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10 months ago

Just received (and paid for with time and money) another #acupuncture session to treat my sprained pelvis and sprained ligaments from #Disney’s #Goofy dipping me unexpectedly at Ravello in @fourseasons #Orlando in April. The kids were watching a #Disneywedding on TV this morning. Wonder if they have a show featuring all of the Disney injuries and magical vacations and lives derailed by Disney employees’ poor actions and behaviors? Thanks to an aggressive, over-the-top Goofy character, I just spent my 25th Wedding Anniversary like a caged bird in a hotel in #CharlestonSC with my husband. Thank God I love Nathan and we can spend time with each other celebrating the true essence of our relationship - love. But, damn, it would be nice to be able to experience something other than immobility. This injury has also significantly affected my sex life #Disney! #disneydreamsderailed #notahappycamper #injuredbyGoofy #angrybitch #pissedoffmother Feeling #thankful for the #alternativehealthcare professionals that I work with. #mommymoomoo #connectingpeoplewithpeople #reallife #nosugarcoating #goofydip

2 years ago

Why do #kids play these types of games. This sinful crazy world. Smh. Don't play with my baby life. This kid need to be expelled period. With the stuff going on nowadays this is not a joke to be played with period. Scared my nerves 😑😑😑😑😑😑 I was ready to run to the school. Not funny, not ok. #Pissedoffmother

3 years ago

The two words that God wants to hear from us today... "THANK YOU".. It will surely make his heart smile. Happy Sunday my lovelies... . . "Mommy Rant" There is nothing worse than feeling surrounded by ingratitude.. It truly breaks you down to the core especially when all you do is sacrifice. As parents and spouses we do not perform our daily duties for a reward but when we are taken for granted it truly chips aware at our self esteem and self worth. I think we are partly to be blamed.. I am partly to be blamed for not putting my needs and dreams at the forefront and like predators, even those nearest and dearest to us pounce when we show our vulnerabilities and fears. So, today, everyone who dwells with me under my wing will have to wait... Wait to be fed... Wait to be catered to... Wait.... As my sleep deprived, foggy mind, painful body... Does what it needs to do to make me content. I will sit in my office and work on your past due orders and smile and play with glitter and smell the fresh leather while I play #lemonade on repeat. Stay tuned for your shipment confirmation today. 😘😘 . . #mouthykids #underappreciated #sorrynotsorry #pissedoffmother #myhappyplace #motherhood #wifehood #figureitout

6 years ago

And I didn't buy the effin warranty....πŸ’©πŸ˜ΌπŸ˜ ................ #pissedoffmother.....