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Carlton Ridge, Ord River, Kununurra.

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Take me back!!!

6 days ago

The Kimberley is full of adventures that you can only dream of but sometimes it's good to just sit back, relax and take it all in! It's @d_lodgey here with you on my last day of my takeover. I've been loving showing you all a few of my favourite areas from the up here and I 100% need to give a shout out to @kimberleyspirit , who runs this page, for giving me the opportunity to do this!! Make sure you check out his page. Here are a few pics of how I like to kick back up here. The first is a drone shot of a houseboat we took out on lake argyle for my girlfriends birthday, such an epic few days of chilling out. The second is me taking in another stunning Kimberley sunset while out on a dinner cruise with Kununurra Cruises (definitely worth doing if you get the chance ). #thekimberleyaustralia #westernaustralia #australia #australiasnorthwest #ordsome

6 days ago

Rise and shine everyone, I hope you're all pumped for another day of #ordsome Kimberley images. It's @d_lodgey back with you for my last day of my takeover. The Kimberley is an area that is remote and largely untouched but the world is changing and so are the ways that people travel and view this amazing land. With things like drones only getting better and more affordable then we are starting to see parts of this remote area in ways that we never have before, hopefully we all look after this amazing place as we do this. Here is an image that I think really sums up that change, I took my drone out to @homevalleystation and got some phenomenal footage and pictures but I love this pic with the drone in the foreground. #thekimberleyaustralia #westernaustralia #australia #australiasnorthwest

6 days ago

Howdy everyone! I hope your all powering through hump day. I'm @d_lodgey and I'm running this page for a week. These 2 images are a couple of reasons why I love my job and where I work. This boat is called peregrine and it's our biggest and newest vessel at @triple_j_tours , this beast has 1050hp and is the perfect way to explore the #ordsome Ord River! It can get along at over 70km and yet still has the manoeuvrability to get up the smallest of creeks! The second image is for me a standard day at work, the reflections that you get on the Ord River are like nowhere else!! If you like photography then you will not be disappointed πŸ“ΈπŸ‘Œ #thekimberleyaustralia #westernaustralia #seeaustralia #australiasnorthwest

7 days ago

Welcome to Wednesday crew! I'm @d_lodgey and this is my second last day of taking over this great page to showcase the Kimberley through my eyes. Today is all about what I believe to be the best town in the Kimberley to base yourself when exploring it, Kununurra! I've called Kununurra home for over 20 years and I'm still finding new places! This image is sunset from the top of what we call elephant rock. It's close to town and I regularly take the boat up and climb up to watch sunset or sunrise, it never fails to disappoint!! #thekimberleyaustralia #westernaustralia #seeaustralia #australiasnorthwest #ordsome

7 days ago

Who would of thought the bottom of a river, once it recedes, can have better grass than my backyard. #ordsome #ordriver

8 days ago

The Ord Irrigation Area is truly unique. A combination of unlimited water, sunshine and great growing soils means we have a hugely diverse and successful agricultural industry up here. Come check it out!! . . . . . πŸ“Έ @magnay

8 days ago

Flying over the #ordsome Diversion Dam on the Ord River!

8 days ago

My last post for today is a short clip out of some footage a few of us took while exploring on Australia Day πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί this year. If your just joining, I'm @d_lodgey and I'm taking over this page for the week! I hope your enjoying it πŸ‘ We went to a waterhole up Lake Kununurra which we often go to but this time we climbed the cliff next to it and walked out the back. After swimming through many pools and little falls we came across this epic one. It was such a cool feeling sitting next to it and drinking a cold beer to celebrate the day with good mates 🍻 #thekimberleyaustralia #ordsome #westernaustralia #seeaustralia #australiasnorthwest

9 days ago

@d_lodgey here with you guys, I'm continuing my takeover of this page for the week. This picture I've chosen is of one of the tallest falls in the Kimberley called Revolver Falls. It was taken during one of our biggest wet seasons, back in 2013/14. My brother in law and myself had been heading back to town after exploring some waterfalls out near Wyndham and decided that the day wasn't over. We called a mate who has a chopper and asked him to meet us on the back lawn (pretty cool to see a Heil land on your back lawn). As we approached the area this fall is in we noticed what we thought was a really low cloud which was pretty confusing, turns out it was actually a spray cloud coming off the falls themselves due to the amount of water going over!!! πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ it was epic 🀘 #thekimberleyaustralia #ordsome #westernaustralia #seeaustralia #australiasnorthwest

9 days ago

A stunning shot of the elegant Greater Egret. These birds are so majestic to watch cruising around in the shallows catching all sorts of food. We regularly have amazing photo opportunities with these beautiful birds. . . . . . πŸ“Έ @wildlifekununurra

9 days ago

Good morning all @d_lodgey here for my 4th day of this Insta takeover. Today is all about my favourite season up here in the Kimberley, the wet season πŸ’¦! This picture is one I took at the start of this year and it instantly takes me back to the morning I took it and the feeling I got. Some friends and I had climbed a local hill line in the morning to get sunrise over the Ord River. As the light started to appear we saw this huge storm rolling down the river towards us. We stayed up there as this huge storm blew straight into us and we got absolutely drenched. The colours that morning were truly something else. #thekimberleyaustralia #ordsome #westernaustralia #seeaustralia #australiasnorthwest

9 days ago

Hi everyone, I hope you have all made the most of your Sunday. Tomorrow it's back to the grind so you gotta enjoy it while it's there. @d_lodgey back to finish off Sunday. Even if your not feeling like the adrenaline charged type of adventure then there are heaps of slightly more chilled options. My girlfriend and I often go for a late arvo paddle in the everglades and lagoons that come off Lake Kununurra. The reflections and birdlife that you see are incredible! You can sit out in the middle of a glassy reflection for hours on end and not see or hear anything but silence. It's pure bliss πŸ˜Šβ˜€οΈπŸš£ #thekimberleyaustralia #seeaustralia #ordsome #westernaustralia

10 days ago

Ahhh Sunday, a day of rest and relaxation... Wrong! It's a time make the most of another cracking day out in the kimberley australia , well that's my view anyway. @d_lodgey here with you on my takeover. If your wondering what activities we get up to on our rest days up here then I'm about to show you some. This πŸ“Έ is a pretty typical Sunday for myself and my mates. Lots of us have our own wake boats and there is nothing more Sunday than getting out on mirror like water and carving it to shreds on your board. #thekimberleyaustralia #ordsome #australia #westernaustralia #australiasnorthwest #seeaustralia

11 days ago

When you forget the drone is faster then the boat and almost give your mate a fresh haircut 🚀🚁

11 days ago

Hi guys, I hope your Saturday is progressing along nicely. @d_lodgey here with you, showing you the kimberley australia through my πŸ‘€. This image is not my own, it was taken by @wildlifekununurra so check out his page if you haven't already. This cute couple are Short Eared Rock Wallaby's. This is a species that is fairly common in these parts but is rarely seen due to where they live and being primarily nocturnal. They live in the cave systems of the cliff faces, and as you might imagine they are very very agile movers on the cliffs. Interestingly their tail is the same length as the rest of their body! These are both adults hanging out on a cool ledge enjoying the view of the Ord. I love finding these dudes on my tours. #thekimberleyaustralia #seeaustralia #australia #australiasnorthwest #westernaustralia #ordsome

11 days ago

What a beautiful little capture of a post sunset glow. Sometimes the colours after the sun has disappeared are even more magnificent! β˜€οΈ . . . . . πŸ“Έ @campionollie

11 days ago

The #sunset last night was seriously #ordsome Such a great way to finish a tour. Check out the reflections onto the boat.

11 days ago

Happy Saturday everyone 🎊 @d_lodgey here to hit you with some the kimberley australia love. This part of Australia is known for being big. Big landscapes, big water, big distances and big animals!! Today I want to share with you some of my favourites that we have up here. These 2 images might give some people shivers but I think that the snakes that call this part of the world home are incredible creatures. There are loads of different species, each one unique. The first image is a HUGE olive python that myself and a couple of mates caught as it was heading for my sisters chooks. Still to this day one if the biggest snakes I've ever seen. The second is much smaller, it's a children's python and the markings that this little snake had were just incredible. 🐍😊 #thekimberleyaustralia #seeaustralia #australia #australiasnorthwest #westernaustralia #ordsome

12 days ago

Thanks for following along everyone. I’m @d_lodgey and this is my first day of 7 where I get to takeover this sweet page. My family are half owners of @triple_j_tours up here in #kununurra where we run trips on a section of the #Ordriver called Lake Kununurra. It’s Australia’s longest daily river cruise and a #ordsome section of water! Here 2 of our boats cruise side by side past a stunning kimberley sunset. In my eyes there is no better way to finish a day than on the water watching a sunset. β˜€οΈπŸš€ #thekimberleyaustralia #seeaustralia #triplejtours #australiasnorthwest #australia #westernaustralia

12 days ago

Good morning everyone, I hope your all pumped to get into your Friday! It’s @d_lodgey here and I’m lucky enough to be doing a takeover of this great page for the next week. I’m super excited to be showing you some of this amazing landscape from my point of view so please follow along 🀘. I’ll be trying to chat to as many of you as I can so hopefully you all enjoy the feed! This first image is basically an insight into how I feel #thekimberleyaustralia is best explored, I get out and about as much as possible with my best mate Millie enjoying our #ordsome backyard and waterfall hunting is our favourite πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ #seeaustralia #australia #westernaustralia #australiasnorthwest

12 days ago

G'DAY Australia,Β Greg Smith has been leading Lake Argyle boat cruises and tours for more than 19 years. He’s got it down to a fine, fact-packed (and quite humorous) art. Greg knows this landscape like the back of his hand and it’s almost like the wildlife are family. As we cruise through some of Lake Argyle’s 90 islands and inlets on a boat equipped with a bathroom and tea and coffee facilities, we stop to feed catfish and the delightful spitting archer fish (you won’t forget this in a hurry). For anyone willing, there’s a chance to take a dip in the lake. We encourage you to visit Lake Argyle when staying at Discovery Parks - Lake Kununurra.

12 days ago

I've been home from our recent trip to Kununurra for 12 days, and until now haven't had a chance to post anything. Truth is... I just couldn't decide where to start! I've also been putting together star trail images with disappointing results, I'm still undecided if these will make it to social media! This year marked my 9th trip to Kununurra since my first visit in 1996. Why so many visits to such a remote part of Oz? I have family who live here, so there have been visits for birthday milestones, weddings and now a new little addition to the family! Every trip has had one thing in common... a visit to the iconic "Ivanhoe Crossing" so I figured this image was a good place to start. Taken as the last light from the day disappeared and the stars and crescent moon came out to play... my favourite time of day to take photos! Ivanhoe Crossing is a concrete causeway over the Ord River, and was originally part of the main road to Wyndham. Since the construction of the Kununurra Diversion Dam in the early 1960's, then later the Lake Argyle Dam wall, water now flows over this crossing all year round. This picturesque crossing is always worth a visit! ---------------------------------------------------- #kununurra #ivanhoecrossing #thekimberley #thekimberleyaustralia #thisiswa #eastkimberley #amazing_wa #ordsome #nikon #samyangaustralia #samyang14mmf28 #gf_afterdark #nightscapeoz #nightphotography #night_excl #stars #stargazing #ig_australia #traveling_oceania #wow_australia2017 #ig_discover_australia

14 days ago

Where are you watching the evening sky light shows today? Chances are they won't be as good at what we are getting up here in @thekimberleyaustralia Ever changing and never boring 😍 . . . . . . . . . πŸ“Έ @tanyazouev

20 days ago

Looking down on this #ordsome waterway is one thing but getting down on it and exploring what it has to offer is a whole other experience! It's something you will never forget. . . . . . . . . πŸ“Έ @jdawwg13

21 days ago

Sailing past the 'Sleeping Buddha' on Lake Kununurra with @kununurracruises

22 days ago

This was taken at Ord Gorge at Lake Argyle on my recent Astro photography workshop.

22 days ago

Tuesday morning brekky These rainbow bee eaters are beautiful little birds who are amazing at catching insects on the wing. . . . . . . πŸ“Έ @wildlifekununurra

24 days ago

Happy Saturday everyone! Here's to a good weekend on the water!! . . . . πŸ“Έ @scottslawinski

28 days ago

The abundance of Fresh water crocodiles in our area pose little threat. 'They' say to spot the difference between the two species of is easy. A Fresh water croc will be swimming away from you, the Salt water croc will be swimming towards you.🀠 But the size of this fresh water croc 🀀 makes the decision for me not to swim today real easy. Even if it is over 40 degrees and l know its not interested ..πŸ˜† #toomanycatfish #fatcroc #skinnyphotographer #abcmyphoto #abckimberley #ordsome #bestoflakeargyle #outbackaustralia #outbackluxurytours #justanotherdayinwa #visitkununurra #eastkimberley #australiancrocodile #freshwatercrocodile #capricorn_north_aus #lakeargylecruises #triplejjj #ordriver