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Markiert eure Freunde❤️💍 #q: Gehen deine besten Freunde mit dir in eine Klasse? {Me: Nicht alle🙈💕} - Folgt für mehr @furchtloseste 🥀

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To a broken soul, we have been through bad times, bad days, been hurt, spent days putting up a fake smile, cried endless nights, we have been trying to heal our wounds, the ones made on our heart, the least you can do for yourself is to be happy again. We should understand that we've been gifted with a beautiful life, it's up to us to live the way we want to. You can't be depressed all the time all because of one person. You need to learn to be happy again. Learn to love yourself more than anything, make yourself a priority, make new friends, spend time with your family, never look back at the person who broke your heart, erase everything you got of theirs, keep reminding yourself that you're enough a thousand times to fight back. Also remember, this pain will only make you stronger. If you can get through this by looking at life in the bright side, you'll evolve into a tougher person, one who doesn't give up on themselves so easily. It's not easy, but we're left with no choice, let it go and happiness will come your way soon //🌻🌿 at Caption

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Double tap and share 💪⠀ Tag someone you have deep conversations with! ❤️⠀ -⠀ Follow @mindsetbooster 👈 for more!

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a dangerous game is closing your eyes while you turned your alarm off

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me rn😄 // 📸: twitter/moonemoticon

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Im Deaddd😂

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This book is full of #ideas that I want to share with you. 📖❤ There are oneliners of poetry, songlyrics, ideas chord progressions and harmonies or just some snippets of a conversatiom that inspire me to do something with it. I take it with me almost everywhere I go. What do you think about the quote by D. W. Winnicott? I think that it's soo true. ❤ KAT at Hamburg, Germany

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Tag/Share this 💕 with someone who needs this today. I've fallen into this situation, and it is definitely a hard one. It's much harder when you've put in all your love and effort. However, letting go has also been my best choice. It gives me time to reflect, breathe, and it ultimately sets my heart free. ° ~ ~ ~ #love #truetoyourself #time #thingstaketime #writeforyou #findhealing #happiness #freedom #joy #lifelessons #caring #consideration #overcome #overcomepoetry #writersofinsta #dailyinspiration #dailypoetry #poetryworld #poetrycommunity #expression #truetoyourself #bebrave #perfectsayings #beyou #poets_feature #creativeceleste

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NEVER STOP MAKING YOUR HEART FROM BEATING ❤ Songwriting in progress. 🎹📝♩ ❤ KAT at Hamburg, Germany

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Good morning #world, it's a new day in cold #hamburg and of course I am going to start the day with a big cup of #coffee made with my #frenchpress.❤ Then I am going to grab a pencil, a paper and play the #piano, because #ideas neverrr sleep..❤ ❤ KAT

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While people wonder.. Can you feel it? ❤ KAT at Hamburg, Germany

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This feeling ❤ ...or what I wrote down while listening to good music and having a good #capuccino. Have you ever felt it? ❤ KAT at Hamburg, Germany