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So today’s adventures weren’t the mind clearing/ peaceful hike to red rock we had envisioned in our heads. But I’ll tell you what after getting lost.... and then found... and all ready and loaded up... to the jogging strollers not taking the “children friendly” trails very well... to me letting go of one stroller to help lift Jade’s double wide stroller over huge rocks.... to me laughing hysterically.. to the fresh air... the nice breeze... connecting with nature.. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend a day anywhere else with any other person. Thank you miss Jade Walsh. I love you to the moon and back. 🍂🍁🏞 #MomLife @postpartum at Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

58 minutes ago

I’m not ready for Fall. I’m not ready to be cold all the time or stuck inside. I’m not ready to have day after day of grey. I’m not ready for it to rain, rain, rain until next June, that seems so long away 😪 I’m not ready for wet shoes or lots of layers. I’m just not quite ready for the holidays, & potential snow, & crazy drivers trying to drive on slick ice. I like the colors of Autumn & I like wearing a sweater occasionally, but I’m just a summer girl. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #summergirl #imisssummeralready #helloautumn #laterpost #mymotherhood #portlandoregon #raincity #hikerslife #hikersofinstagram #adventuremamas #womenwhohike #womenwhohikewashington #wanderwashington #olympicnationalpark #sheexplores #wildish #babywearingmama #hikingmom #momswhohike #motherhoodalive #mindfulmama #moreadventures #letsgooutside #outdoorsy #exploretogether

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Abandoned trail

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I call ‘’Do what you love’’ bullsh*t. Sorry if that’s not your belief or if that hurts your feeling but let me tell you my thoughts on it for a minute. All your life, the system put in your mind to be ‘’happy’’ you need to find a work, a career you love. But, even if you are convinced about your choice, how many of you wait for the weekend, wait for your vacations to escape that reality you are supposed to love… I’m sorry, I’m not calling that love either life. All that time you ask yourself the wrong question… instead of ‘’What do I want to do?’’, you should ask ‘’How do I want to live my life?’’ and then make a choice regarding of the results you want. I don’t think if I’d ask you this question your answer would be ‘’Well, I want to work 40 hrs or more exchanging my time for a paycheck, trading time for myself or with my family, for time with coworkers I didn’t choose while building someone else’s dream.’’ . . It’s like when you ask Google map to find the best itinerary to reach a certain destination. First, you need to figure out where you want to go, then you put your current position, and after those decisions Google calculates the best route depending if you want to take highways or backcountry roads, if there is construction, traffic, detours. It’s the same with your life. You should choose your lifestyle and then choose the right vehicle to get there. Sure, you’ll have to make sacrifices, to choose your associations, and to take some detours, but at the end it will be so worth it. . . And once you’re down the road, I know you’ll have uncomfortable moments in addition to moments of doubt. It’s totally normal, keep going, push until it becomes comfortable or until your doubts disappear because it’s where greatness happens. And, let me tell you, if you’re not where you want to be, it’s never too late to reset your GPS. Don’t let your past, your current situation, or your environment define you and where you should be. Don’t shut your dreams and don’t settle for average. at Chilliwack, British Columbia

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Los días en los que el sol sale brillante temprano en la mañana, son más que una oportunidad para obtener esa hermosa Vitamina D, son el momento ideal para poner el cuerpo y la mente en movimiento, además que no todos los días amanecerá así... Aprovecha y sal a mover ese esqueleto. // The days when the sun rises bright early in the morning, are more than an opportunity to get that beautiful Vitamin D, they're the ideal time to put the body and mind in motion. Keep in mind that not every day will dawn like this... Take advantage of those amazing sunny mornings and go out to move that skeleton! . . . . . #culturademovimiento #cultureofmovement #amovernosmas #sunrise #beautiful #beautifulmorning #letthedaybegin #activetraveling #activeholidays #activeliving #activelife #activeholiday #vidaenmovimiento #vidaalairelibre #vidactiva #airelibre #outsideisfree #outdoorsy #outsideisfree #outdoors #freedom #saludoalsol #goodmorning #activemorning #canada #autumn #fall #otoño #movimiento #movement at Vaudreuil, Quebec

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About me: Well in the past 3 months I’ve learned more about myself than I knew 3 months before then. I’m more of a wanderer than I thought, drawing is something I can be good at if I dedicate the time to it, I want to be a mom ASAP (jk) but really I absolutely adore the kids I work with, being an SLP is awesome, Jesus is the reason I smile, I’m the most awkward person sometimes, oh and I can’t wait to take my next trip. There’s so much more but basically I’m learning to love where I’m at & soak in every moment & opportunity that I can. ⛰🏕 #mountains #outdoorsy #outsideeveryday #beautifulmountainview

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Regrann from @beckworthandco: Camping fact: The more money you save while camping, the more camping trips you can afford to take. Here are some of the most fun and effective ways to save money while camping: https://buff.ly/2lsOuyn . . #camping #optoutside #howto #campingvibes #campinglife #camper #tent #campsite #tiptuesday #letsgosomewhere #stayandwander #beautifuldestinations #traveltuesday #adventureawaits #destinations #wanderlust #adventure #adventuretime #lifeofadventure #outdoorsy #beckworthandco #outdoors #outdoofun #outdoorenthusiast #instatrip #tips

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Having some me time on my #camping adventure. Oh wait...the whole week was about me time. I was packing up all the food and dishes from breakfast when I decided to get some photos of me and my #tea Hard to believe that was over a month ago! Many months to get through before it’s time for summer camping again. It’s the hardest thing to give up when temps fall. And no I won’t be doing winter camping anytime soon. I can barely get through cold, wet, miserable fall camping. 😝 Til we meet again camping ⛺️ at Cyprus Lake, Bruce Peninsula National Park

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day moon. 🌙

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We've seen many off-road teardrops over the years, but we can't recall any looking much like the Offroad Sherpa from @brsoffroad, a rolling bank vault built to tackle near-impassable tracks before transforming into a simple but well-equipped campsite for the entire family.

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Tip: Giving your boss something suited to his/her hobbies keeps the gift personal without being inappropriate. For example, if he/she’s into hiking, you can get him/her a book on the best trails in the country. Find out more ways to celebrate your Boss on National Boss Day here: https://buff.ly/2pU59NB . . #NationalBossDay #office #giftidea #celebrate #makemoments #bondingtime #boss #bosses #supervisor #manager #gifts #celebration #holiday #hiking #hobby #work #workstation #officework #tip #tips #tiptuesday #outdoorsy #outdoors #greatoutdoors #outdoorlife #backpacking #hikingday #hiker #employees #work

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Look at this up and coming young fisherman! Get it dude 😎🎣 . Photo by 📸 @william3xx at Louisiana

5 hours ago

When an iconic scene in Iceland doubles as a way to flip people off. 😂 #sorry #itwasntme . On a real note, because I’m back to real life and doing the good ole fashioned contemplating existence thing— One of the things I sort of admired about the Europeans I met on this trip was how little effs they give. Like, they don’t care. And it’s sort of refreshing. . There’s something perceptually brilliant about stepping out of your own bubble and detaching from your own normalcy to reflect. Just because you’ve always done it that way, doesn’t mean it’s the best or right way. . Maybe that’s a good question to ask yourself...could you approach this differently? Your life? Your situation? Your attitude? at Black Sand Beach, Vík

5 hours ago

What’s a #MusedayTuesday you ask? Just look at these two faces, and there’s your answer! Missing these two intelligent, creative and authentic young ladies a little extra today. They are full of questions and always ready for a new adventure! Can you tell by our squinty smiles that we enjoy each other’s company? Can’t wait to dance with you #toughchicks SOON! #muselife at Los Angeles, California

5 hours ago

F E A R | I’m not sure if I lost my fear of heights yet. I still can’t walk close to the second floor railing of a mall... at Tolmie Peak Fire Lookout

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Nice section of the trail🤟

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What’s better than #netflixandchill? Tide pools and chill! (OK--fairly debatable except I’m throwing in a beautiful sunrise to the mix too) On behalf of @girlgetoutside (GGO), join me and several other ladies for a sunrise hike + dip @ the Makapu'u tide pools + blowholes on Nov 3! Connect with new friends, enjoy the gorgeous Makapu’u sunrise and take home freebies from GGO, @puravidabracelets* and @staywildish* too Plus, if you’re up for it, feel free to join us for an optional organic breakfast at @islandbrewcoffeehouse afterwards.☕🥨 Spots are limited so pls RSVP via any of the following links below to let me know you’re coming (--and that you don’t mind receiving awesome freebies 😎) •Girl Get Outside website: www.girlgetoutside.com/events/ •Meetup App: www.bit.ly/tidepoolsandchill •Eventbrite: www.tidepoolsandtrinkets.eventbrite.com *Founded in Costa Rica, @puravidabracelets provides sustainable jobs to artisans worldwide while raising awareness for charities with products that give back *Wildish (@staywildish) is an outdoor gear company based in Bend, Oregon that connects all who are organically drawn to nature and promotes a playful outdoorsy-centered lifestyle while spreading good vibes. 🌿🙌💕

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It’s the best time of the year to go camping or for a #FallWedding in Florida! The days are warm and the nights are cooler. 🍁🍂 Check out fourrv.com for packages and reservations through our Preferred Vendor @rvshare. 🍁 #fallcamping #glamping #fortwilderness #disneyworld #disneywedding #flstateparks #campground #travelblogger #happycamper #thehappynow #gorving #visitflorida #campingvibes #travelguide #travelusa #wanderlust #wander #outdoorsy #weddingvenue #honeymoon #weddingrentals #rvshare at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground

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Falling over the wall so flirtatiously

3 days ago

Still in love with these photos @chrissywphoto took of us. ♥️