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3 hours ago

We're going to be overrun with babies soon!! 🐣🐣😍 We have a broody bantam mama who made a little hammock nest( we will move her for safety reasons), then we have two more broody mommas in the barn, plus our own eggs we had in the incubator! We also adopted two little Black swedish ducklings that are in the brooder currently <3

2 days ago

Meet our olive egger rooster - he was originally named Joy but once we found out he was a he we started calling him Turkey. That is the name that stuck 😆 He just started to figure out crowing and is wonderfully awkward. He doesn’t know his own size yet and run away from our tiny duccle hens 😂. Oh Turkey! .. @the_red_barn_farm @twin_flame_acres @camoandfeathers @8coolcats @chickens.and.wine @mycreekhouse @timbercreekfarmandhomestead @wendyalexis78 @smallfarmcharm . . . . . #featheredbloopers #chickenselfiesunday #chickenselfiesundaybloopers #chickensofinstagram #chickens #beautifowl_weekend #smallfarmcharm #homesteadmoments #smallfarm #hobbyfarm #hobbyfarmlife #❤️myfarm #oliveegger #oliveeggers #rooster #dailyhashtags

4 days ago

🌼Contentment🌼 • It's a huge lesson I've had a learn but it's done me so well. • The words "remember when you wanted what you now have" come to mind. As I think about that, I remember how badly I wanted the egg basket I have now. • Last year I wasn't content. I wanted every single chicken I could find and I recklessly bought and hatched over 150 birds last spring/summer. All it brought was chaos. I didn't think about how I had Easter Eggers and Ameraucanas laying the blue eggs I'd wanted so badly, I wanted green egg layers. • This spring I have my green egg layers. They aren't the darkest olive. I have dark egg layers. They aren't an 8 on the Marans scale. But it was exactly what I wanted last year. And I'm happy I have them. I've spent hours playing with and rearranging them for pictures. • I'm pretty content this spring! Sure, I'm going to hatch some chicks. Might buy a few from some folks here on Instagram. But moderation and contentment are my words this year and I'm using them because of the lessons I learned last year. • So think about when you so badly wanted the cow you have now. Or those precious little quail chicks. And enjoy those things before you go running out to buy more. • Sharing this reflection and thought for #lessonslearned with @iamcountryside this week 🌼

6 days ago

Well that snuggle session went south fast. Happy Tushy Tuesday indeed...in your face! It's been sunny and cool here in the Land of the Southern, and spring is officially here. The pine pollen is already falling and leaf buds are peeking out from the figs and hydrangeas. It's total chaos in our home this month as our daughter prepares for a class trip to D.C. next week, followed by spring break and the school drama production. After all that it will be time to prepare for Easter, sow the garden, clean out the coop, and empty the garage. Always something to do at the Blueberry house! #myblueberrylife #loveisachicken #landofthesouthernsun #tushytuesday #fluffybutts #roosterlovinmama #arizonadreaming #ariverrunsthroughit #oliveeggers #bootyfullblue #inyourface #chickensdaily

7 days ago

One of our chicks is sporting a very punk rock Mohawk

8 days ago

We have had the WORST luck this season with predators. We lost two last week and two last night to a hawk. A small hawk at that! So we've succumbed to a run for the pullets and mama and chicks. When you have a small hobby farm, one little hawk can cut your flock by a third real quick :( I gave them some fresh blueberry browse to make them feel a bit more comfortable after dodging hawks all week. #chickenlove #chickensofinsta #homesteading #predators #hawksnacks #egglayers #exfreerangechickens #phoenixfarm #blueorpington #oliveeggers #cochinbantums