Parksonwheels Photos & Videos

6 months ago

Right proper English breakfast, which should last me through tomorrow’s breakfast. #London at Portobello Road

8 months ago

Last and best creation after 2 months camp hosting at Pt Reyes - grilled oysters with gochujang bbq sauce, bacon and cheez. And we are outta here! *mic drop* #campgurgeleung at Samuel P. Taylor State Park

10 months ago

In case people are wondering, yes, you can cook a frozen egg. Just don’t expect the yolk to maintain its integrity. #parksonwheels

10 months ago

A day in Napa, and watching a master at his craft. Up to 30 wine glasses he can hold! #parksonwheels

11 months ago

Doing a little volunteer gardening this morning. Who knew ripping up last season’s stalks and tilling beds would be so satisfying? #parksonwheels at Occidental, California

11 months ago

Spring up in Sonoma where the 2017 fire hit. Amazing how resilient the earth is, and how green these hills now are. Home for the week! #parksonwheels

11 months ago

Continuing life as urban campers... nobody here but us chickens. Or turkeys. We’re sharing this huge park mainly with 20 wild turkeys. #parksonwheels

11 months ago

The most postmodern way to end a Saturday night. Deconstructed dessert of toasted pound cake with warm lemon curd and frozen strawberry frosting. Would be hip except that it’s just leftovers from my niece’s very first birthday party four months ago. #parksonwheels

11 months ago

So many radishes... grocery shopping in California is the best. #parksonwheels

12 months ago

Home for the month. Not too shabby for city life! #parksonwheels

1 year ago

A month in Hawaii... volcanoes and white sand beaches, rainbows and waterfalls, wild horses and whale-watching, lava fields and crystal clear waters. Why did we ever leave? #parksonwheels #1SEME #january #1secondeveryday

1 year ago

#Repost @parksonwheels ・・・ Last gift from our National Parks hikes. After 12 miles, we were blessed with a magnificent rainbow over lava beds, next to the ocean, where we saw 2 humpbacks eating dinner. Can’t ask for more. #parksonwheels #rainbow

1 year ago

Clouds of mist above and below here on the north side. Is Akaka Falls the most beautiful on the island? Hard to deny that claim! #parksonwheels at Akaka Falls State Park

1 year ago

The magical hidden valley of Waipi’o, complete with wild horses, rainbow trees, and misty falls. And all it takes to get down there is a vertical hike straight down. #parksonwheels at Hawaii

1 year ago

So...they shut down Volcanoes National Park. Deemed too dangerous for people to wander around without rangers, the government shutdown is felt even out here. We’re feeling very lucky indeed we spent last week exploring this amazing place - left on Friday after a morning spent learning the hula on a volcano. #parksonwheels #sadness at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

1 year ago

I lava the Hawaii Volcanoes. 12 miles through the lava beds of Kilauea to see fresh lava oozing out of the earth. Silvery and spectacular, brutally hot and sharp. The hike? Our last big one at our 49th National Park. And it was a worthy foe, as hiking though lava is no joke. #parksonwheels at Volcano, Hawai'i

1 year ago

It’s a Big Beach indeed. Farewell for now Maui! It’s been a blast and we can’t wait to come back. #parksonwheels at Makena Bay, Maui

1 year ago

And here are my pacers. Wish I had some shots of them breaching but i could only justify so many stops along the race. 😆 #parksonwheels

1 year ago

Jen's not downing. She's just excited about having a tropical lagoon all to herself. #parksonwheels at Venus Pools

1 year ago

Waking up on a massive volcano is stressful enough, then this. And it took over 1/2 hour to find out someone pushed the wrong button. #parksonwheels

1 year ago

Moving over to the waterfall side of Maui for a week. Missing my beaches, but just barely :) #parksonwheels at Hana Highway

1 year ago

Miles and miles of sand dunes. On the Oregon coast. What unexpected windswept loveliness. #parksonwheels at Oregon Coast

1 year ago

Favorite thing about Hearst Castle. The man would only entertain surrounded by priceless European tapestries and under antique Renaissance oak ceilings in a castle on top of some of California’s most beautiful coastline. But there must be ketchup and mustard on the table at all meals, cause that’s how he’s keeping it real with his childhood love for camping. #parksonwheels at Hearst Castle State Historical Monument

1 year ago

A Beijing Airpocalypse sunset off the coast of Santa Barbara. Worlds colliding. Our best to the firefighters in SoCal that are fighting those tremendous fires. #parksonwheels

1 year ago

And all too quickly, we’ve spent 10 months on the road and seen all the National Parks in the lower 48. Thanks #47! Farewell Arches! #parksonwheels at Arches National Park