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CHARACTER BACKSTORY Miles played by Adam Lee. At first glance, Miles appeared an ordinary man, working long days and making sure his life remained simple, secure and most importantly – safe. His job in marketing is of the utmost importance to his lifestyle, but his lack of confidence has proved a weakness in climbing the employment ladder. He has been in the same line of work for years, starting with his university study through to a tedious business degree. It was here Miles met Charlotte. She was different. Her face was covered with scars and he could feel a deep pain within her, but she shared some familiarity in Miles’ life. She encased the most liked properties of both of his parents, his father’s strength and ability to control a room, and his mother’s caring nature. This gave Miles a comfort he hadn’t experienced before and quickly they became friends. Eventually Charlotte needs help with something, and she wasn’t specific, almost secretive. This is where Miles’ anxiety flared, the prospect of taking a step away from his safe life was unheard of. Yet Charlotte sounded so distressed, Miles took a deep breath and accepted. Life for Miles was simple, secure and safe. It was all he wanted and had but he was missing something. Although he didn’t know what, he knew there was something. Maybe this was it. Maybe it was Charlotte. Maybe it was helping those he loved. Maybe it was just getting out of this repetitive, tedious hell he called life. Miles was glad he accepted and glad that he would see Charlotte again. He was finally sure of himself. Finally, positive that he could do something important. #film #filmmaking #filmcamera #filmmaker #hollywood #art #bts #onset #style #blackandwhite #movies #actor #actress #cinematography #cinema #canon #camera #horrormovies #artist #35mmfilm #35mm #creepy at New South Wales

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CHARACTER BACKSTORY Charlotte played by Bella Vick. Charlotte was never the type of girl to do things half-assed. She was top of all her classes, unbeatable on the basketball court, and one the fiercest friends you could have. That is until an unsolved bomb attack killed her whole family. With no solid leads on the man responsible, Charlotte starts to lose her grip on reality and decides to take things into her own hands. Ten years later she only has one agenda-find and kill the man that took those she loved most. You better stay out of her way. “I have nothing left to live for and that makes me a very dangerous person. Ten years of hate-filled rage, and plotting your death hasn’t made me particularly merciful.” #film #filmmaking #filmcamera #filmmaker #hollywood #art #bts #onset #style #blackandwhite #movies #actor #actress #cinematography #cinema #canon #camera #horrormovies #artist #35mmfilm #35mm #creepy at New South Wales

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DO WHAT YOU GOTTA AND MAKE IT FUN. Companies often need to create videos to welcome new hires and teach them the rules. However, they don't always make those videos humorous and enjoyable. I'm glad that @ikonmotorsports chose to turn a safety-focused video that could have been boring into something entertaining and fun. It was a great opportunity to play a lead role, contribute helpful script-editing ideas, improvise a bit, and get false lashes for the first time (thanks @makeup.by.itze ). I hope if you have tasks today that are not fun, you can find a way to be joyful in the midst of them because there is always a way to make anything joyful (hint — "together" helps, whether you can knock out a task with a friend, or just with the awareness that God is with you.) ❤ at City of Industry, California

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This does not belong to me. I am a naughty boy.

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got this done today . . shooting time:4 hours editing time: 5 hours (before I add tittles) shot on: dji mavic 2 pro and canon 80d with a 24-107 lens edited on: premier pro and after effects at Tennessee

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Emmy Winning Cinematographer @aaronmendezfilms | “Surfing the turf of Troon North in Scottsdale and shooting the show open for @golfadvisor ‘s Round Trip with host, @matt_ginella The team has stayed the same, but the equipment has elevated our game. What started five years ago as travel vignettes shot with @canonusa L-Series lenses on 5dmarkii ‘s, hard mounted @gopro on @djiglobal phantom 1’s, has evolved into a 30-minute show on @golfchannel shot with cinema lenses on @canonusaprovideo C300 ‘s flying on @freeflysystems mōvipro on @golfboard ‘s!!!! This rag tag crew of producer @three_monks_creative shooter @rexlint and I have traveled the globe together shooting the game of golf and the types of people that it brings together and we couldn’t be happier to be back shooting together where it all started 5 yrs ago when we played a round with @alicecooper @readyrig

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A while back I was out with some friends and this group approached me and asked if they could take my picture. We exchanged some bar banter and they told me it was for a project where they go around taking pictures of people’s eyes (if I can remember correctly) and that’s when I pulled out my cat book (coming back very soon as I had a discussion this past weekend about it with a close friend) and told them about it. We both shared a fun and random art project and went our separate ways. This is the picture I received later on in the night. It’s a picture of the polaroid they took and had me write whatever I wanted. I’ve always liked this picture because if you look at my eye, it always reminded me of the moon hanging high in the middle of the ocean at night. I really enjoy Los Angeles because there are so many of these types of projects happening everyday. This night, I just so happened to be a part of someone’s vision and that’s a pretty neat thing. at Los Angeles, California

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Day 1 on LATER is a wrap! I know a few people that need to be chained to the Wall of Discipline. You can take that anyway you’d like. 🤠 #todaysset #onset at Michigan City, Indiana

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🔥 T O K Y O 🇯🇵 • [Honored to be on-field for @mlb’s Opening Series in Japan! ✈️ ⚾️ We traveled our trusty @canonusa c300 Mark II and paired it with the @canonusa 70-200 L series glass with 2x extender, rigged with @smallhd 702 Bright x @woodencamera handle extension] • 🎥 @talltreeoflife • • • • • #Videographer #Cameraman #CameraDept #Filming #DP #DoP #Cinematography #Cinematographer #CameraGear #CameraSupport #CameraOperator #FilmGear #CameraPorn #FilmMaking #agency #VideoMaking #VideoProduction #OnSet #FilmSet #FilmLife #FilmSchool #FilmProduction #VideoMaker #independentfilm #DirectorOfPhotography #Videography #FilmMaker #reddigitalcinema at Tokyo Dome

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#CurrentMood: #KillingIt. 💥🔫🎥 At the moment I have my hand in 7 different projects simultaneously. Not boasting, reflecting; and taking the time to thank those who've trusted me with my own time management in pursuing new endeavors, and appreciate the advice & direction on old ones. Here's a #BTS of a #filmproject that may resurface soon enough... #Springhassprung. 🎬📢🎧 at Arizona Desert

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Thrilled to announce that @cannonballthefilm won Audience Choice for Best Short Film at First Glance LA!! Could not have done it without our amazing cast and crew!! 💙 . . . #FGLA19 SupportIndieFilm  #indiefilm #FilmFest #filmfestival #shortfilm #awards #filmmaker #filmmaking #independentfilm #director #filmfestival #cinematography #cinematographer #setlife #onset #darkcomedy #comedy #cannonballshortfilm #anamorphic #anamorphiclens #alexamini #arrialexamini #actor #actress #acting #makingmovies #🎬

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Check out this cheeky little birthday video we shot for our friends over at Riot Wine Co. Let’s just say we got our feet dirty... 🦵🏼🍇 at 2KW Bar and Restaurant

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My style is different every day. Some days you’ll catch me in heels with my hair curled and other days I’m in sneakers with a scrunchie in my hair. Personal style is key 🔑 . . . . 🔎 Blazer: Princess Polly, Top: LF, Jeans: Levi Wedgie Straight Leg, Belt: Princess Polly, Shoes: Vans Womens Sk8 Hi SLIM at Los Angeles, California