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9 minutes ago

Beautiful day for a Tamkaliks celebration. Many ornately dressed people performing song, dance, and drumming. Absolutely gorgeous atmosphere that transported us. Feeling so lucky to be in the right place on the right weekend... And we got to try an Indian taco! #nezperce #powercouplepnw at Wallowa, Oregon

19 minutes ago

I’ve been wanting to move to bend for over 5 years. Now I have the opportunity to and I’m taking advantage of that. My list of places to explore just tripled. I’m glad I got to check this on off before the big move at Trillium Lake

22 minutes ago

I am so thankful to be a McGie! My family busted their butts today to get me settled into my new place while Austin is still away. Being a McGie has always meant hard work and loyalty and today was the greatest example of that. Thank you to my amazing parents, my brothers, my aunt and uncle, and my cousins who all sweated their asses off in 90 degree weather moving boxes upon boxes for little ol’ me. My heart is so full❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . #newhome #pnw #pnwlife #pnwwonderland #citizenfemme #pnwhiking #northwestcreatives #rei #optoutside #herpnwlife #outdoorwomen #family #home #eugeneoregon #oregonexplored #oregonlife #womenwhoexplore #sunset #pnwsunset at Eugene, Oregon

26 minutes ago

❣️❣️ If the Oregon coast isn’t on your list, add it now. Write down: ✔️Yachats, Oregon • ✔️Devils Churn ✔️Cape Perpetua ✔️Yachats Brewery & Farmstore ✔️ Message Julia • ...I’ll meet you there. 😉 at Cape Perpetua

27 minutes ago

It’s easy to fall into the negative. Tomorrow begins a new week... choose to be positive no matter what comes your way! Assume the best of others. Don’t complain. Walk away from gossip and mindless chatter. Speak life into those around you, believe in the dreams and aspirations of others and be generous with kindness! at Oregon

34 minutes ago

Good Night Oregon! Hopefully you’ve all been able to stay cool, and if you weren’t warm enough, no worries!! It’s going to get hotter!🔥😍 Photographer: @jess_pdx Selected by: @doublemdesignphoto Thank you for tagging your best Oregon photos & videos #jj_oregon, including location. Please take a moment to visit the featured photographer's feed and remember to 1-2-3 (for every image tagged to #jj_oregon, comment on 2 and like 3 others within the #jj_oregon tag). Please check out the other 69 @jjcommunity pages! Visit 👉@jj_projectanarchy and look at "following" for a list. WE 💚 THE JJ COMMUNITY #oregonexplored #bestoforegon #cascadiaexplored #youroregon #oregon #pnwonderland #pnwdiscovered #pnwcollective #jj_westcoast #jj_nature #pnwparadise #oregoncoast #thepeoplescoast #bestoforegoncoast #peteriredale #sunset at Peter Iredale

36 minutes ago

I stay up late and rise up early, too, with the morning dew The sun is shining so I'm on my way trying to find something new Even when I'm lost I'm knowing right where I'm going Well lifes an ocean, ocean of emotions and I'm just floating #blessed #oregonexplored #pacificnorthwest #wanderlusting #travelphotography #danke #iriestateofmind #ital #beautifuldestinations #indigo #earthchild #medicine #gaia #ma #vedic #manifest #culture #medicinetribe #ocean #pacific #nature #divinefeminine #iloveyou #bhakti #blessup #harekrsna #jahbless #givethanks #nothingbutlove at Brookings, Oregon

47 minutes ago

Great light on Mt. Hood coming back into Portland tonight. I will never get over this view. It is good to be home and curled up with my 🐾 at Mount Hood National Forest

50 minutes ago

Haystack Rock - What do you see? 🌞 at Haystack Rock

51 minutes ago

showing some love to my favorite color in the next few posts 💚🍀🌲

54 minutes ago

Ah, to have cell service again ☺️ @danacwade and I camped at Crater Lake this weekend. I brought my Canon to hopefully snap epic starlight photos. After eating too many french fries, Dana and I hiked up Watchman Overlook to catch the sunset. She’s the best. She sat there in the wind and cold for at least an hour waiting for me to have my moment. As the sun was setting, I whipped out my camera to find...no battery. Ohhhhh my little heart sank. I didn’t get the starlight photos I was after, but the sunset was still spectacular. Right at the good part, a group on a guided hike took over our spot. But hey, I got to creep on some lovely Russians, and anyone who knows me knows Soviets can entertain me for hours. I love them. All and all, still a success. Peek closely to see smoke from the fires rolling in over the water. at Watchman Overlook

54 minutes ago

Oregon Country Fair vibes from last week! This was seriously an amazing event to be a part of. I volunteered with the traffic crew. Some responsibilities that came with that- helping park cars, direct traffic, assist pedestrians to safely cross, and more. It was a lot of work, and it was hotter than the ritz sauna in the open fields, but it was so rewarding and worth it. I made many connections and lifelong friends. My favorite part- seeing a mini city get constructed, populated, thrive, and deconstructed as if it never happened at all. And my second favorite part? Getting to use a walkie-talkie and feeling all official and stuffs 😂🙌 over and out, copy that! at Oregon Country Fair

55 minutes ago

Forever absent

56 minutes ago

can’t wait to be back at this dreamy spot full of the warmest, brightest, loveliest energy ✨🌞

57 minutes ago

“Normality is a paved road: It's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.” Vincent Van Gogh at Thurston, Oregon

59 minutes ago

Ricardo & I are very excited to finally share our long awaited secret. We couldn’t be more happy. 12 weeks down. ❤️ Huge thanks to my very close friend @nataliekateimages @_nataliektr

1 hour ago

🍉 🍲 🍩 FREE Gear for the Next 20 IG’ers. ☑️☑️☑️ Smash the link in our bio to Claim Yours Now!!! But my question is, am I compromising by adapting my words for the audience and where is the line beyond which I am not adapting words, but changing my position?. (Quote by - Joichi Ito) #tetons #hikersofinstagram #earthpics #pnwgirl #adventureculture #pnwisbeautiful #traveloregon #winterday #rockformation #oregonexplored #backpackersworld #trekkingday #grandtetonnationalpark #bisbee #youroregon #grandteton #northwestnature #exploretheoutdoors

1 hour ago

Another fantastic weekend camping with good food, good friends, card games and wine. It always ends too soon. 🏕

1 hour ago

Scenes from the road: In 48 hours Danny, Steve I drove from Portland to Los Angeles in a 26’ truck, picked up and packed @ohdanielsan ‘s printing equipment and then headed straight back to Portland along with his Dad. How we survived? Not sure. But it was an experience. One I hope to never do again. I love you, Danny. ❤️ at I-5 North

1 hour ago

Explosions in the sky! 💥Hope everyone got to enjoy the outdoors this weekend. Cheers to Sunday night sunsets! 🌅 #oregoncoast #orangesky #sunsetporn #sunsetchaser⠀ ☀⠀ ••⠀ ••⠀ ••⠀ ••⠀ ••⠀ ••⠀ #travelmoments #travelpic #travelgram #traveljunkie #wanderlusting #travelmore #traveloften #getoutside #exploremore #pnwonderland #upperleftUSA #oregonexplored #westcoast #thepeoplescoast #thatpnwlife #onlyinoregon #pnwcollective #pdx #portlandia #cannonbeach #sunsetlove #optoutside