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Lazy Sundays and filters 🤷🏼‍♀️

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*SAVE THESE MEAL PREP IDEAS* Sundays are my day to meal prep because Lord knows my weeks are wild, but I love every moment of it and I give all glory to God! -/// 1️⃣ Spaghetti squash with ground turkey meat sauce and veggies 2️⃣ Quinoa fried rice, teriyaki chicken, and veggies 3️⃣ Blueberry whole wheat pancakes, turkey sausage patties, and egg muffins with tomatoes 4️⃣ Salad with 1 boiled egg each, grape tomatoes, and sliced cucumbers 5️⃣ Fruit salad with pineapple, red grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and cantaloupe -/// P.s This only took 2 hours 😱 -/// #jennofit #jennofiteats #mealprep #nutritionist #personaltrainer #prettygirlssweat #prettygirlssavor #healthyeats

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For me being a trainer was never for the stand point or the money, it wasn’t so I could get myself more into fitness. It was the pure fact that people need help and want help with fitness and are passionate and hard working, if I can be a spark in someone’s life it’s my blessing that I get to help them. I aspire to continue to help and save life’s. Thank you to these wonderful gals for letting me be apart of their journey to a better them ❤️ #fitness #fitnessmotivation #personaltrainer #oregon #pdx #summer #bestfriend

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🐠😇❄️🙋 How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. –Anne Frank

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Em pleno domingo de inverno mais uma vez madrugando e pegando estrada para uma prova inédita no Desafio das Serras Brasil no Parque das Neblinas com essa equipe fantástica! Lugar mágico com uma natureza ímpar, prova de altíssimo nível de competição, temperatura agradável e percurso com altimetria tranquila. Parabéns à cada um de vocês pela garra vocês foram incríveis!!! Obrigado pela parceria, companhia, risadas e amizade!!! 😉👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤜🏼💥🤛🏼🔝⛰️🏃💨🤙🏼 . @2dwellness @danicosta_personal @danielfernandes_personal #2dwellness #corridademontanha #trailrun #desafiodasserrasbrasil #dsb #parquedasneblinas #fantastico #parceria #companhia #amizades #risadas #run #personaltrainer #assessoriaesportiva

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This year has been a rollercoaster ride of events. If I sit here and think about it too long it just takes my breath away. One thing I promised myself is that I will treat myself better. Take time to put a dress on every once in a while . Take a selfie and appreciate all the hard work you put into yourself. No one is perfect ! Heck most people use a photo editor app that takes away what they think is in perfect about their bodies. Don’t do that.... embrace all of you. You’re uniquely beautiful. #selflove #selfworth #bodyshopfitness #personaltrainer #vegas #powerlifter #selfie #summerville

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It’s been 1 year since I got certified through NASM. I’ve worked every single day to grow my personal business, now claiming myself as an “entrepreneur” 😱 And now I am only 2 months away from working ONE JOB!!! FOREVER (unless I get the opportunity to dance somewhere🤞🏼😏) I’ve worked 3-6 jobs at a time for the past SIX YEARS. I’ve worked several jobs for the school, babysat, billy bobs, waitresses, marketing, snow cone stand, food delivery, sports complex, what am I missing? Lol It hasn’t been easy, and I can’t tell you how many times I gave up on myself. A lot of it wasn’t worth it. But I made it through, and I’m almost done. So much has changed in the past year, and IVE ALMOST MADE IT AND I CANT FREAKIN WAAAITTTT to say I only work for myself and start creating a life i enjoy🙌🏼🖤 at Weatherford, Texas

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Not the biggest fan of rest days.

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My top DIET foods . These are my top diet foods and the foods that make up the majority of my diet, a lot of the time I eat the same foods I would if I was dieting just in larger amounts - and I have more desserts and treats when I’m not ‘dieting’ . Meal prep, grabbing lunch or eating out at a restaurant these foods will allow you a decent volume of food and keep you feeling fuller for longer . #fitmeals #fitnessfoods #health #healthy #healthyliving #healthyfood #healthymeals #healthyrecipes #weightloss #flexibledieting #iifym #eatclean #cleaneating #mealprep #diet #cleaneating #nutrition #nourish #instafood #nutrition #fatloss #results at New York, New York

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#Repost @fit_evolution0423 with @get_repost ・・・ Are you starting to feel like sticking to your workout routine isn’t worth it anymore? Maybe you’re disappointed because it seems like you aren’t getting the results you want as fast as you’d like. Or perhaps you’re tired of fighting with your body day in and day out. Are you feeding your body all the proper vitamins and supplements you need to get results. Stop by @advanced_supps or check us out online for all your Nutritional needs. Be sure to use PROMO CODE: NED10 for an extra 10% at checkout #centurionlabz #breakthroughlabz #nutrition #heavyhitters #bodybuilder #baltimore #york #fit #fitness #supps #healthy #goldsgym #gym #weights #flex #muscle #discount #npc #personaltrainer #motivation

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Recovery spin time 1 1/2 hours , my Monday morning routine waking the legs back up from a big weekend playing triathlon 😊🚲 at Home With Deano

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Ok, i need some opinions ladies and gents of the sport!!! Vacuum or no vacuum on the side chest???? I’m not sure what looks better for classic!!!??? Help please!! I’ll take all opinions!! Personally, i think the vacuum makes my waist looks smaller!! But I’m not sure if it looks better!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻. Thanks guys!!. . . . #workout #train #diet #WBFITNESS #abs #legs #shredded #healthy #cardio #bodybuilding #food #smile #happy #love #life #lifestyle #picoftheday #photooftheday #igers #instagood #instalike #instadaily #MEALPREP #gym #fit #fitness #fitfam #Sunday #motivation #personaltrainer at Yonkers, New York

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1 week to go before my 12 week transformation with @myposingcoach • • Why am I doing a 12 week body transformation? No, I'm not going to compete, No, is not about looking hot. DISCIPLINE, that's is what I am missing right now. I have been the busiest business woman on Earth and I have been forgetting about myself, worrying too much for others and my future. Future does not exist. THE FUTURE IS NOW, what matters is NOW. And I am my best version, NOW. • 7 days now of mental, spiritual, emotional & physical preparation. • • • #health #loveyourself #lovewhatyoudo #loveeverybody #personaltrainer #12weektransformation #weightlifting #butt #abs #vegan #veganbodybuilding #vegansinaustralia #titanfitness #bunkergym #surryhills #warrior #girlswithmuscle at Health Nuts

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【English / 日本語】 My face says it all (well, more like my puffy cheeks): the bulk is real. . My face is usually the first indicator of whether I'm retaining water or gaining weight, and in this weekend's shots, I'm def losing the "starving monk" look 😅 . As I said in my last week, I tried keeping my calories up by about 100~200 cals. By the end of it, I weighed in about .4 kg (almost 1 lb) heavier 😱 A little too fast for my liking, and as my activity levels will probably drop a bit starting next week, I'm planning to bring down the calories again and keep my weight gain to no more than .25 kg (.5 lb) a week. It's been fun to eat (all the peanut butter under the sun) and exciting to see the mass come on slowly. Though I've been numbering these weeks, I wouldn't mind doing keeping this kind of pace for a few months before the next cut! . Crosing my fingers for less chub on the cheeks next week. #pray4mycheekbones🙏🏾 . その顔を見ると、すぐ分かる ほんまにバルクアップしとるなと。 保水または脂肪のせいで、頬が何よりはやく膨らんでしまい、私にとってかなり便利な指標だ… . 先週の報告に書いたが、 今週中100~200カロリーぐらいを足すことにした。そして、体重がおよそ0.4キロ増え、驚いた… 🤯 やはりペースが早すぎると脂肪がどんどん付いてしまうので、またカロリーをもとに戻す。再来週からアクティビティレベルも下がることになっているので、ええタイミングやんかと思う。 . 私が来週これ以上丸くならないように祈っていただければ有り難い…🙏🏾

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Wrapped up the July courses at IRANZ. Such a privilege to be involved working with elite players from around the world. It was a huge surprise to have had boys from the home club @belmont_shore_rugby but so stoked to have them involved. It’s such a massive opportunity to improve rugby back home and the boys killed it amongst some great talent. Couldn’t have been more pleased with all of them. at Sport and Rugby Institute

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This past year I gained 15 lbs. And like it’s cool because I wasn’t trying to, I just hopped on the scale a couple weeks ago, saw the number and was totally cool with it 👍 I haven’t been trying to diet down or do extra cardio to lose it.- - Coming from a background of obsessive exercise and food restriction I’m just really proud of myself for learning to relax and prioritize my health in more ways than just food/gym. I’m at the healthiest mindset I’ve ever been and it feels really good. Amidst all the fitspo posts that talk about shredding up and pushing your limits I hope people remember that mental health and just enjoying life are also really great goals. - - Ps I know I don’t look that different. I’m pretty sure all 15 lbs have gone to my ass...and no ones really mad about it except my jeans 🤷🏼‍♀️👏 #ifitdontstretchkeepit #transformation #countmemoriesnotcalories

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S t a n d. #fitshitup #xxbpm things got tough it's the wrong time for me to run off. it's the right time to dig deep within myself to see this through. The moments I feel the weakest are the times I have to show myself how strong I can be. Running through these demons past the darkness to where I can see the light. I'm doing this for the people who have been loyal to the soil, the people who see the great in me when I can't see it in myself. This for my nephews, most importantly MYSELF. I love ME. THE.KING.IS.NEAR.YA KING CUNNIGAN.

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After a few days off from work... I can NOT wait to get back to my normal routine‼️ • Plenty of times to workout with me this week! @fithouse Monday 7/23: 630a barre fusion// 730a strength station Wednesday 7/25: 12:30p power speed Friday 7/27: 630a barre fusion// 730a cardio Burn • @sltnyc Thursday 7/24: 830 & 930a ROS Saturday 7/28: 730 830 930a ROS Sunday 7/29: 1130 1230& 330p East Hampton Monday 7/30: 830 930 1030a Southampton Go sign up fam 👊🏽 • I’m excited to see my clients & share my knowledge.. ya girl has the @hyperice Hypervolt and will be using it on you. 💃🏽 • Side note: I bought this bathing suit because I thought it’d be great to wear to Italy... Except I’m not going to Italy. 😹 • #personaltrainer #fitnessinstructor #trainingwitht #igfitness #bridgehampton #everythingbutwater #summer18 #nycfitness #fitfam #fitlife #fitfreak #summer #nyc

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Graças a Deus viagem tranquila, repor as energias e amanhã correr 100km ou fazer um treino volumoso de musculação 😁 ________________________________________________ #personaltrainer #educacaofisica #soupersonal #treinador #saude #eutenhocref #marketing #instafriends #worldtoptrainer #reisfilho #cuiaba #coach #treinamento #musculacao #gestaodecarreira #matogrosso #clientes #treinofuncional #sucesso #empreender #professor #wttcteam #wttcmasterminds at GRU Airport - Aeroporto Internacional de São Paulo

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Since I can’t eat delicious donuts anymore I’ll just settle for plopping my butt into one and floating all day. 💦 Funny story, a few minutes after this my friend got out of the pool and her water broke. As in, she’s pregnant and her water broke! at Houston, Texas

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I love to enjoy all kind of food... It always humble me when I get the opportunity to try out different food from different cultures. There is one question I get alot and that is, "Jack... what should I eat if I want to lose weight? What diet is the best?" My answer is always the same. If this is your first time on your weight loss journey, you just simply focus on eating food that is rich in nutrients and suitable for your OWN body and lifestyle. Food that helps you to grow stronger and give you more energy. Food that you actually enjoy and feeling great when you eat. Simplicity is KING 👑 Now, I'm not saying that you go out there, going crazy and eat everything... Or took out your mortgage to buy expensive "healthy" food at Harris Farm or Organic Super Market (unless you want to). But continue learning about your own body every day. Ask for professional advices. Taking feedback what's best for YOU. From there, you take consistent action and implement the knowledge you gained. Otherwise, you won't get result. Information without action is just knowledge. The faster you implement, that quicker you will see result. What are you going to feed your BODY today to help you to get result tomorrow??

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Welcome to Day 12 of the Iron Will Beginner Dumbbell Video Workout Program! Today we talk about the advantages of recording your fitness joirney! Keeping a record of your progress can really be a wonderful motivation tool because it can be used as a reference for where you started, how much you've improved, and what to do to continue to improve! Full video on my youtube channel! at Iron Will Fitness Training

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Reppin’ the Junkyard Dog! WWF Legend! Combined Clean and Jerk with Squats for a highly effective finisher to challenge the total body. Good workout session using my @underarmour chest strap to get my metrics with the @uarecord app. • • • • • • • #summer #fitspo #cardio #body #training #trainer #fitfam #fitdad #personaltrainer #followme #followback #love #life #lift #fitness #gains #healthy #exercise #natural #l4l #likes #bodybuilding #motivation #instagood #instafit #wwe #legend #wrestling #wcw

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There’s always time to exercise, even in paradise! 💪🏼🏝 With HIIT, you don’t need to worry about missing out while on vacation. Just 15 minutes of this and you’re back to doing what you want and having the time of your life! Check out AnyJuan Fitness on YouTube for more videos! #hiit #hiitworkout #beachbody #beach #summer #summerbody #pangalusian #palawan #fitness #fitnessmotivation #igfitness #igfit #fitnessblogger #personaltrainer #fitspiration #fitfluential #training #justdoit #fitnessneverstops #noexcuses #anyjuanfitness #pinoyfitness #fitlife #fitnesstips #workouttips #wod at El Nido, Palawan