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Does anyone else call mushrooms cute when you see them when you're adventuring? These were some CUTE mushrooms at Oregon

7 minutes ago

I love storms! ☔️ It’s a rainy, windy, stay inside snuggly hoodie kinda day......🌲💨.....but, the dogs need walked, so into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my Soul 😁🌲❤️ at Bend, Oregon

8 minutes ago

Why did the chicken cross the crater? 📍Crater Lake📍 at Chiloquin, Oregon

16 minutes ago

2018 isn’t quite over, but here’s my #topnine It’s been a challenging year, especially in my personal life. Hoping 2019 brings more adventures, new clients and creative opportunities.

20 minutes ago

THAT COMMUTE! we had quite the rain event overnight, with high winds and several inches of rain falling on Oregon. Portland was hammered this morning... felt like I was driving underwater at times. Just a quick video of the driving conditions as I reported on traffic from my office this morning in the Chevy Equinox LiveDrive...

21 minutes ago

When you think you've seen all of the waterfalls in Oregon ... you find another one further up the creek 💧 at Bend, Oregon

21 minutes ago

Fog in a lush forest is pure magic for my soul ✨

23 minutes ago

The most peaceful end to the day, watching the sun go down with my best friend by my side 👫 Photo by @jameslloydcole at Trillium Lake

38 minutes ago

Almost Iceland 👌🏻 Oregon, you’ve got it all 😍 at Rowena, Oregon

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39 minutes ago

Okay, I will accept that winter is here, as long as I can snowshoe soon ❄️ at White River Glacier

41 minutes ago

"Sometimes, if you aren’t sure about something, you just have to jump off the bridge and grow your wings on the way down." -Danielle Steel ⌲⌲⌲⌲⌲⌲⌲⌲⌲⌲⌲⌲⌲⌲⌲⌲ Your daily motivation to break free of the fear of failure and go after that thing you've been dreaming about. - - - #PNW #Photography #Photographer #PNWphotographer #PNWphotography #Washington #Oregon #Hiking #Explore #LifeOfAdventure #ExploreWashington #ExploreOregon #WashingtonExplored #OregonExplored #PNWonderland #Nature #Evergreens #Ferns #Rain #Bridge #Mood #Motivation at Washington

42 minutes ago

Started my morning off with a quick line drawing ✍🏼 I decided to share some of the specifics/a time lapse with you all, just to shake things up! And, I get so many questions about what medium I use I wanted to respond to that as well. . Most of the drawings you see are completed on an iPad using Procreate and an Apple Pencil. I always use a bunch of different brushes to add texture, depth, and to improve on my overall skills! But for this, I only used studio pen for the entire drawing. each time I changed brush sizes, I marked it at the bottom :) . p.s. this is just the beginning of my Tuesday draw day - I have lots of drawings I plan on completing today and I will continue to share throughout the day☺️ at Eugene, Oregon

44 minutes ago

🌲🎁 Musical Mountaineers giveaway! @anastasia.allison and @missroselouise want to spread some holiday cheer! The winner of this special giveaway will receive two Christmas ornaments, handmade by @anastasia.allison and @missroselouise... plus a highly coveted @drawntohighplaces Musical Mountaineers sticker! To enter: 1. Tag a friend who brings light into your life. 2. That’s it! Winner will be announced on Friday the 21st and will be randomly selected. This giveaway isn’t affiliated in anyway with Instagram. Good luck and we hope that all of you are having a beautiful holiday season so far ❤️ 📷 @missroselouise

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I took this photo back in March on one of my solo trips this year. I have taken many amazing trips but this one and Costa Rica were the last ones I did completely on my own. I typically do a lot more by myself but this year a lot of my friends have wanted to join me on my travels, and it’s honestly so awesome to have friends who want to share that. I love making memories with you guys and I don’t want diminish those experiences for a second! It’s been so fun! But I have to say there’s something about traveling solo that allows me to be so much more creative and in touch with myself and my surroundings. I really really miss my solo adventures. I think they have helped so much with my independence and my ability to be decisive. A lot of people have told me in the past that it seems so scary to do things on your own, or that they’d go crazy, get “lonely” (oh I hate that one 😂), or that “I’m so brave”. I think being alone is something that scares a lot of people and that honestly makes me sad. When you are 100% content in your own company, there is a certainty in that. You will ALWAYS be able to find joy. You are not dependent on others to generate happiness for you. Your happiness should only lie in YOUR hands. If you’re someone who hates being alone, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try to find what I’m talking about here because it’s kinda life-changing. When I’m by myself staring at these views I am wholly and completely at peace with my life. I definitely don’t feel lonely and any little problem I have just shrinks into nothing because it really is so small in the grand scheme of things. I’m gonna plan a long solo trip in 2019. I’ve got some ideas already but if you have any suggestions hmu. 🤙🏼 at Cape Kiwanda Beach

53 minutes ago

Hoping to get back up here soon 🙌 it’s my Friday so I’m itching for an adventure 🤗 at Angel's Rest

56 minutes ago

A quick video from a few months back to put ya in the mood to get outside #oregonexplored at Oregon

1 hour ago

Spandex never sounds like a bad idea to me 🤷 I was soaking in a hot spring along my favorite river just after sun up on Saturday before running around the woods for a couple hours. Also, I'm cohosting a creative renewal + educational workshop on a lake in my favorite mountains of eastern Oregon next October so keep up if that interests you lol 🌲💚♻️ . . #whiteoakphotography #pnw #pnwphotographer #oregonengagementphotographer #oregonweddingphotographer #meettheartist #creativerenewal #centraloregon #blueriveroregon #oregonexplored #thewandererscommunity #thedarlingmovement #thatsdarling #liveadventurously #liveauthentic #exploretocreate #exploremore #livepnw #hikeoregon #exploregon #northwestcreatives #northwestisbest at Oregon

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Congratulations. 📸📸By @krl_photo #milkywayshooters My personal acc: @chasingescape “Legendary light zooming through the grid of life. Constantly connected, avoiding your neighbors’ strife. Take a look around and treasure what you see. Even the ‘luckiest’ of folks say “that could of been me”. Grateful is just a word ‘til you dissect and reflect. Words have strong meanings- your numbness may cause you to forget. The world moves fast - We’ve evolved to “sum things up”. Skim over too many moments- quickly trying to one-up. Breathe in each second and skip no chapters. For the one you miss, may be the one that truly matters”. -KRL- ——— @sonyalpha A7R iii @Sony 16-35 GM F/2.8 @manfrottoimaginemore Tripod 🏎 👉🏼 @meetchellford Composite ———- #earthfocus #nights_dreamworld #houseoftones #theoutdoorfolk #exploretocreate #timeoutsociety #oregonexplored #gearednomad #night_excl #allaboutadventures #theglobewanderer #night_shooterz #visualambassadors #pnwonderland #visualseduction #weekly_feature #adventuretocreate #milkyway #illgrammers #agameyoftones #heatercentral #way2ill #ourcolordays #pnw #depthsofearth #depthobsessed #feedbacknation #ig_color at Oregon

1 hour ago

🌿 It’s a jungle in here! 🦜 at Cornell Farm

1 hour ago

Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area - Pacific City, OR. A great spot for the whole family, Cape Kiwanda has sand dunes to hike, waves to surf and Pelican Brewery/restaurant right on the beach! at Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area

1 hour ago

Redeemed by the creator. - I am getting the surgery tomorrow, wish me luck. Thats when my winter break starts, hope you guys have an amazing winter break! Thank you guys for the massive heads up for me, helped my confidence and now I am ready. Peace ✌️ at Cannon Beach, Oregon

1 hour ago

13 days before the new year! •••••••••••••••••••• “For every like/ share/ comment this post gets on both Facebook and Instagram I’ll run 5 miles” •••••••••••••••••••• Comments will be added until Christmas Day! •••••••••••••••••••• #WhatInspiresYou #GetFit at Planet Earth

2 hours ago

I wanted to build a van. Than I built a van. Now I can go on adventures and not worry about hotels or long drives ever again. Moral of the story: Don’t let things you want to do just stay things you want to do. Have things you want to do become things that get done. PHOTO: @hot_bev at Mccredie Springs, Oregon

2 hours ago

I heard the mountains got a bunch of snow yesterday. Pretty sure they’re calling my name!

2 hours ago

Winter is the best time to crab in Oregon because adult Dungeness crab molt each summer. Do you know the difference between male and female? This info is from a series of interpretive panels that will be found around Tillamook Bay. Crabbing regulations at myodfw.com ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #dungenesscrab #dungeness #pacificocean #crabbing #oregoncrabbing #tillamookbay #visittillamook #tillamookcoast #garibaldioregon #outdoororegon #interpretivemedia #vectorart #forestgroveoregon #womenofillustration #honestdesigners #oregondesigner #oregonillustrator #pdxillustrator #portlandillustrator #traveloregon #exporeoregon #tualatinvalley #elisewahl #timberdoodlestudio #nativespecies #getoutside #traveloregoncoast #oregonexplored #PNWillustrators #digitalillustrator

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While this dizzying array of shapes and patterns can be quite overwhelming, there's also a challenge to be met and surmounted. It takes a bit of patience, some clever tripod yoga, and being ok with getting your feet frozen wet.⠀ ----------------⠀ C: @SonyAlpha a7R III⠀ L: @sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G⠀ T: @reallyrightstuff TVC-34L/BH-55⠀ E: @Adobe @lightroom CC iOS⠀ . ⠀ .⠀ . . . #pnw #upperleftusa #explorethegorge #shareyourparadise #traveloregon #oregonasm #columbiarivergorge #drippin_awesome #discoveroregon #bestoforegon #bestofnorthwest #awesomeearth #discoverlandscape #pnwonderland #oregonexplored #exploretocreate #nrthwst #cascadiaexplored #sonyalpha #jj_oregon #thatpnwlife #pnwcollective #sonyalpha #collectivelynorthwest #pnwroamers #mykgw #thegreat_pnw #pnwshooters #omht

2 hours ago

This was in the outtake pile but I have grown to really love it. What an incredible year this has been. I know that’s cliche and everyone says that, but truly it has been remarkable. I saw three new countries this year. I jumped off mountains, trekked through rain forests, climbed mountain after mountain and yet those things aren’t what made it the most incredible year for me. It was YOU. All of you. Finding my place in this community surrounded by love, acceptance and encouragement is the greatest gift I could have ever gotten. So many of you that I met via this little app have turned out to be some of the best friends I could ask for. You have come with me to camp in unforgiving temperatures. You have hiked up mountains no one was prepared for. You have done some mild trespassing for the shot and jumped off cliffs into waters with me. You have all been there for me when I needed you. I have never been more grateful for anything as I am for this year of amazing friendships. Let’s go get it in 2019. at Mitchell, Oregon

3 hours ago

Montage will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so come celebrate the holidays with us on New Year’s Eve! We’ll have all day happy hour, a Mac Monday special, wine deals, and a special midnight toast 🥂 at Le Bistro Montage

2 months ago

Thank you to everyone that has been patient with me. I’m still learning how to adult 😁 at Ponzi Vineyards