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I never thought in a million years that 1️⃣I’d ever live overseas. 2️⃣I’d ever willingly hop on a plane and see Scotland. 3️⃣Plan the most amazing vacation in under a few weeks. 4️⃣That because of this experience I now want to see Iceland and Scotland one last time before I die. We’re planning another trip to Scotland when Gracies a sophomore in High School. There’s no way I can stay away at this point. It still feels like a dream. Like it never really happened. The morning of our trip we had water pouring in from the ceiling. My husband took care of it then we took a taxi. When we returned our whole villa was 100+ degrees. Apparently it broke shortly after we left. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why? I’ve always wanted to see Iceland - anywhere without a lot of crowds and nothing but landscapes. Scotland was my #2. at The Storr

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The peat bogs of #rosedalemoor . These are the bogs that got me stuck twice lucky I had the @salomon boots fastened tight :-) or they might have been lost along here :) had to navigate osmaps on compass sight and head toward landmarks #rosedalemoor #rosedale #summitfit #teamsummitfit #getoutside #greatoutdoors #outdoormagazine #countrywalkingmagazine #northyorkmoors #lykewakewalk #challengewalk #yorkshiremoors #peatbogs #bogs #springwalk #ramblersgb #ramblers at NYMMO - North Yorkshire Moors Moorland Organisation

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Blue man-I-th-moss , White moor Loved this marker stone on the Lyke Wake walk I’ve made a route and walk for people to get to it :) from Wheeldale road . It actually is a blue painted man :-) This was on a really peat bog part of the moors #whitemoor #blueman-I-th-Moss #northyorkmoors #northyorkshire #lykewakewalk #outdoormagazine #countrywalkingmagazine #getoutside #thegreatoutdoors #thegreatoutside #challengewalk #igwalkers #ramblersgb #ramblers #bogs #peatbogs #moors #history #igersyorkshire #roman #yorkshiremoors #wheeldale #walk1000miles #walkinguk #ukwalking

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Thankful for soft shell @regattaoutdoors trousers yesterday also @salomon hiking boots as they took a good battering on Rosedale, Wheeldale and Flyingdale moor, @northyorkmoors yesterday glad to get them cleaned today ready to waterproof tomorrow:-) EPIC MARSHES AND BOGS #lykewakewalk #lykewakechallenge #lykewake #getoutside #yorkshireairambulance #justgiving #tobeinspired #salomonfamily #regattafamily #regattaclothing @ramblersgb #thegreatoutdoors #ldwa #yorkshirewalks #myjourney #timetoplay #adventureawaits #walking #rambler #countrywalkingmagazine #teambmc #teamsummitfit @summitfit.uk #outdoormagazine #walk1000miles

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I have had so many people asking me about sandboarding in Peru so I thought it was time to finally get these pictures up! It was beyond amazing! The 4-wheeling dune rides {those videos to come later} and sandboarding was a bucket list item of mine that I am happy to now have checked off. 🙌🏼 I was so impressed with myself that I was able to do it without any problems. A couple of falls but when landing on sand it doesn’t hurt at all. 😉 Before we got to the dunes, we stopped at this amazing roadside bakery where we had ham + cheese stuffed bread fresh from the oven. After we were finished sandboarding, we were absolutely covered in sand (sandstach and all 😂) so we stopped at a beautiful, rocky beach to wash off the sand, take in the views, and of course, get lots of pictures! I would recommend #ExplorePeru to anyone visiting Lima and wants to go sandboarding! 🙌🏼 🇵🇪 #Lima #Peru #Explore #Travel #GirlsLoveTravel #Adventure #GoOutside #Sandboarding #Snowboarding #excercise #justdoit #outdoormagazine #influencer #sahm #entrepreneurlife #globalbusiness

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✨Amber✨ is this week's gem for #mineralmonday °° What can I say about this magnificent ingredient that I haven't already blabbered about? Well for starters it hasn't always been my favorite up until I began to explore deeper into the story °° There is a vivid memory of going to the Seattle library a handful of years ago and getting lost in a book all about the history of Amber and how it's highly saught after reputation came about. I can't quite remember the name of the book but its contents have traveled with me ever since °° Amber is just a general term. There are in fact multiple variations, such as: Baltic, Chiapas, Dominican, Cherry, the list goes on and depending on the location it can be several million years old. It is most commonly formed by glacial recession over the top of massive ancient landslides that swept away entire forests. The sap was preserved in a dense moist environment while the organic matter of the tree decomposed around it. Eventually the sap cured becoming Copal or Amber (same thing different age) and as the glacier continued to recede and eat away at the Earth it slowly washed down to sea or was trapped in natural troughs in the landscape °° At certain points throughout cultural history you can see how pivotal of a role Amber played in goods trading, art, and even status. During the reign of the Roman empire some thousand odd years ago, Amber was absolutely the most highly saught after stone and they even put laws in place to limit who was allowed to search for it. The empire assigned the task of collecting Amber to specific soldiers whom were of the highest regard and were to protect it all cost. In other words, don't get caught looking for it. I mean this stuff was used in everything! The cages and ropes they used to keep prisoners had Amber set in them for goodness sake!! °° I could go on for hours about this most elegant and unique mineral but that might just drive you bonkers. Do me a favor and go look up "AMBER ROOM" your mind will be be blown! Chime in if you have some knowledge to share or maybe have a specific mineral you'd like to learn about next week. Hope you enjoyed this week's bit of nerdology and thanks for reading 🤓 at The Amber Room

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Pure natural beauty 💫 . The 1300m climb was worth every second when we popped out of the inversion and met with this view ✨ at New Zealand

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warm weather's got me ready to jump into some salt, with a little water 🌊 at Saint Simons, Georgia

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Managed to squeek into third behind these fine gentleman for the 6th annual #bomberbankedslalom . Much love and appreciation out to @cletus_van_gogh @missionridgeparks and everyone else involved that made this event the radical one that it was. A special thanks to @bak3r0444 for whipping these bad ass handmade trophies up just in time and a big shout out to @buzzbrump for bringing the live jams! You guys are something else 🙏🏼 °° I owe the biggest thanks to: @spssnw @slashsnow @dakine_snowboarding @vanssnow @ashburyeyewear @fixbindingco @nwziaworks for making this all possible. I truly couldn't do this without the push and support you given throughout the years. Here's to another 🍻 at Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort

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Always finding the balance in nature. Remember to always fuel yourself with what you love. A 5 minute reflection at the top of your day or hiking in the woods or sitting and reading. What you love keeps you connected to who you are! I thank my education everyday and for being a constant learner through life for my lifestyle and always being able to push through and do better for my health and for my happiness. When you are fueled you can lead strong for all those around you! #findingbalance #nature #outdoormagazine #education #mindfulness #yogajournal #yoga #movementforlife #seasonsarechanging #lehighvalley

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🇳🇱Gisteren na een week weer even op witje gestapt.😄 Het was eindelijk droog alleen het waaide nog wel.😑Heb alleen gestapt omdat witje de wind heel spannend vind veder ging het heel goed😍😘 🇬🇧Yesterday after a week I stepped on witje.😄 It was finally dry, but the wind was still blowing. alleenHave only stepped on, because witje thinks the wind is very exciting, it went very well😍 #paarden #bestplacesonplanetearth #123wander #travelphotography #reizen #paarden #outdoorlife #namibia #afrika #travelblogger #reisfotografie #outdoorwoman #outdoorcommunity #nature #naankusewildlifesanctuary #horses #earthisunique #africa #wanderlust #travel #paardrijden #outdoor #natgeoinspires #lifeisoutdoors #natuur #kanaan #exploretocreate #outdoormagazine #mytaleinnature #eindevandewereld,

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Garganta del Diablo - Tilcara (🇺🇸 below) 🇫🇷 Pour atteindre la cascade, une petite marche dans les gorges de Tilcara est nécessaire. . Quelle jolie surprise en arrivant au bout que de voir cette chute d'eau toute mignone dans un paysage aride comme celui-ci. >>>>> 🇺🇸 To get to this nice waterfall, you need to walk a moment in the Tilcara canyon. But the surprise is worth it. Even if less impressive than other waterfalls, for us, this one was such a pretty one. --- Shot with the Lumix G80 . . ➡️ https://geonautrices.com . . . . . #viedevoyage #pvtargentine #blogvoyage #frenchroamers #thefrenchnomads #outdoorminds #outdoormagazine #natureshots #landscapephotographymagazine #outdoorphotography #exploretocreate #locatairesdelaterre #noaargentino #tilcara #lagargantadeldiablo #jujuy #argentine #expandyourplayground #creativevisuals #lumixfr #stayandwander #freshairclub

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Dusky pink dinner dates ✨💫🌙 . Can’t beat an evening in the clouds 💫 Thanks @localdehy for the most delicious dehydrated meals 💛

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I get asked the question a lot, "So, are you an artist?" and honestly I don't know how to respond. The way I visualize something is purely based off of perspective and experience so in a sense I am the product of that environment yet there is always external happening all around us that can alter the ultimate outcome °° Who I am is not just one thing, not a single label, or any label for that matter. It's about always doing what you love most while staying true to yourself °° Creation in any form is that for my soul. It is the fuel, the sustenance that it craves to feel whole. So I feed it daily °° Had such a blast helping create yet another #bomberbankedslalom course. The utmost respect and gratitude to @bak3r0444 and @missionridgeparks for making it happen. Already geekin for next years! at Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort