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3 months ago

My summer ranger pal Pat Canavan... last seen sharing the Junior Ranger Pledge with young visitors to the NPS Perry's Victory... also serves as an interpretation of Usher Parsons for Park visitors. The real-life Parsons was a 24 year old surgeon who served on Commodore Perry's flagship, the Lawrence, during the Battle of Lake Erie; his first-hand account serves as a vital source of information about battlefield medical procedures during this period of history... and injuries sustained during this decisive battle, which cleared the British from a logistically important region in the early part of the War of 1812. #perrysvictorymemorial #perrysvictory

3 months ago

My pal Pat Canavan is a summer ranger at Perry's Victory. He and his wife are retired and for the last three summers have traveled to different regions to be summer rangers at NPS parks all over America. Here, Pat is sharing the Junior Ranger Pledge with young visitors. #perrysvictorymemorial #perrysvictory

4 months ago

One of our favorite things about #perrysvictory was that they LOVE Junior Rangers! They have 4 different booklets/badges (Their park badge, Great Lakes, NHPA, and Underwater Explorer)! The best part is that when a Junior Ranger turns in the booklet, they take him or her up to the front of the visitor center and announce the accomplishment to everyone, then allow the child (or adult) to pose for pictures in the Park Ranger's hat. Every kid we saw earn a badge was beaming when the whole room stopped to applaud. #juniorranger #findyourpark #nps #ohio #nationalparks

6 months ago

Step one in repairs at Perrys Victory Monument. Efflorescence occurs when salt and other natural chemicals, held internally in old mortars (and in some types of stone with more porosity than our granite) dissolves in water and extrudes thru cracks... accumulating on masonry surfaces. It indicates internal moisture that we will exclude from the structure in this scope of work; efflorescence removal and initial cleaning is step one. This week, an unanticipated heavy buildup at the top has required site manufactured oak chisels for approval by the architects ... to knock off excess layers of efflorescence preceding low pressure blasting... because metal scrapers are verboten by modern preservation standards. standards. #perrysvictory #efflorescenceremoval #perrysvictoryrehabilitation #bucksoldbuildings

6 months ago

We are all set up for our 11:00 Memorial Day Ceremony! If you are on Put-in-Bay stop by and see us! Visitor Center is open til 6! #nps #perrysvictory #findyourpark

1 year ago

On this day 203 years ago-September 10, 1813-the battle of Lake Erie was fought during the War of 1812. It was the largest naval battle of the war and resulted in an American victory over the British, ensuring U.S. control of Lake Erie for the remainder of the war. Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry commanded the American forces, and his battle flag was famously embroidered with the phrase "Don't Give Up the Ship." Visit our @nationalparkservice colleagues at @perrysvictorynps to learn more about this battle and the War of 1812! #perrysvictory #putinbayohio #dontgiveuptheship #warof1812 #findyourpark #jamesagarfieldnhs