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What do these women have in common? Yes! They all studied in University of the Philippines - Diliman and are all binibinis! 1. Maria Venus Raj Miss Universe 2010 4th RU Completed her master’s degree in Community Development in 2017 2. Shamcey Supsup-Lee Miss Universe 2011 3rd RU Architecture Board Exam Topnotcher 2010 Magna Cum Laude, BS Architecture 3. Bea Patricia Magtanong Cum Laude, BS Business Economics Juris Doctor, UP Law Fun fact: Miss Universe 2013 3rd RU Ariella Arida is also an Iska. She studied in UP Los Baños with a degree in BS Chemistry. I just couldn’t find a photo of her Sablay Graduation Photo so I was not able to include her. Iskolar ng Bayan, ngayon ay lumalaban! ✊🏻 hahaha Padayon mga kapwa ko iska! ****************************************************** 📸 @onlyvenusraj, Makati High School and @patchmag #MissUniverse #philippines #venusraj #shamceysupsup #patchmagtanong #bbpilipinas #pageant #pageantry

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PAGEANT LIFE PH First Official Crown Picks 👑 Couple of days after the submission of applications and announcement of this years Official Binibinis we present to you our leader board for this years most beautiful showdown. @gazinii takes the top crown as MUP 2019. Face, body and Overall Impact this girl is on fiiiiiire 🔥🔥🔥👑😍🇵🇭 @emmatiglao this barbie doll face beauty is the girl to beat for the BBP International Crown 👑✨💕 Then we have @ayabesamis for Supranational Crown, she is ready to bring back the crown to the Philippine shore. @sigrid.grace might juat give us the back to back win for the Intercontinental Crown. 2015 was the last time we won the Miss Globe Crown and @denjmagno is ready to take it back and wear that crown 👑 and lastly is the statuesque beauty of @samanthabernardo__ give it to this battle ready girl and I’m sure she will slay all the way 👠💋🇵🇭 @patchmag and @mariaisabelagaleria are also ready to win any crown but for the mean time they are gorgeously placing as runners up ✨✨ Other alternates for the crown are @shaneytormes, @vimrushton, @arnoldhan_, @jessicamarasigann and @april.short8. Girls you all are deserving for a crown. Now is the time you show everyone that you are all crown hungry and it in to win it all the way to the international stage 👑👑👑👑👑 #MissUniverse #MissWorld #MissInternational #MissEarth # #MissSupranational #MissGlobe #MissIntercontinental #Pageant #PageantPh #BinibiningPilipinas #binibiningpilipinas2019 #BBP2019 #CatrionaGray #PiaWurtzbach #Crown #CrownPh #GaziniForMUP2019 #GaziniGanados #EmmaTiglao #AyaAbesamis #SigridFlores #DenjMagno #SamanthaBernardo #PatchMagtanong #MariaGaleria #ShaneyTormes #VickieRushton #JessicaMarasigan #AprilShort #HannahArnold

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PageantFairy’s preliminary picks | UNIVERSE Okay, so my broken heart gas recovered from exclusion of some of my early favorites in the official list. Time to focus on the crown-worthy candidates. I’ll be posting my early favorites for the crowns in the coming days. Caveat, this might change throughout the competition. 1. Samantha Bernardo 👙 Puerto Princesa, Palawan Aside from her previous title of being last year’s 2nd RU, I listed Sam B for the top plum because of her fit body! I know a lot would agree with me that they whispered a ‘W O W’ when she came out in that yellow bikini during the swimsuit competition last edition. I also have to commend how she has been experimenting with her looks nowadays. 2. Hannah Arnold 👩🏻 Bicol Ahhh the fresh and gorgeous face of Hannah Arnold. With her porcelain skin, green eyes and ebony hair, my eyes quickly focus on her in every group photo. Looking forward to what else she can put on the table throughout the competition. 3. Patch Magtanong 🎤 Patch is an underbar from the University of the Philippines, College of Law. I know this girl can talk. As a law student myself, I think I can assure everyone that the rigors of daily recitation has toughened and developed Patch’s communication skills. Also, I have to admit that her advocacy is very close to my heart. ❤️ As of writing, these are my top 3 picks for the @missuniverse Philippines crown. I will be posting my MIP picks within the coming days (if time permits hahaha) ****************************************************** 📸 @bbpilipinasofficial #MissUniverse #Philippines #SamanthaBernardo #HannahArnold #PatchMagtanong #BbPilipinas #BinibiningPilipinas #pageant #pageantry

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Miss Universe Philippines 2019? 👑 @patchmag Ooooooh! You don’t mess with this 24 year old Business Economics Cum Laude. If that didn’t give you a hint, well let me say it like this. This girl is SMART! A long way to go before finals night and I know she is training really hard. So just imagine what she will be bringing to the stage comes coronation. This UP Diliman Graduate stands 5’9” and is an advocate for the rights and fair treatment of people behind bars. Interesting right? All of this are just a bonus for a face that can launch a thousand of everything and A body to die for. Patch is definitely starting really strong in this competition. I’m just hoping she can sustain it and give as a show when it really matters most (coronation night, ehem) But either way we know this girl will deliver! 👑🔥🔥🔥 #MissUniverse #MissWorld #MissInternational #MissEarth # #MissSupranational #MissGlobe #MissIntercontinental #Pageant #PageantPh #BinibiningPilipinas #binibiningpilipinas2019 #BBP2019 #CatrionaGray #PiaWurtzbach #Crown #CrownPh #PatchMagtanong

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MISS RITE MED : I've waited so many years for her to show up in BPCI and finally my wish came into fruition. When I first heard that she will join this year, I really thought it was just a bag of tomfoolery until she showed up. Her Bb Pilipinas back pack is filled with her strong advocacy which is about the prisoners' rights, a juris doctor, and a very endearing personality. It is too early to tell which international pageant she suits, but if she plays her card well, she will not go home empty handed. Will she be the right successor of Catriona? I really hope she will, and if it happens, no questions asked on my end. She is my RITE MED to be the next MUP. #PatchMagtanong #Patchtastics #BbPilipinas2019

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She is my Miss Universe Philippines @patchmag ... the day she announced she will join .. Hindi nako bumitaw sa kanya.. until yesterday officially she's part of ToP 40 Binibinis.. I am so excited to your journey.. I will support you all the way.. 💯% ❤️❤️❤️ btw.. just a recap .. from yesterday followers till today it's 10K followers na agad.. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 dahil sya ang #karapatdaPatch @patchmag #beapatriciamagtanong #bbpilipinas2019 #patriciamagtanong #patchmagtanong

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YELLOW IS THE COLOR OF JOY!! Meet the major frontrunner for this year's Binibining Pilipinas, she is the stunning BEA PATRICIA "PATCH" MAGTANONG who is now gaining the approval of pageant fans as THE ONE TO BEAT! Patch is 24 years old and is a UP LAW student! Her likelihood of going to Miss Universe is high with her solid advocacy for Prisoners rights, a very beautiful face plus a svelte figure! I notice that yellow seems to be her best color, and would definitely want to see her don a yellow or gold gown for Miss Universe. If that happens, a back to back is definitely within reach with this stunning beauty! Best of luck! #RoadtoBinibiningPilipinas2019 #MissUniversePhilippines2019 #PatchMagtanong #Frontrunner #TheOneToBeat #stunning #FilipinaBeauty #filipinapulchritude #shinepinay #pinaybeauty #beapatriciamagtanong #acesandqueens

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INTRODUCING: Your “Dalagang Pilipina,” Bea Patricia D. Magtanong, 24 years old. At this time, she has already appeared in “Top Favorites” lists of various pageant blogs and writers as their bet for this year’s search for Bb. Pilipinas. This beauty from Quezon City has a degree in Business Economics, and Juris Doctor (Law) from UP Diliman. Not just equipped with beauty and intelligence, this girl also advocates for a good cause, the rights of prisoners. She believes that even the people behind bars deserve humane treatment. Join us as we support our Dalagang Pilipina from Quezon City, Patch Magtanong! Watch out as she takes on the journey of conquering not just the Philippines, but hopefully, the UNIVERSE as well. #PatriciaMagtanong #PatchMagtanong #UniverSiPatchNgPilipinas #Patchtastics

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#BinibiniWatchList2019: Bea Patricia Magtanong @patchmag She has been wooed to join Bb. Pilipinas for the longest time. Priority was given to her UP Diliman studies, though. She completed her undergraduate degree in Economics first before heading to UP College of Law. And now that the #IskolarNgBayan is a Juris Doctor (JD) 2014-2018, Patch has finally decided to hold true to the commitment of doing national pageantry. 2019 is when she will shine the brightest - beauty, brains and personality all in one package. Watch out for her filing. Very soon. #PatchMagtanong

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MISS IN QUESTION : Bea Patricia Magtanong or Patch as her friends would call her is one fine lady I wish to see fill her application up in Binibini this year. In question because ever since 2013, I have been seeing her name as part of the wish miss lists in pageant forums and until now, we still have not seen her on Binibini stage. Some forumers said that she focused first on finishing her law degree (which really should be the priority) and might give Binibini a try once she finishes it. Now that she is done studying, all eyes are on her if she will end the old wives tales. She has all the goods to be a good representative for the Philippines and all she needs now is the perfect timing and luck. Will she join Binibini this time? We don't know, but all we need to do is to ask her that question. #patchmagtanong #bbpilipinas2019 #binibiniwishlist2019 Photos were downloaded from the internet.

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#WishList No. 8 🇵🇭 ◾️Bea Patricia “Patch” Magtanong ◾️24 ◾️Quezon City ◾️5’8 1/2 ◾️BS Economics (Cum Laude) ◾️UP Law ◾️PMAP Beauty and brains? Swak na swak! Makikita ba natin sya this year in most prestigious pageant in the Philippines? Anong korona ang naghihintay sa kanya? ABANGAN! #PatchMagtanong #forthephilippines