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Spread peace on the earth Cherish the love, that is around us Spread peace on the earth Treasure the love, let it surround us Always be kind always remind one another Peace on the earth everyday ♥ Assalamu Alaikum, #followme #followforfollowback #likeforlikes #f4f #daily #sulteng #instagood #indonesia #instadaily #happy #photographyeveryday #fallinginlove #photographyislifee #instadaily #손팔 #인도네시아여행 #한굴 #좋아 #팔로우 #팔로우백 #일상 #맞팔 #예뻐요 #팔로우해요 # #나의 #한국 #한국여행 #좋아요

6 minutes ago

24 years of age and still can't even get a proper pic. Ps. Love you all for you wishes ♥️💕

6 minutes ago

This furry guy hates wet paws and the snow, but he’s always down for snuggles. at Pennsylvania

6 minutes ago

Big Ben (still under construction). Classic viewpoint. Had to be done. . Fujifilm X-T3 | XF16mm f1.4 | ISO 250 | f/9 | 1/140. at London, United Kingdom

12 minutes ago

i was going to post something sad but then i looked out my window and i changed my mind. i love feeling

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New Contest: 📷 Creative Lensball of February 📷 🌲 To vote: 1 like is 1 vote 1 comment is 5 votes only 5 comments per user. Extra votes: Comment on 3+ entries 5 times for +100 votes! (doesn't stack up) comment "🌸" when done ( ) 🌨 Promoting ways: 1) Screenshot and repost on your page (personal or photography) and tag @photographydailycontests! 2) Tag 5+ people in the comments on your entry 3) DM to 8+ people (including me) to vote for you 4) Post on your story telling people to vote for you (new option) 🎿 Promoting automatically adds +100 votes to your score and its optional to promote and get extra votes! Once I've seen your promotion a check mark will be 👉 ( ) 👈 Vote for @fullodds62

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If I don’t post a picture, did it even really happen?