explain a runner high. I felt like when I allowed myself to just be one with myself I was blown away by how powerful and at peace I was. Which takes me to today, I had the most beautiful ride this evening. I really wanted to share it with everyone but I have no clue how anyone IG’s while riding their bike!!!!! I tried, but I didn’t feel like munching pavement tonight. Allow yourself to feel your power, be with yourself alone and let everything come to surface and then let it drift away. Life is so beautiful and we are all so blessed. I am so thankful for the gifts I have. I don’t have to do this sport, I get to do this. #runidaho #ironman703hawaii #triathlon #triathlontraining #swimbikerun #wattieink #rockthew #wattieinkhitsquad2019 #wattieinkhitsquad #fitness #trichicks #humansoftriathlon #fitnessmotivation #runnershigh #pitviperagentsforchange #pitvipersunglasses #pitviperbabes #garmin #cervelop5 at Eagle, Idaho

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Getting my hands dirty at the Krishna Food Forrest! Love this place and we are sooo lucky to have such a beautiful community garden right around the corner! Did you know you can come volunteer too?? It feels so good to work in the Soil and soak up the sun 🌞 this past week we tested out music and are going to have open mic/ free jams for Saturday’s to help nourish - the plants with sound , love, Community and creation as it is supposed to be - thank you to @leadbyhowyoulive for the captures and opportunity :) #pitviperbabes #garden #nature #vegangardening #foodforrest #music #ritual