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1 hour ago

Rescued from the slums of Vallejo I raised lil Maya from a pup into an absolute tank. 100% Love running they this girls veins. Cheers to the ones who are always there for you and never talk back when your acting crazy. Down to ride no matter what the tide and have your back until their dying breath. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #pittylove happy international pup day

2 hours ago

HAPPY furiday & #nationalpupday to me & all my furends 🐶 Hope you have a pawsome weekend 🐾

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2 hours ago

Today Is a spectacular day. It’s #nationalpuppyday So here’s what I looked like the day I came home to where I live now. My pawrents drove to #outlookwashington to look at puppies. They wanted to look at a female & a male. They looked at me first, then put me back in the shower stall I was living in and then asked to see a male pup. I had lots of brothers & sisters. After looking at one of my brothers they put him back in the shower stall also. Next thing you know i was outta that shower stall and my brother went back in. I knew they were gonna be my pawrents, I picked them. I’m living the good life and 2 of my brothers, Bear & Wallace live not far from me, they’re living in the PDX area also. #nationalpuppyday #pitbullsofinstagram #pittylove #pittypawty #lovemypuppy #ichosethem #mypawrentsrock #pitbull #imaspoiledasspitbullandiloveit.

4 hours ago

Happy International Puppy day to the love of my life.... no offence @martingram! But with saying that, Kosho you’ve taught me to be patient and accepting of those who look at the worst and feed off of false accusations. I am not going to lie but I was nervous about owning a power breed as I was bitten viciously by a dog when I was 6 years old. The owners fault for being negligent and mine for not being taught the correct way to approach a dog or even ask for permission.... Kosho my love you have helped my anxiety and triggers you will never understand. If I could communicate to you how grateful I am for the unconditional love you give me. You’re my greatest accomplishment to date!!! #endbsl #lovernotafighter #dontbullymybreed #dontbullymybully #dontjudeme #pittylove #pittbull #loveofmylife

4 hours ago

I couldn’t let #nationalpuppyday go by without giving a shoutout to my two #catahouligans. These two boys are babies and I don’t know what I would do without them. My guard dogs, security system, cuddle bugs, and best friends. We truly don’t deserve dogs but somehow we are still blessed with them. There’s not a more beautiful soul than that of mans best friend. #puppylove #catahoulaleoparddog #catahoulamix #ilovemydog #mansbestfriend #pitahoula #showmeyourpitties #dontbullymybreed #pittylove

4 hours ago

#tb to this beautiful pupper’s first car ride home with me from the rescue shelter. I had no idea that I was rescuing a pup who would end up being my savior💕dogs are the best thing that could ever happen to humans😍 🐶❤️ - - - - #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #rescue #nationalpuppyday #happynationalpuppyday #mybaby #companion #bestfriend #mylove #mybaby #pitbull #pitbullmom #pitbullsofinstagram #pitsofig #dontbullymybreed #pittylove #rednose #positivity #alpha #happiness #dowhatyoulove

4 hours ago

Beautiful baby🐶🐾💪🏼

5 hours ago

Happy #nationalpuppyday 🐶 It’s a day to celebrate puppy breath, puppy antics and their unconditional love.... when they are not chewing on your favorite pair of shoes 😂 The day is also meant to help support adoptions and educate potential adopters about puppy mills. • Throw back from the first weekend we brought Bela home from @itsthepitsdogrescue#fitlifedee #pittylove #pittymom